The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 144: His True Dragon’s Flesh Tastes Good

“Yu’er is dead?” Deep in the Kun Peng Ancestral Land, a voice rang out, sounding like a giant bell, shaking the Ancestral Land with a buzz.

Sensing the anger and killing intent in the voice, the old ancestor kneeling in front of the ancient hall trembled, “Yes, Old Ancestor Lei Hao.”

Although this kneeling old ancestor was also a late-stage Plane Lord, a Nine Heavens Overlord, at this moment, his whole body was tense, and he didn’t dare to breathe.

“Who killed Yu’er?!” Deep in the main hall, another voice floated out.

This voice was very thin, but when the kneeling ancestor heard this voice, his heart gripped tightly even more and hurriedly replied, “Back to Old Ancestor Chen Youqian, it was a person named Lu Yiping! This person only appeared in the Nine Heavens in the last month, and no one knows where he came from.”

“It is only known that he has a good relationship with Chu Tong of the Heavenly God Domain Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

Lei Hao coldly hummed, “Returning Yuan Sword Sect, Chu Tong!” Then said, “You will tell me the details of the situation in the Heavenly Tablet Town at that time, not a single detail should be missed.”

That old ancestor hurriedly answered yes, and then told me everything about the fight between Lu Yi Ping and Lei Yu at that time in Tianbei Town.

This old ancestor inquired in great detail and retold almost 100% of the fight scene between Lu Yiping and Lei Yu at that time.

“Oh, Nine Rotations Empty Fist, Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist?” Hearing that the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Lu Yiping knew the Nine Rotations Empty Fist and Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist, Lei Hao, Chen Youqian, and the other old ancestors in the depths of the main hall was clearly surprised.

When he heard that Lu Yi Ping finally performed the power of Thunder Punishment to blast away Lei Yu and the more than one thousand Kun Peng Divine Sect experts present at that time, the hall was silent.

“This Lu Yiping is actually able to control the Chaos Divine Thunder?” Chen Youqian asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, old ancestor, all the experts present at that time saw it, and it was indeed Chaos Divine Thunder.” The old ancestor said respectfully.

Lei Hao, Chen Youqian asked quite a few more things.

“Well, you should withdraw first, all the affairs of the Kun Peng Divine Sect are under your temporary control.” Lei Hao opened his mouth and said.

“Yes, old ancestor.”

After that old ancestor retreated, Lei Hao spoke, “Chaos Divine Thunder? It seems that the Nine Heavens have produced another demon that is comparable to the Saint Demon?”

Chen Youqian laughed coldly, “Controlling the Chaos Divine Thunder only doesn’t mean that he is comparable to the Saint Demon back then.” Speaking of the Saint Demon, the two men’s voices seemed full of jealousy.

“Lord Youqian is right, and there is only one Saint Demon in the Nine Heavens, there can’t be another Saint Demon.” In the main hall, another old ancestor said, “This one surnamed Lu, how can he be compared to the Saint Demon.”

“I don’t think he’s even worthy of a Saint Demon!” The hall fell silent again.

“I don’t know how it is out there.”

Lei Hao’s voice floated out and added, “It’s also time to come out of the world!”

“When the time comes, thinking about the battle with this surname Lu made my old muscles and bones itchy.”

“And I wonder if the world still remembers us.”


Mystic Pavilion branch inner hall, the pavilion master Kang Ning, warmly and respectfully entertained the coming Sun Haiyin and the experts of the Lifeless Sect.

Kang Ning filled Sun Haiyin’s glass with wine and smiled at Sun Haiyin, “Lord Sun Haiyin, this wine is brewed with the ice spirit liquid from the deepest part of the deep sea, see how it tastes.”

Sun Haiyin took a sip and nodded, “Not bad.” Then he asked, “You said earlier that someone offered ten billion divine spirit stones to inquire about me and Ao Yixuan’s whereabouts?”

“Yes.” Kang Ning’s face straightened and said, “This person is extremely generous.”

“Did you find out where he came from?” Sun Haiyin asked.

Kang Ning shook his head, “No, he didn’t leave a name, but I think he should be from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom.”

If it weren’t for someone from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom, it would be impossible for someone to spend ten billion divine spirit stones to inquire about Ao Yixuan’s whereabouts.

“By the way, in addition to inquiring about Ao Yixuan and you, Lord Sun, he also inquired about the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch and the Purple Lightning Palace Huang Yuandong.”

“Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch?” Sun Haiyin was shocked and suspicious.

Although he was an overlord of the Saint Demon Era, he was still much inferior to a top ten expert of the War Heaven Era like the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch.

At this time, suddenly, a Mystic Pavilion expert came in and reported to Kang Ning, “Pavilion Master, news has just come out that Lord Lei Hao and Lord Chen Youqian of the Kun Peng Divine Sect have come out!”

“What, Lord Lei Hao and Lord Chen Youqian have come out together!” Kang Ning, Sun Haiyin was shocked.

These were two supreme overlords of the Warring Heavens Era, and both of them, like the jade-faced Wolf Sovereign, were among the top ten experts of the Warring Heavens Era!

“These two old monsters, they’re actually still alive!” Sun Haiyin couldn’t help but say.

Warring Heavens Era was before the Saint Demon, and it was 100,000 years from now. Even the plane lord had a limited lifespan, and it was generally impossible to live this long.

“Well, not only Lei Hao and Chen Youqian is out of the world, the Kun Peng Divine Sect and many other old monsters have come out of the world. I heard that this time Lei Ancestor Lei Yu was killed by Lu Yi Ping, so the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s more than four hundred old monsters of the level of the Plane Lord came out of the ancestral land.” That Mystic Pavilion expert said.

“More than four hundred, plane lords!” Sun Haiyin, Kang Ning, and the others all had their hearts pumping.

“Now, there are already some super sects know the news that Lei Hao, Chen Youqian came out of the world, the Nine Heavens shook, and Lei Hao also issued a war invitation to fight Lu Yiping.” The Mystic Pavilion expert added, “The location is located in the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

The crowd looked at each other, Lei Hao came out and asked for a battle against Lu Yi Ping! And the location was in the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Sun Haiyin and others had also heard about the incident in Heavenly Tablet Town. Now everyone was rumoring that Chu Tong of the Returning Origin Sword Sect had an extraordinary relationship with Lu Yiping. Lei Hao had made a challenge to fight Lu Yiping in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, and it looked like he intended to destroy the Returning Origin Sword Sect together after killing Lu Yiping?

“When?” Sun Haiyin asked.

“Two months later.” The Mystic Pavilion expert said.

While Sun Haiyin and the others were talking about Lei Hao’s challenge, Lu Yi Ping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and several others arrived at the Mystic Pavilion branch.

Immediately, the Mystic Pavilion expert hurried in to report to Kang Ning.

“Oh, that person who spent ten billion divine spirit stones to inquire about Lord Sun’s whereabouts is outside?” Kang Ning was surprised.

Sun Haiyin sneered, “Let’s go, let’s go out together and take a look.”

Thus, Sun Haiyin, Kang Ning, and a group of experts from the Lifeless Sect and Mystic Pavilion walked out from the inner hall.

Sun Haiyin and other experts of the Lifeless Sect came to the outer hall and were stunned when they saw Ao Bi beside Lu Yiping.

“Hey, hey, kid, so you’re here!” Sun Haiyin laughed as his gaze fell on Lu Yiping, “You’re the kid who spent ten billion divine spirit stones to find me? You really are from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom.”

Ao Bi looked at Sun Haiyin with bloodshot eyes, “It’s you, bastards! Sun Haiyin, where is my father?”

Sun Haiyin laughed when he saw Ao Bi’s eyes full of killing intent, “We have slaughtered your father, his true dragon’s flesh tastes good, quite chewy, and your father’s dragon blood, we have been drinking it to quench our thirst for the past few days.”

The experts of the Lifeless Sect laughed.

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