Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 34 Zhang Han Doubtly Understands

Chu Yuan went away. Gone as dashing as the wind without a sound.

As for Zhang Han, he was standing at the entrance of the hall, dumbfounded.

He certainly had no doubts about the words of his master. It was just that he had a strong sense of shock at these words.

No need to set up formation materials.

One thought to draw the power of heaven and earth into a formation ……

Is this really doable?

You should know that all the formations in the immortal cultivation world require an advanced search for formation materials.

Powerful formations even needed to refine formation diagrams in advance and rehearse the formations repeatedly before they could be successfully set up. To successfully lay a formation was incomparably difficult.

So with people against the enemy, no one will be foolishly standing there for half a day to wait for others to complete the formation before fighting.

The shortcomings of formation masters were right there. And what his master said. It was a thought to lead the power of heaven and earth into a formation to kill the enemy without setting up formation materials ……

This was almost to make up for all the shortcomings of the formation master.

But how was this possible. If someone else said it to Zhang Han, he must have thrown a book at that person’s face. But this was what the master said, and then it must be.

It couldn’t be that the master was fooling him, right? Heh. A supreme power would come to fool him? As if you have nothing better to do?

Zhang Han was convinced that there must be such a method and means.

It’s just that the master wanted him to learn this method and means but didn’t tell him how to learn it.

He had no clue about it. Zhang Han thought for a long time but still did not know what to do.

Finally, he left the Dharma Transmission Hall. He planned to go and talk to Senior Brother to see if he had a clue.


Zhang Han came to the square outside the Hall and quickly found his Eldest Brother Ye Luo, who was sitting on the ground, watching the sky for enlightenment.

He told Ye Luo all that the master had said and asked Ye Luoo how he should study.

Who knew that after listening, Ye Luo revealed a relaxed and bland look. Instead of answering the question, he asked a question back.

“That’s it ah?” This remark was made.

Instead of being annoyed, Zhang Han showed a look of seeking advice and gave a courteous salute.

“Please also teach me, Eldest Brother!” Zhang Han was in a rather excited mood.

No formation materials were needed, and the formation was formed by borrowing the power of heaven and earth.

Throughout the entire Eastern State and even the entire Divine Constellation Continent, no formation master could do it.

But he had to learn this method under the guidance of his master, so how could he not be excited. This also made him feel emotional again, and the secluded sect was indeed powerful.

Sitting on the side, Ye Luo stood up and looked up to the sky.

“Junior brother, I do not know how to set up the formation, but  I know how to borrow the power of heaven and earth.” Ye Luo slowly spoke.

The tone of his voice was full of compulsion. Saying the rest, he might not understand. But borrowing the power of heaven and earth this aspect ……Sorry, he was a professional!

Really, when he was watching the heavens and earth and enlightenment day and night, he realized the loneliness of the air.

Ye Luo thought, his heart vaguely already having a guess.

The master told the junior brother that there was this cultivation method, but he did not tell him how to practice it. I’m afraid this was a deliberate move by the master.

The purpose was to want him, the eldest brother, to be able to establish greater majesty in front of his junior brother.

In order to facilitate the future after inheriting the Daoless Sect, he could control his junior brother.

Right! This must be the case!

Why else would the master not teach his junior brother the specific cultivation method!

It can’t be that the master is making things up, right? That’s obviously impossible. Master wanted him to establish his authority!

Since this is the case, then I can’t let down his master’s good intentions.

Ye Luo smiled faintly and had a plan in mind.

On the other side.

Hearing that Senior Brother knew how to borrow the power of heaven and earth, Zhang Han asked in a slightly urgent tone, “Dare to ask Senior Brother, how should I borrow the power of heaven and earth?

Ye Luo was not anxious, and he slowly said, “You want to borrow the power of heaven and earth, you need to understand, what is the Dao! First, understand what the Dao is before you can borrow the power of heaven and earth.”

“Then dare to ask Eldest Brother, what is the Dao?”

“Are you sure you want to hear it? I’m afraid you won’t understand.”


“All right, then senior brother will tell you what the Dao is!”

“Junior brother is eager to listen!”

“The so-called Dao, well um, it is complicated, Senior brother afraid you do not understand so that I will give you a simple explanation, The Dao is nature, is heaven and earth, is everything, the Dao is born one, one is born two, two is born three, three is born ten thousand things, you and I and all beings, are within the Dao! Brother, do you understand?”

Ye Luo naturally stole these words that Chu Yuan once said to him.

After finishing, he carefully looked at Zhang Han. When he saw Zhang Han’s face confused, his mood inexplicably got better.

It turns out that watching others not understand was such a cool thing, and it’s not right. At first, in front of the master, he seemed to be the same as Zhang Han.

So a thought, Ye Luo’s mood wasn’t good anymore.

As for Zhang Han, his mood was now half occupied by confusion and shame.

What was confusing was what the big brother’s words meant. He felt ashamed that he had low perception.

It’s fine if you don’t understand what the master said. Now he can’t even understand the words of the eldest brother.

Zhang Han gritted his teeth, lowered his head, and arched his hand, “Eldest Brother …… senior brother is stupid, I do not understand!”

Ye Luo waved his hand, and his demeanor was quite lonely. Establishing majesty should also be established enough. Next, it was time to teach this senior brother properly.

“Well, it is normal for a junior not to understand, just, junior, I pass you a law, and you see if you can understand.”

After Ye Luo finished speaking, his two fingers merged and crossed the air. A white light flashed out from his fingertips and entered between Zhang Han’s eyebrows.

Ye Luo taught Zhang Han the ‘Heaven Observation Art’ to Zhang Han that he created hastily.

Zhang Han closed his eyes tightly and felt this technique that his elder brother had taught him.

The Heaven Observation Art!

At this moment, Zhang Han’s heart was extremely shocked. He finally knew why his senior brother liked to stare at the sky every day.

It turned out that the eldest brother was watching the sky to comprehend the dao ……

Borrowing the power of heaven and earth to enlighten his own dao ……

Eldest Brother! Terrifying as hell!

The Big Brother was so terrifying, what kind of existence should the master who could teach Big Brother be …… Not to mention that his Daoless sect’s elders were all terrifying existences that had ascended.

His sect was really one that was more terrifying than the other!

As for this ‘Heaven Observation Art’. It did not bring any practical effect to Zhang Han, and he was different from Ye Luo’s Dao, this Heaven Observation Art did not work for him.

However, this Heaven Observation Art actually inspired him.  Borrowing the power of heaven and earth ……

In fact, the power of heaven and earth, which contained the power of the sun and moon, the power of the stars, and all kinds of power. And the various materials needed to set up the formation were also of various kinds.

For example, in the Yin-Yang Two-Yi Formation, most of the materials needed were some extreme Yin or extreme Yang things.

Suppose you borrow the power of the great sun and the power of the great yin to set up a formation, then what would be the effect?

Zhang Han’s mind shook, and he thoroughly understood. Perhaps this was what the master meant.

But …… Why did the elder brother ask him what is the Dao? And also, and he said a big piece from what was once nothing.

What does this have to do with him borrowing the power of heaven and earth?

Zhang Han was puzzled.

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