I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 165 – Quite Like Him

Sister Bai was in charge of the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, and the performance of the brothel was closely related to her income.

The House of Ten Thousand Flowers could have today’s status in Clod Capital, relying on the fame of Mei’er the Cloud Capital, three famous beauties.

But Sister Bai knew that no brothel could last a lifetime with a top brand. A woman’s beauty has a shelf life.

Even though Mei’er was now in her heyday, she was not under the control of Sister Bai. Sister Bai, who had a long-term vision, was already cultivating Mei’er’s heir.

She is also an ambitious person. What she wants is a master card that can be controlled, not a superior grandmother.

And from the moment she inadvertently met Qingyan two years ago on the day of the New Year’s Day, with more than 20 years of experience in the festivities, she knew that Qingyan was absolutely qualified to take over Meier’s position!

She asked around and finally found out about Qingyan’s life. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father brought her up.

His father was a poor scholar, and scholars had no status.

When she heard this news, she was overjoyed and immediately sent someone to contact Qingyan’s father, willing to buy her for a large sum of money.

Sister Bai didn’t expect the poor scholar to kick out the man she sent!

So Sister Bai simply used other means. She was a businesswoman and not a robber!

It didn’t take long for Qingyan’s father to anger a grumpy martial artist when he went out and was accidentally killed. Qingyan was adopted by her aunt after losing both parents and then was resold to the House of Ten Thousand Flowers.

Sister Bai originally thought that after getting Qingyan, with a few years of good training, so that she could smoothly take over the position of Mei’er. But what she did not expect was that the seemingly good and docile Qingyan was the same as Mei’er. The master of making anyone worry!

In the past two years, this girl had always wanted to escape from the House of Ten Thousand Flowers!

When she first entered the House of Flowers, she received the best care from Sister Bai, she also behaved very well and smartly, always calling her mother affectionately, all kinds of pampering, almost did not melt Sister Bai’s heart …… Sister Bai invited the teachers who praised Qingyan was extremely talented in learning zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting extremely fast, her voice was pleasant and beautiful. Her body was extremely flexible, very sensitive to the rhythm of the music, had the potential to become the head of the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, to continue the brilliance of the House of Ten Thousand Flowers.

But the next thing that happened was that Sister Bai discovered the true face of Qingyan!

In the third month of entering the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, Qingyan disappeared, right at the time of the most guests!

She thought that Qingyan had been stolen by some dirty old man, and unleashed all the forces of the House of Flowers to search for her, even using the connections of the city guards, but to no avail.

The unexpected thing was that Sister Bai finally found her in the house of the old lady who took care of her!

The old lady who took care of her was fat and bloated, and she took advantage of the cold winter months, the night of the most guests, she tied the skinny little Qingyan to her body and wrapped her in cotton clothes, and took her out directly.

If it wasn’t for Sister Bai who noticed that the old lady didn’t look right, she wouldn’t have been able to find the mole.

After interrogation, Sister Bai learned that the old mother was childless, very fond of the little girl …… she is a soft-hearted woman, could not stand the tears and pleading of the Qingyan, they secretly brought the Qingyan back home, want to quietly raise themselves.

Sister Bai at that time still could not believe that the plan to take the little Qingyan to escape was her own mastermind!

The mastermind of everything would be the under twelve-year-old Qingyan.

But then Little Qingyan repeatedly escaped, but Sister Bai had to believe!

She used all kinds of punishments, the most ruthless one, she even broke Qingyan’s bones …… but Qingyan still did not give in, every few months, she always found the opportunity to run away.

The most recent time, Qingyan actually hooked up with a young guard of the Qi Sea realm of the House of Ten Thousand Flowers, the seemingly honest and simple guard who took Qingyan to almost ran out of Cloud Capital City.

When he was dying, that foolish guard still recited Qingyan’s name.


The most important thing was to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. She looks at anyone lately like a bastard who wants to abduct her daughter!

As a result, when Meier found out about Qingyan, she met her and gave Sister Bai a small jar of ointment, saying that if she rubbed it on Qingyan’s body, she would be submissive in the future.

To be honest, Sister Bai’s patience was running out!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Qingyan was too good, Sister Bai would have been ruthless!

However, it was a different thing to be vicious and to be ruthless. Sister Bai would never have imagined that Mei’er would go after little Qingyan!

Even if little Qingyan may be a threat to Meier, it will take a few years!

Disfigured face ……what’s the difference between being dead?

“My little Qingyan ah!”

Sister Bai’s voice was tinged with tears. At least at this moment, she was really sad. She forgot about all the troubles that Qingyan had brought her.

“Sister Bai, Qingyan is fine, look, it’s just a layer of skin!” The old mother wiped a handful of Qingyan’s blackened little feet, and a layer of dead skin-like stuff was uncovered, revealing the white and tender skin inside.

“It’s really okay?” Sister Bai immediately stopped crying, “Show me!”

“It seems to be really fine, then let her go and wash her away immediately, hurry up!”

In the room on the third floor of House of Ten Thousand Flowers, two women talked about Shiqi who was drinking downstairs.

A plain-looking, but very pure temperament, like a lily in full bloom in the valley of the empty mountain. A delicate and beautiful, like a blooming bright rose, seducing the soul.

If Shiqi were here, he was likely to think of a certain girl in that pure temperament girl.

Mei’er was lying on the bed, dressed in red silk clothes, a little lazy with her own amorous feelings, she smilingly asked, “My little sister Ke’er, that man downstairs wearing a mask is Chen Pengfei? That Chen Pengfei who made you suffer defeat in Qingfeng City?”

“Well, it’s him, I noticed it when he just came in!”

That’s right, this plain-looking maid was Zhao Ke’er of Qingfeng City, she had just changed her appearance.

Ever since the mission failed and Zhao Ke’er cooperated to kill Wang Yongbo, she left Qingfeng City and was assigned by her master to cooperate with her senior sister in Cloud Capital.

That failed mission, Ke’er’s sect questioned her ability!

An innate expert, with the precious secret medicine within the sect, could not even control a late True Element realm martial artist ……

Acting within the sect, only looking at the results, this result was certainly not good for Ke’er.

Fortunately, she killed Wang Yongbo to make up for it, or else she could not escape the physical punishment!

I have to say, Wang Yongbo is really a good person.

It was not uncommon for fellow disciples to fight each other in the fierce competition within the Demon Spirit Sect, and Ke’er was likewise quite scornful of the senior sister in front of her.

She could hear the gloating in her senior sister’s tone, but she didn’t dare to speak back.

Her senior sister had entered the sect earlier than her, was stronger than her, had outstanding abilities, and was deeply favored by her master.

“Unexpectedly, he became an innate expert in a short period of time, and also worshiped Su Yi as his master, among all the innate experts in the military of the Southern Cloud Kingdom, his threat is placed at the forefront by our side, a sixteen-year-old innate expert, reaching Heaven Breaking is expected!” Mei’er laughed softly, “Five cities, he can also get rid of them, how long has it been since our Black Blood Country has had this kind of treatment? It’s always been us slaughtering other countries …… I do like him!”

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