The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 142 – The True Power of the Thunder Punishment

The crowd retreated beyond the Heavenly Tablet Town before they dared to stop.

Immediately after that, all eyes were glued to the blue-shirted figure in the center of the square.

The blue-shirted figure, which had been completely engulfed and submerged, could not be seen by the crowd inside the square at all due to the inundation of thunder light.

“What a terrifying thunder! Thunder Punishment, with the will of the heavens, I never thought that Lord Lei Yu had enlightened the power of Thunder Punishment!” Tai Qing Sword Sect Patriarch Huang Yaoyun marveled.

Zheng Shangqing nodded and said, “Such a thunder punishment power blasted down, a middle stage of the Plane Lord would be blasted to death in one go, and an ordinary late-stage Lord of the Realm would not be able to resist.”

Then said, “Even if the one surnamed Lu is a late-stage peak of a Plane Lord, he would still be injured.” Gu Gaoyuan smiled, and his heart was happy.

Cheng Shuanglong looked at the center of the square, and his heart tensed up.

Lei Yu looked at Lu Yiping, who was overwhelmed by the power of his thunder punishment, and smiled coldly, this Lu Yiping, after receiving the power of his thunder punishment with such full force, even if he didn’t die, he would be seriously injured!

Immediately afterward, he summoned the thunder hammer.

“Hammer of Heavenly Thunder!”

The Hammer of Heavenly Thunder was a Heavenly Spiritual Treasure. And it was an offensive Heavenly Spiritual Treasure that was stronger than Fei Jie’s Heavenly Barrier Divine Shield and also the Divine Armor earlier.

Lei Yu fiercely activated the power of thunder, and once again, a hammer blasted down toward the center of the square.

Just as Lei Yu a hammer blast down, suddenly, the hammer of heavenly thunder seems to hit the invisible boundary wall above but can not blast down the square.

Lei Yu froze.

The force of the thunder penalty that had flooded the square suddenly exploded.

A figure reappeared in front of the crowd.

Only to see Lu Yiping standing there with his face as usual, without moving a single minute.

Looking at the unharmed Lu Yiping, Zheng Shangqing, Gu Gaoyuan, and the Hua Ruisheng were all dumbfounded.

Suffered a thunder punishment strike, but all he was all fine?

Moreover, this thunder punishment strike was also performed by Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu.

“Impossible!” Lei Yu looked at Lu Yiping in disbelief.

After receiving a strike from his thunder punishment strike, he was not even injured at all?

How could this be? When did such a terrifying existence appear in the Nine Heavens?

“Who the hell are you?!” Lei Yu looked at Lu Yiping, and fear could not be hidden in his eyes.

His voice could not help but tremble, although he had not yet broken through the late peak, but even if it was an ordinary late peak plane lord, he had the confidence to fight, but, facing Lu Yiping, who was like a terrifying abyss, his heart intuitively smoldered.

Lu Yiping looked towards the hammer of heavenly thunder that was settled high in the sky.

At once, the hammer of heavenly thunder exploded. Inch by inch, it was crumbled.

Just a glance, a top heavenly spiritual treasure collapsed.

The crowd was horrified.

“What’s going on? What Lu Yiping had just cast was the Eye of the Heavens?” Yan Meng, the old ancestor of the Yan Family, had a dry mouth.

The Eye of the Heavens was an ancient mastery. In the ancient times, it was the Heavenly Celestial Clan’s original mastery, under one glance, all things would be destroyed.

Of course, to perform this original mastery, one needed to consume extremely terrifying soul power. It could only be performed once or twice at most, and it could not be performed many times in a row.

Even so, it was still heaven-defying enough.

“The Eye of the Heavens?” Lei Yu was also frightened and began to retreat.

“The thunder punishment you just performed is not a thunder punishment at all, and you have not even mastered the skin of a thunder punishment.” Lu Yiping looked at the retreating Lei Yu and spoke, “I’ll let you see what the real power of the Thunder Punishment is.”

Speaking of this, his right index finger pointed toward the dome of the sky. Instantly, the dome of the sky was blasted with a huge hole!

The terrifying power of thunder poured down from the huge hole like wild waves, filling the sky with divine thunder, and it was all kinds of divine thunder.

“Five Elements Divine Thunder!”

“Purple Gold Divine Thunder!”

“Thunder of Yin and Yang!”

“Ten Thousand Divine Thunderbolts!”


Zheng Shangqing, Yan Meng, and others recognized half a dozen kinds of divine thunder alone, the others, the crowd could not recognize.

Suddenly, an ancestor trembled and said, “It’s the Chaos Divine Thunder!”

The crowd followed that ancestor’s eyes and saw that in the void, a flash of divine lightning like a heavenly pillar came down, dazzling heaven and earth. Its light dulled the light of the surrounding divine lightning.

This divine thunder was like a heavenly pillar, and it’s chaotic Qi swept.

“In this world, there is still someone who can control the Chaos Divine Thunder?

Everyone looked at the chaotic divine thunder that fell with a bang, and in their eyes, there was only the chaotic divine thunder.

The Kun Peng Divine Sect experts looked at the countless divine thunder that fell with a bang, and with the heavily injured Fei Jie, they all fled in fear.

Lei Yu even turned into a lightning light, crazily swept away, and wanted to escape frantically from the Heavenly Tablet Town. However, just as he flew up, countless divine thunderbolts fell down with a bang.

The crowd saw that Lei Yu, who was high in the sky, was instantly blown down to the ground by the Chaos Divine Thunder. Then, countless divine thunderbolts exploded on his body in unison.

The Kun Peng Divine Clan experts were no exception. All of them were blown away by countless divine thunderbolts and drowned, none of them escaped.

For a long time, the divine lightning was still rushing, in the diffuse. The hole in the dome of the sky was slowly healing.

The Tai Qing Sword Sect, Zither & Painting Sect’s group of experts took a breath of cold air, looking at the blasted not even dregs of Lei Yu and Kun Peng Divine Sect experts.

That was a whole thirty plane lords. And a thousand heavenly gods! Such a force was enough to shake the nine heavens. Now, all of them were exterminated cleanly.

“Is this the true power of the Thunder Punishment?” The old ancestor of the Profound Heaven Sect, Ji Tian, murmured.

This was indeed the power of the Thunder Punishment. But they did not know that this was not the final power of the Thunder Punishment, and this was just the primary power of the Thunder Punishment.

Lu Yiping’s gaze landed on Zheng Shangqing of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Zither & Painting Sect’s Hua Ruisheng, and others.

Zheng Shangqing’s whole body had a sense of danger. As for Hua Ruisheng, Chu Yun, and others, there was even less to say.

They didn’t even have the thought of escaping, how terrifying the thunder punishment was just now. They could see it clearly; even a strong expert of the Saint Demon Era like Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu couldn’t escape, let alone them?

“Kill them all.” Lu Yiping said.

On the Dragon Horn Golden Bull, a golden light suddenly flew out, and the crowd took a closer look and found that it was a golden hair, a golden hair turned into a golden blade, flying towards the Tai Qing Sword Sect and the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect.

Zheng Shangqing, Hua Ruisheng, and the others were all cut apart by the golden blade transformed by the golden hair, and turned into countless pieces before they could react.

Lu Yiping turned his head over, and his eyes fell back on the main tablet, watching and studying it carefully.

A group of experts from the Profound Heaven Sect, Yan Family, and Peerless Tavern stood there, and surprisingly no one dared to move.

“You guys leave first.” Suddenly, Cheng Shuanglong said to the crowd of experts of the Peerless Tavern.

The crowd of the Peerless Tavern was stunned.

“Go!” Cheng Shuanglong’s eyes were stern.

Everyone from Peerless Tavern did not dare to disobey, saluted, and left in apprehension.

The Profound Heaven Sect, Yan Family, and other experts also left without a single one left.

Finally, only Cheng Shuanglong was left.

Cheng Shuanglong took a deep breath, nervously stepped forward, and said to Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “I, Cheng Shuanglong, under the command of Lord Saint Demon, pay my respects to the two lords!” Then he respectfully bowed down.

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