The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 88 – The Mo Family Wants to Cooperate

Gu Xixi laid on her bed, turning and tossing, unable to fall asleep.

She finally fell asleep in a daze but was instantly awakened by the sound of a door opening.

She could feel that someone had opened the door. That person did not come in but stopped at the door for a while and then closed the door again and left.

She couldn’t tell what she was feeling inside. She always felt empty.

She felt uncomfortable, but she couldn’t tell why. In other words, it was a sense of disappointment that her expectations had failed.

She quickly woke up.

Disappointment? Why should she feel disappointed?

Expectations? Why should she expect anything?

Her sleepiness disappeared instantly.

Her heart was pierced by the sound of the study room’s door next to it opening and closing.

Gu Xixi smiled weakly.

This time, she should finally give up, right?

After Yin Sichen returned to the study, he quickly turned on the computer.

Xiao Ah’s phone call came quickly, “President, the information you ask for has been sent to the mailbox.”

“Okay, I see.” Yin Sichen hung up the phone, quickly turned on the computer, and found the email that Xiao Ah sent.

Yin Sichen was stunned when he looked at it!

He touched the pictures of the two people on the screen with his fingers and couldn’t help but mutter to himself, “How is it possible? How come they look exactly the same?”

What appeared on Yin Sichen’s computer screen was the data that Xiao Ah had collected overnight.

We have to admit that the Yin Financial Group was powerful and terrifying.

With just a few words from Lin Xiaoya, Yin Sichen had already keenly sensed something and then asked Xiao Ah to investigate Mo Zixin right away.

When Xiao Ah was investigating Mo Zixin’s information, he accidentally discovered that Mo Zixin had a dead fiancee who looked exactly the same as Gu Xixi.

This discovery shocked him, he almost thought he was dazzled.

Xiao Ah easily investigated the information of Mo Zixin’s fiancee.

Yun Ye, supposed to be twenty-three years old now, was the eldest of the Yun family.

Being a frail and sickly child since childhood, she was engaged to Mo Zixin four years ago and died when she was only twenty-one.

After Yun Ye’s death, the Yun family shrank its industry and moved to a small city thousands of miles away to recuperate.

Xiao Ah also investigated Yun Ye’s life.

When Yin Sichen saw this report, he couldn’t help but feel jealous of her beauty.

Although she had exactly the same facial features as Gu Xixi, her temperament looked completely different in the photos.

The girl looked quiet, holy, and innocent.

Although her life was fixed at the age of twenty-one, she had won many international awards. One of her paintings had even reached a sky-high price of tens of millions dollars abroad.

She was proficient in eight foreign languages, piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and was supreme in poetry and singing.

No wonder she was considered the best goddess in the world when she was in college.

Compared to Yun Ye, Gu Xixi was simply an ugly duckling living in the dust.

Sensitive and clumsy.

If they were described as cloud and mud, then Yun Ye was definitely the high cloud, and Gu Xixi was the mud that people could step on.

It seemed that Mo Zixin was approaching Gu Xixi with another purpose.

Yin Sichen pierced his eyes, and his fingers kept tapping on the desktop.

That stupid girl, did she know Mo Zixin’s plan?

Did Mo Zixin have any purpose for Gu Xixi just because she looked like Yun Ye?

Such a silly little mole, she should have been worried about herself.

The thought of that photo made Yin Sichen’s anger soaring.

Afterward, he also investigated Mo Zixin. In the two years since Yun Ye’s death, Mo Zixin’s life was terrible.

And now he suddenly appeared in N City… Could it be a coincidence?

It was dawn the next day.

Gu Xixi woke up in a daze, picked up the alarm clock on her head, and found that it was already past eight o’clock.

She was going to work in the company today.

Some time ago, it was considered a vacation. Now that she was back, she naturally wanted to continue working.

Although her mother had completely separated from Gu’s family, her mother had never saved a penny for her pension for so many years.

Sooner or later, she was going to leave the Yin family.

Leaving the Yin family meant that she could no longer work in the Yin family consortium.

Therefore, as long as she was still able to move, she had to make more money and save more money.

She got up quickly and took a quick shower.

Her personal assistant heard her movement from the bed, knocked on the door, and asked, “Young Lady, where are you going today?”

“Prepare my work clothes, I’m going to the company,” Gu Xixi replied, “What about Yin Sichen?”

Gu Xixi paused for a while, obviously not confident.

Last night, Yin Sichen didn’t come to rest all night.

It seemed that he intended to use this method to make her aware of her position.

She would no longer be arrogant and retreat to where she belonged.

Making the money you need with your own hands!

“The president has gone to the company.” The assistant immediately replied, “Young Lady, don’t you want to take a few days off?”

“No need.” Gu Xixi reached out and took the clothes that the assistant had matched for her and went directly to the cloakroom to change clothes.

She reached out and stroked her lower abdomen, it was still flat, but because the muscles there had softened a lot, it seemed that it would not take long for the belly to be visible.

She had her breakfast, and soon a driver took her to the company.

Going back to the company to work again, Gu Xixi always felt as if something had changed.

The employees who knew her relationship with Yin Sichen were all from the headquarters of the Yin Consortium, and anyone at the N City branch didn’t know that, did they?

Gu Xixi entered the company building with anxiety and directly pressed the elevator to go upstairs.

“Xixi…” Gu Xixi was called to a stop before the elevator arrived.

She turned her head back in response but saw Mu Ruona, who she hadn’t seen since the last separation, walking towards her quickly.

“Ruona?” Gu Xixi looked at her in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Mu Ruona stood up with a g-cup breast, tidied up her appearance, and replied, “It’s not that our boss sent me here!”

“Your boss?” Gu Xixi cried out in surprise. “Hadn’t your boss signed the contract with Sichen?”

“Yeah!” Mu Ruona sighed and said, “This time I am here purely to watch. Hey, don’t tell me, you don’t know that Mo Zixin of Mo’s family is here…”

Seeing Gu Xixi’s dazed expression, Mu Ruona rolled her eyes helplessly and said in an extremely impersonal manner, “Well, you don’t need to care about the company’s affairs at all now, you just need to be obedient.”

It was probably the most embarrassing side of her that Gu Xixi had ever seen, and she had also seen the embarrassing side of Gu Xixi. The relationship between the two people became subtle and intimate.

“I haven’t been back to the company for a long time. I took a vacation and returned to my hometown some time ago.” Gu Xixi briefly explained and then asked, “What does Mo Zixin do with Yin Sichen?”

Mu Ruona was the vice president of ODS. She certainly knew the inside story!

“They seemed to be discussing cooperation with the Yin family.” Mu Ruona lowered her voice and said, “Do you know where the Mo family came from?”

Gu Xixi shook her head blankly.

At this time, the elevator came, and the two of them stepped into the elevator together, and their assistants stood on one side without any sense of existence.

Mu Ruona leisurely explained, “The reason why the Mo family uprooted so quickly in the country is certainly related to Mo Zixin’s talents. Another reason is that the Mo family has someone in the military and political system. Now you understand?”

Gu Xixi still had a dazed expression.

The Yin Financial Group had always been out of the military and political system.

It was said that this was the ancestral motto of the Yin family.

Now, are you going to break this ancestral motto?

Mu Ruona continued, “Mo Zixin’s grandfather is still working in office, do you understand now?”

“I don’t understand.” Gu Xixi still had a dazed expression.

Mu Ruona couldn’t help rolling her eyes again, “Why did Yin Sichen have such a stupid wife as you? Okay, although Mo Zixin is an independent businessman, he only does business, but his status is not just using money. By measurement, do you understand now? When he was in business, others valued not only his commercial status, but also his political status. Do you understand this time?”

Gu Xixi suddenly realized.

During a small chat with Yin Sichen, she once heard that the Yin family was actually not only related to the military and political system and was related to the foreign military and political system.

This was one of the reasons Yin Sichen had spent most of his time abroad for so many years.

It was precisely because of this political sensitivity that the Yin family had always maintained a very clean relationship with the domestic military and political system.

Gu Xixi agreed with this.

The ancestors of the Yin family were very foresighted.

But in that case, why did the Yin family join forces with the Mo family?

Was it a blessing or a curse that Mo Zixin came to visit?

Mu Ruona also guessed that Gu Xixi had thought of this, and she immediately lowered her voice and said, “It is for this reason that my boss rushed me over to watch the fun. I want to see the brilliant spark produced by the strong confrontation between the two outstanding business empires.”

Seeing Mu Ruona’s meaningful smile, Gu Xixi had a bad premonition in her heart.

She always felt that this matter was not that simple.

When the elevator arrived, Gu Xixi walked over with Mu Ruona.

As soon as Yin Sichen’s assistants saw Gu Xixi and Mu Ruona coming over, they immediately saluted, “Young lady, Miss Mu!”

“Didn’t I tell you before? When I was in the company, you should call me by my position.” Gu Xixi smiled bitterly. She said again, “I’m here to work today.”

“Yes, team leader.” Yin Sichen’s assistant replied, “The president ordered the two of you to go directly to the meeting room as soon as you arrived.”

Mu Ruona joked, “Yin Sichen is interesting! He had actually guessed that we would be coming.”

Gu Xixi smiled without saying anything.

The two turned around and went directly to the meeting room.

Knocking on the door, Gu Xixi and Mu Ruona stepped into the meeting room.

“President… Good morning Mr. Mo!” Gu Xixi said softly.

 Mu Ruona also nodded and greeted.

“Good morning, you two!” Mo Zixin responded politely.

Yin Sichen’s sight quickly fell on Gu Xixi, but he quickly moved it away and said to Mu Ruona, “Miss Mu, are you also interested in this matter?”

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