The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 141 Thunder Punishment Extermination

“Hehehe.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull also did not reply and retreated to Lu Yiping’s side.

Lu Yiping was still staring at the main Heavenly Tablet.

Initially, he came over this time because he wanted to find the relevant records about the year when the Heavenly Emperor cut down the Foundation Tree from the Heavenly Tablet. Still, when the main tablet appeared, he suddenly saw the words of the Jade Disc of Creation flashing.

That’s why he was so excited. Just now, his whole heart and mind were on the main tablet.

At this time, suddenly, next to the main tablet, the ground gave a strange sound again, only to see the other nine tablets around the main tablet also rose slowly from the ground in sequence.

Lu Yiping withdrew his eyes from the main tablet and said to all the powerful people at the scene, “This time the heavenly tablet came out, no matter it is the main tablet or other tablets, all of them are mine, you can leave now.”

Lu Yiping’s voice was not loud, but it reached the ears of all the strong people at the scene.

All of them were shocked and angry. Lei Yu was even got angrier and furious.

Just now, he said that the main tablet and the nine tablets around the main tablet were all theirs, but now this Lu Yiping was even more ruthless. He wanted all the one hundred tablets of the Heavenly tablet!

“A hundred heavenly tablets, you want all of them! Lu, are you going against the entire Nine Heavens?” Qin Mojue looked at Lu Yiping with anger in his eyes and laughed with rage.

Lu Yiping suddenly blasted out with a fist.

When Lu Yiping’s fist blasted out, a giant elephant supporting the sky appeared at his back.

The giant elephant’s four hooves were like pillars in the sky, emitting the aura of a boundless divine beast king.

“Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist!” Cheng Shuanglong, who had been paying attention to Lu Yiping, exclaimed in astonishment when he saw the giant sky-supporting elephant behind Lu Yiping.

Feeling the vastness and boundless power of the Heavenly Elephant contained in Lu Yiping’s fist power, Qin Mojue’s face changed.

Previously, Zhang Jin, beside Lu Yiping, had performed the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist with unparalleled power. Still, Zhang Jin had only comprehended the skin of the Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist.

And now, in the power of Lu Yiping’s fist, there was a faint roar of heavenly elephants, and the sound seemed to come from the boundless hell.

A giant zither appeared in front of the Qin Mojue! This giant zither, which was several meters long, actually had only two strings!

“The Zither of Life and Death!” Many old ancestors recognized the giant zither.

The Zither of Life and Death, the famous zither of the ancient times, was also the evilest zither of the ancient times. Legend has it that this zither possessed the power of life and death. One of the strings possesses the power of life, and the other string has the power of death.

The zither’s power was so strong that it was even stronger than that of the previous Kun Peng Divine Sect’s Patriarch Fei Jie! It had reached 54 million plane combat power!

The 54 million plane combat power surged out, and his hands made a strange gesture, just like the soul detainer from hell, and flicked down the string that had the power of death.


The string vibrated. The sky and the earth actually instantly darkened. It was as miserable as falling into a cold hell, and the terrifying power of death rolled incessantly to meet Lu Yiping’s Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist.


The Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist collided with the death force of the Life and Death Harp. Then, the death force was instantly destroyed.

The Heavenly Elephant’s power was blasted on the Qin Mojue as many times as it was.

The zither was lifted off and blasted into the top of the Heavenly Tablet Town’s house.

The Heavenly Tablet Town’s houses, which had stood unscathed for an unknown number of thousands of years, were shaken and collapsed.

After smashing through the house, the violent power of the heavenly elephant in his body suddenly exploded, and the Qin Mojue himself split into pieces. Even his divine armor also shattered into countless pieces.

The crowd only looked at the torn apart Qin Mojue and was horrified.

Thunder ancestor Lei Yu was also scared, initially close to the main tablet, and he could not help but retreat.

As for Zheng Shangqing, he was shocked even more, his liver and guts trembling. His strength and the Zither god Fu Zhuo’s strength were actually not much different. He was indeed stronger than the Fu Zhuo, but it was also limited.

Now, the 54 million plane combat power, Qin Mojue, was killed by Lu Yiping with one punch!

Could it be that it was Lu Yiping who suppressed the Zither God Fu Zhuo with his Buddha’s palm earlier?

However, they checked clearly, at that time, Lu Yiping was clearly in the Heavenly God Domain, Wind and Thunder Province and was not in the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Also, what about Lu Yiping’s Heavenly Image Divine Prison Fist? Was Lu Yiping a disciple of Lord Saint Demon?

Not only did Zheng Shangqing think so, many experts at the scene, but even Lei Yu also guessed whether Lu Yiping was the disciple of the Saint Demon.

Just now, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull performed the Nine Rotations Empty Fist, and now it was Lu Yiping’s Heavenly Elephant Divine Prison Fist, both of which were the masterpieces of the Saint Demon.

“Does anyone else have an opinion?” Lu Yiping swept his eyes at all the strong people in the Heavenly Tablet Town.

The experts from all sides were silent.

Even a great man of the Saint Demon Era like the Qin Mojue had been killed with a single punch, so who would dare to have an opinion?

“We have no intention of offending Your Excellency, and we will leave now.” A super sect ancestor said to Lu Yiping in a respectful voice, then led all the sect experts to leave and disappeared in the blink of an eye in Heavenly Tablet Town.

At once, the other sect’s old ancestors and elders also led their people to leave.

For a time, the Heavenly Tablet Town became sparse.

Zheng Shangqing’s face was gloomy and clear, at this time, other heavenly tablets also broke through the ground and rose out one after another, he looked at the crowd of heavenly tablets, his heart was really reluctant, but in the end, he still told the Tai Qing Sword Sect Patriarch Huang Yaoyun and others, “Back to the Taiqing Sword Sect!

He knew that it was useless even if he was reluctant, Lu Yiping’s power was too terrifying, they simply could not take the Heavenly Tablet.

Just as Zheng Shangqing was about to lead the Tai Qing Sword Sect to leave, Lu Yiping blandly said, “The others can leave, but the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Zither & Painting Sect, and the Kun Peng Divine Sect cannot leave!”

The Profound Heaven Sect, the Peerless Tavern, the Yan Family, the Heavenly Beast Sect, and other strong people who had not yet left were stunned at hearing this.

Lei Yu, Hua Ruisheng, Zheng Shangqing, and the Kun Peng Divine Sect, Zither & Painting Sect, Tai Qing Sword Sect, and the three major power experts are also stunned.

Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu’s face was gloomy, his whole body surging with thunder light, and he looked at Lu Yiping angrily, “Surnamed Lu, do you really think you’re invincible?” The lightning light on his body was endless, flooding heaven and earth, and the Heavenly Tablet Town was instantly flooded with his lightning light.

The crowd was shocked and panicked as they operated their divine power and the power of the realm to resist.

“Is this 70 million plane combat power?” The Profound Heaven Sect’s Ji Tian’s entire body tensed up.

The initial limit of a Plane Lord was ten million, the middle limit was thirty million, and the late limit was seventy million! Once one broke through seventy million plane combat power, then one would step into the late-stage peak.

However, from the recent past to the present, only a few experts had broken through to the peak of the late stage of the Realm Lord.

To break through from the late stage to the peak of the late stage was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

“No, it shouldn’t have broken through 70 million yet, it’s just close to 70 million.” Cheng Shuanglong shook his head.

Close to seventy million, that’s more than sixty-nine million!

Even so, the crowd was shocked, more than sixty-nine million, that’s a whole fifteen million higher than Qin Mojue!

“Thunder Punishment, exterminate!” Lei Yu’s voice full of killing intent resounded through the sky. Everyone saw the divine thunder from the sky blast down towards Lu Yiping crazily. The sky and earth were filled with boundless thunder light. The destructive power of the earth was wreaking havoc, and everyone retreated in fear.

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