Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 35 I Have a Friend

It was night.

The back mountain of the Daoless Sect. Zhang Han sat here, looking at the stars in the sky. A gust of breeze blew by, and he blew his Confucian clothes so rattling that his clear face was full of calm.

Only Zhang Han’s eyes were shining with wisdom. He was going to try to communicate with the lunar star.

With the power of the lunar star, try to lay down a small Yin Refining Formation.

“I don’t have a trace of magic power nowadays. I’m originally a mortal; to communicate with the lunar star, I can only rely on meditation and meditate on the lunar star.”

“As long as I can meditate on the lunar star, I can rely on the formation heart as a medium to communicate with the lunar star, so that I can use the power of the lunar star to set up a formation.”

Zhang Han murmured a few words in a low voice. A decision had already been made in his heart.

Through the Heaven Observation Art given by Senior Brother, he had a lot of certainty about communicating with the lunar star. He had to learn this formation technique as soon as possible, as his senior said.

His comprehension was low. But he believed that diligence could make up for clumsiness! Zhang Han no longer hesitated. He quieted his mind, closed his eyes, and perceived the lunar star in his mind.

I don’t know if it was because his brain was too powerful or what. He had just perceived, but a picture quickly rose up in his mind.

A huge sphere hanging above the nine heavens, the extreme Yin cold Qi mixed together, all over the surface of this sphere, surrounded by countless stars formed by the bright river of stars to guard this sphere.

Lunar star!

One of the keys to sustaining countless mortal beings in the Divine Constellation!

Although Zhang Han was perceiving, his consciousness was still evident. After perceiving this image, he quickly mobilized his formation heart.

Knock knock knock ……

The sound of Zhang Han’s heart beating suddenly became very loud, from a distance, like the sound of war drums, making people feel their blood boiling.

In Zhang Han’s chest, one after another blue-colored ancient runes manifested.

After these ancient runes were manifested, they quickly turned into a ray of light and rushed up into the sky, faintly heading towards the lunar star.

Buzz ……

Above the sky, The lunar star, which was initially covered by dark clouds, suddenly emitted a violent light. The moonlight, which should have been soft, became blinding at this moment.

One of the moonlight beams fell straight down and struck Zhang Han at the back of the mountain.

Just at this moment.

Zhang Han fiercely stood up, and his hands constantly formed a seal, and a power from the lunar star was cast out.

With him as the center, a rune appeared on the ground in a thousand-meter radius.

Alongside these runes’ appearance, numerous Yin Qi seemed to be adsorbed by some mysterious power, swarming towards the back of the mountain.

After entering the mountain’, it was purified by a wonderful power and turned into pure spiritual qi.

Yin Refining Formation! Converting Yin Qi into Spiritual Qi! This was just a basic formation. However, it could prove that Zhang Han had succeeded.

One thought to set up a formation!

Although it was only a small formation, it was already enough to show that Zhang Han had succeeded.

“Master! Master! I have succeeded!!!” Zhang Han was in an incomparable mood of excitement.

He could not wait to go in front of his master right now and have a good talk with him.

Only that he was still very sensible, he had communicated with the lunar star and made such a big ruckus.

Master must know about it, but he did not appear. Undoubtedly, he did not want to appear, not because he did not know!

Master had not to want him to develop a proud heart!

It must be so. Master is still doing it for his own good.

Zhang Han was very moved in his heart.


Zhang Han’s movement of communicating with the lunar star had indeed attracted the attention of countless powerful experts.

Only these strong experts simply did not understand what was happening, and there was no way to find it. After checking a bit, they could only give up.


Silver Moon City, in the Immortal Drunken Inn.

Chu Yuan was pulling the shopkeeper to ‘make merry’ with his wine.

“Come come come, boss, don’t be formal ah, we should eat, should drink, the visitor is a guest, ahem, I’m the guest, sorry sorry sorry, made a guest appearance ……”

“Who is that? Xiao Er Come up, get another plate of fish, and your boss ate this plate, it’s gone.”

Chu Yuan was eating with one of his hands and greeted Xiao Er to change dishes with the other. The existence of the Golden Core Realm does not eat whole grains. But Chu Yuan couldn’t stand his gluttony.

While eating, you can digest it with magic power. After this meal, he froze from day to midnight.

The shopkeeper’s face was getting darker and darker, but there was no way he could only let this guy eat.

He could not afford to provoke a Nascent Soul realm expert.

Just when Chu Yuan continued to eat, a violent moonlight shone in from outside.

Both Chu Yuan and the shopkeeper couldn’t help but stop what they were doing to each other and looked towards the outside.

“What’s going on here?”

Chu Yuan put down his chopsticks and raised his eyebrows to look at the sky outside.

A bright moon was hanging high in the sky, and it made him amazed for a moment.

Was today was the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The shopkeeper looked like he saw something and whispered, “This should be a breakthrough of some genius from a nearby sect that caused the commotion, or some heavenly material appeared, big brother, why don’t you go take a look?”

Beyond the words, he wanted to drive Chu Yuan away, and he had already made a decision in his mind. 

When this shameless Nascent Souls expert left, he would immediately go to prepare for the move!

Carry the carriage and run away overnight!

Chu Yuan smiled but shook his head lightly and said, “Where to go, what is there to go, my generation of cultivators, should cultivate bitterly. For such a burst of moonlight, then I have to run to find a heavenly treasure, then think what do you think?”

Heh, heh, will heavenly materials and treasures be useful?

Is it useful for him a gold core realm fight over the heavenly treasures useful?

I’m afraid I’m not going to be a courier.

Does he look like such a stupid person?

Let it be!

It’s good to eat and drink here.

“By the way, boss, I asked you to find that, the basic cultivation method explanation for the early stage of Qi refining realm, have you found it?” Chu Yuan asked another question.

“Found it, found it.”

The shopkeeper waved his hand and had a junior send over a book and asked, “Big brother, what for do you need this kind of book?”

Chu Yuan took the book in silence and said without beating, “I have a friend who is preparing to refine Qi and can’t read the general cultivation spells of the pre-Qi refining realm, so I gave him the entire book.”

The shopkeeper frowned and said, “Big brother, you’re wrong, ah, this kind of pre-Qi refining realm cultivation mantras is a person born mentally handicapped that can’t read and understand it. Which retarded person needs the explanation in this book?”

“This kind of friend is not worth it, big brother, listen to my word of advice, it doesn’t matter if you sever the relationship with this kind of friend, this kind of person is destined to not walk long in the future, and you are not at the same level as ….”

The shopkeeper chattered on and on. The more Chu Yuan listened, the darker his face became. He felt he was offended.

What do you mean only a retard can’t see it?

Is this Chu so retarded?

Boss, you are wrong.

Is this Chu’s fist is not big enough or what.

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