Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 36 – Ye Luo Descended From the Mountain

Chu Yuan, who had obtained the Explanation of Basic Cultivation Techniques for the Pre-Qi Refining Realm, finally left the Immortal Drunken Inn under the watchful eyes of the shopkeeper.

With the explanation, Chu Yuan had a whim and wanted to cultivate! He wanted to try cultivating on his own. Maybe he was some kind of one-in-a-million genius?

With this thought in mind. The first thing that happened was that he returned to the Daoless Sect immediately.

Chu Yuan checked out the Daoless Sect.

Seeing that Ye Luo was still sitting in the main hall square to be enlightened and Zhang Han stayed in the Dharma Transmission Hall reading books, he didn’t bother to care so much.

He returned to his palace, closed the door, and cultivated.


Cultivation of immortality did not remember the day. Chu Yuan had spent more than two months on this closed cultivation.

For these two months of time. The outside world’s dark currents were surging.

The Daoless Sect was as calm as water. Ye Luo and Zhang Han were both busy with their own affairs.

Ye Luo watched the sky during the day to understand the dao, and at night practiced the sword and comprehended the key given by his master.

Zhang Han spent day and night studying formations, communicating with the sun, moon and stars, and the universe.

And Chu Yuan, of course, was cultivating his magic power.


Palace Hall, in a closed room, Chu Yuan sat on top of a futon and slowly opened his eyes.

He stretched his palms out from his sleeves and looked at them for a long time, and a hint of excitement flashed in those deep eyes.

It’s been more than two months! He had succeeded in cultivation!

Through the basic cultivation method of the pre-Qi Refining Realm. He successfully condensed a trace of magic power! Although a trace was inadequate, this was at least a good start!

As long as he cultivated hard and then taught the waste disciples, he killed two birds with one stone. The road to invincibility was close at his hand!

Do you really think that the phrase, I have cultivated from the Golden Core to invincibility, is a mere talk?

Suppose he cultivated hard from the pre-Golden Core realm to the middle stage after a year, Zhang Han, tight to be a waste, would get a small step up in the realm.

Then he would reach the late Golden Core realm existence! Back to the Nascent Soul realm, just around the corner!

Chu Yuan already fantasized about the future, the scene when he was invincible and turned his back on all beings.

Thinking of that scene.

Chu Yuan could not help but giggle.

Counting the days, there were about eight or nine months left to test the strength of the sect’s disciples, right?

Well, there were still eight or nine months to go before he breaks through!

“More than two months, I don’t know how these two disciples are doing.”

Chu Yuan murmured and released his divine sense to sweep towards the sect.

In the middle of his divine sense. Zhang Han was still reading a book in the Dharma Transmission Hall.

This guy, can’t he have been reading for more than two months?

A bunch of fake books, what’s there to see.


Where is Ye Luo?

Chu Yuan’s divine sense swept through the main hall square and did not find Ye Luo.

Where did this boy go?

Confused, Chu Yuan covered the entire Daoless Sect with his divine sense to check.

This time he finally found Ye Luo. It turned out that this fellow was over at the mountain gate, his mouth shouting ‘Master,’ and seemed to be looking for him.

“What is this kid’s business looking for me? It is difficult to be figured out, want me to point it out? Just right, go set his cultivation method.”

Chu Yuan’s eyes lit up, and without hesitation, he opened the hall’s doorway and headed towards where Ye Luo was.


At this moment.

At the Daoless Sect, inside the mountain gate. Clutching his long sword, Ye Luo was walking along the mountain path.

He wore a green flowing crane cloud robe, his wide sleeves fluttering in the wind, his black hair with a wooden hairpin up and forehead with olden mark flashes, his eyes were stern and indifferent.

Ye Luo stood there as if immortal and lonely as snow. He was walking like a figure of a heavenly sword immortal down to earth.

“Where the hell is the master?” Ye Luo muttered to himself.

He had been enlightened for more than two months and had felt the bottleneck and intended to go down the mountain for some training.

Before leaving, he intended to say goodbye to his master. But no matter how he looked, he couldn’t find where his master was.

Ye Luo frowned and was about to use Dao rhyme as a medium to call out the master.

Just as he was about to shout, afigure suddenly appeared in front of him. Upon closer inspection, it was none other than Chu Yuan.

Ye Luo froze.

Was the master’s realm this profound?

When he didn’t want to use Dao rhyme, no matter how he shouted for the master, the master wouldn’t appear.

When he was about to use Dao Rhyme as a medium, the Master suddenly appeared.

Could this be a coincidence? No one really thought it was a coincidence, right?

No way, no way. There can’t really be anyone who thinks so. If it were anyone else, it would be a coincidence.

But when it comes to his master, such supreme power. That is certainly not a coincidence. Master’s ability in capturing the dao rhyme is so sensitive!

What kind of realm is this to be able to do so.

Just the mere thought of having to use the dao rhyme in one’s mind was known by the master.


Ye Luo honestly gave a salute to his own master.

“Luo’er, you …… Well, what do you want to see my master about? Have you figured it out and want to be guided by me?”

Chu Yuan was slightly surprised inwardly, but on the surface, he remained calm.

How long has it been since he saw this Ye Luo?

How come he has changed so much. Just over two months, right? Obviously, two months ago, there was a mortal feeling. Now it gives him the feel of a lone sword immortal.

Gulp ……

Chu Yuan secretly swallowed his saliva.

He was thinking. Can he still beat this disciple now?

On the other side, when Ye Luo heard this. He could not help but smile.

It had been two months, but I didn’t expect that master still thought of testing his dao heart.

“Master’s kindness, I appreciate it, I’m not asking to see Master for guidance.” Ye Luo said with an arch of his hand. His tone was tinged with a hint of laughter.

Especially when he said the word ‘instruction,’ the smile was obviously even greater.

 “Then what is the important matter that you have called for me?” Chu Yuan asked and frowning.

Hearing these words, Ye Luo took out a very delicate invitation from his arms.

This invitation had a layer of gold foil on its surface, gorgeous to the extreme, with a lifelike phoenix embroidered on the left and a domineering golden dragon engraved on the right.

In the middle, an ancient word ‘Empyrean’ was engraved.

“Master, this sect invited disciple to go three months ago, to watch its sect competition, now the period of three months is almost up, disciple intends to go down to the mountain to experience the world, just in time to go to see it.” Ye Luo said in a low voice.

Chu Yuan looked down at the invitation and couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Which sect’s invitation is this? This invitation seemed to be worth a lot of money.

Would this Ye Luo flip out with him if he took this invitation?

Ahem, forget it.

He was a fair-minded master.

How could he rob his disciple’s things?

“Which sect is this from?”

Chu Yuan asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Enlightened master, it’s from the Empyrean Dao Sect, and disciple doesn’t know exactly what sect it is.” Ye Luo replied honestly.

When Chu Yuan heard this statement, he immediately froze.

 Empyrean Dao Sect Sect? He knew this sect.

It was the one, on the Xuantian Mountain Range, the sect of that ventriloquist Grand Elder.

Obviously, there were so many people to give him gifts, but the dark elder froze all destroyed rather than give him.

This revenge, he could remember for life. Thinking about this matter. Chu Yuan could not help but gnash his teeth.

“Luo’er, you go down to the mountain to participate in this trash sect’s grand competition, and when you have the chance, you make a good mess, got it?”

Anyway, Ye Luo looked strong now. Let this back-stabbing his disciple go and give him an act of good revenge.

And aside, when Ye Luo heard this, he froze but still nodded, he always obeyed the words of his master.

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