The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 143 – In This World, Who is The Most Awesome?

When Cheng Shuanglong knelt down to Lu Yiping, in the distance, Huang Jiu, Hao Bi, and Ao Bi stood there, and their souls were lost long ago.

Previously, the three of them did not have a deep understanding of Lu Yiping’s strength.

Now, they saw that even Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu was completely punished by Lu Yiping’s thunder penalty, except for shock there’s nothing left in their hearts.

Who was Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu? He was one of the top ten experts of the Saint Demon Era.

Even Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu, one of the top ten experts of the Saint Demon Era, could not block a single blow. In this world, who else is Lord Lu’s opponent?

Lu Yiping glanced at Cheng Shuanglong who was kneeling there, and spoke, “You are Zhang Yifeng’s follower?” Zhang Yifeng was none other than the Holy Demon’s real name. However, anyone rarely knew this name.

When Cheng Shuanglong heard it, he trembled, and his head even pressed against the ground, respectful and excited, “Yes, my lord.” Then said, “Back then, I followed Lord Saint Demon to the Sacred Forest and had the honor to have a glimpse of Lord, only that I only saw the back of Lord at that time, so I was not sure just now.”

Lu Yiping gave a hmph and let him get up. Cheng Shuanglong bowed respectfully, and only then did he get up in excitement. Although he got up, he was bowing his head and did not dare to straighten up.

Lu Yiping said, “I heard that Gu Wushuang is Zhang Yifeng’s record disciple.”

Cheng Shuanglong hurriedly replied, “Yes, my lord, and it is for this reason that we are sitting in the Peerless Tavern.”

“You will go back later and tell Gu Wushuang to discipline his juniors. In recent years, the reputation of Peerless Tavern is not very good.” Lu Yiping’s voice was indifferent, “If he doesn’t care, then let’s tear down all of the Peerless Tavern.”

Cheng Shuanglong knew that Lu Yiping was referring to what happened in the Mysterious Ancient City’s Peerless Tavern, so he hurriedly knelt down in fear, “I obey the divine decree of Lord Saint Ancestor, and when I return, I will make sure that Gu Wushuang disciplines the Gu family’s children well.”

At this time, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, who was staring at the Heavenly Tablet’s font, suddenly spoke up, “These things are so dazzling to look at, how can there be enough time in a day to finish reading them.”

The Heavenly Tablet will only last for one day each time it comes out.

After one day, it will return to the underground world and wait for the next appearance.

Lu Yiping said, “If you can’t finish looking at them in one day, then lift them all away.”

Lift all of them? When Cheng Shuanglong heard this, his face was full of dismay. From the shock back to wake up, from Huang Jiu, Hao Bi, Ao Bi the three of them also stunned.

The Heavenly Emperor left the Heavenly Tablet in the ancient times. The Heavenly Tablet itself had supreme power, and no one could shake it in the entire world. They simply had not heard who could lift the Heavenly Tablet away.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed when he heard this and tapped his head, “Look at my head, how could I forget this.” Then he really clinched his hands around one of the heavenly tablets and began to pull it upward.

The ground roared and shook. The heavenly tablet lightly shot, the terrifying power swept, constantly impacted the Dragon Horned Golden Bull. The heavenly tablet’s might soared as if the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s action offended the Heavenly Emperor’s might.

However, under the astonishing heavenly might envelope, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull still continued to pull upward and allowed to let the terrifying power of the Heavenly Tablet’s impact.

The whole heavenly tablet slowly rose in the loud booming sound.

Cheng Shuanglong, Huang Jiu, Hao Bi, Ao Bi four people looked dumbfounded.

How can this work?

The hearts of the four people were full of shock.

In addition to being shocked and stunned, this was simply more shocking than just Lu Yiping blasting Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu.

This was a heavenly tablet that contained the power of the Heavenly Emperor, but it was pulled up! Even just a hint of the power of the Heavenly Emperor, it was not something they could imagine.

In this world, who is the most domineering?

If we talk about domineering, only the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, Lord Xiao Jin!

What is the power to pull up mountains and rivers? I, Lord Xiao Jin, can pull up the heavenly monument.

The Heavenly Tablet continued to rise. The power became more and more violent, and the heavenly might was even stronger.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly shouted loudly, the heaven and earth shook for a moment, and the entire Heavenly Tablet was finally plucked up in one go.

Buzz! At every corner of the Nine Heavens, everyone seemed to feel a violent shaking of space.

Cheng Shuanglong and the others were frozen. It was really pulled out.

From the ancient times to the present, countless people were unable to shake the heavenly tablet, and now, it was directly pulled out.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull looked at the Heavenly Tablet in his hand and grinned, “Good guy, it’s quite heavy.” Then took the heavenly tablet and waved it, rolling up countless heavy hurricanes.

The Heavenly Tablet’s material, which was forged from the hardest and heaviest ore in the Buzhou Mountain in ancient times, was now being waved there by our Lord Xiao Jin.

Lu Yiping opened his mouth and said, “It’s just pulling a piece of heavenly tablet. You take so much effort.” Having said this, his two fingers hooked, the main tablet broke the air and flew up from the ground with Lu Yiping’s hook.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull, who had just pulled out the Heavenly Tablet with great effort, looked stunned.

Cheng Shuanglong was dumbfounded.

Lu Yiping hooked the other nine monuments around the main tablet one by one, and they all rose with a hook.

Seeing that the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was still standing there, Lu Yiping said, “Don’t do it yet.”

Only then did the Dragon Horned Golden Bull return to his senses and continue to work.

This time, he utilized the strength of nine oxen, and the speed of pulling out was much faster again.

In the end, one hundred heavenly tablets were completely pulled out by Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Lu Yiping put all the heavenly tablets into the Universe Cauldron so that he could study them later.

After the Heavenly Tablet was put away, there was no need to stay in this Heavenly Tablet Town, so Lu Yiping left the Heavenly Tablet Town.

After leaving Heavenly Tablet Town, Lu Yiping said to Cheng Shuanglong, “You help me check the whereabouts of Sun Haiyin of the Lifeless Sect and Jade Fan Sect Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch.”

This time, the Heavenly Tablet came out early, the Lifeless Sect, Jade Fan Sect many sects had not yet arrived.

Earlier, Lu Yiping asked the Mystic Pavilion to inquire about the news of the Lifeless Sect, Huang Yuandong, and the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch, but several days had passed, and there was still no news.

Cheng Shuanglong was flattered to hear Lu Yiping’s command and hurriedly answered, “Yes, Your Excellency, please rest assured, I will use all my power to investigate now.”

Then, he took out the talisman and contacted the heads of the major domains of the Peerless Tavern, asking them to use all their power to investigate the whereabouts of Sun Haiyin and the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch.

A moment later, Cheng Shuanglong saluted and left.

Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “Motherfucker, a few days, Mystic Pavilion spoke fart, they can’t be receiving money not to do anything, right?”

Lu Yiping also frowned; the Lifeless Sect came with many people this time, with the strength of the Mystic Pavilion. If they wanted to check the whereabouts of the Lifeless Sect, it was impossible to a few days without results.

“Go to the Mystic Pavilion to ask.” Lu Yiping said. They broke the air and left.

Just as the few people in Lu Yiping left the Heavenly Tablet Town not long ago, the events of the Heavenly Tablet Town left the Nine Heavens in shock.

“The Heavenly Tablet came out, the Kun Peng Divine Sect Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu, Fei Jie and other thirty realm lords and a thousand Heavenly Gods were all destroyed!”

“Zither & Painting Sect Qin Mojue, Hua Ruisheng and ten plane lords, three hundred heavenly gods all destroyed!”

“Tai Qing Sword Sect Zheng Shangqing, Chu Yun, and one hundred heavenly gods all destroyed!” A message came out, and the Nine Heavens boiled over.

The Heavenly Tablet came out and made everyone in the Nine Heavens remember the name Lu Yiping. 

The news shocked the Nine Heavens, Kun Peng Divine Sect’s ancestral land. At this time, hundreds of amazing breaths from the depths of the ancient hall awakened.

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