It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 258 – Are You Young Master Sun Hao?

Western Prefecture Immortal City, a private room in a teahouse.

“Sire, don’t… don’t kill me, I will say anything!”

In front of Sun Hao, a cultivator spoke in fear and trepidation.

“Why would we kill you? We are only selling immortal wine!”

After speaking, Sun Hao took out three bottles of immortal wine and handed them to the cultivator.

“Si-Sire, how much is a bottle?” the cultivator asked.

“One immortal crystal per bottle!” Sun Hao said.

“What? Why don’t you go…”

The cultivator glanced at Huang Rumeng and weakly bowed his head.

“Sire, I…I only have 2 immortal crystals.”

“Then you can buy 2 bottles!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes…yes, Sire!”

After leaving two immortal crystals, the cultivator ran out.

“Take the immortal wines!”

“Yes, Sire!”

The immortal cultivator ran away in embarrassment while he took the two bottles of immortal wine.

Shortly after, the cultivator returned again. He looked at Sun Hao worshipfully.

“Do you need something?”

“Sire, no, Young Master, are you Young Master Sun Hao?” the immortal cultivator asked.

“Shh! Don’t say it loudly!” Sun Hao said in a low voice.

“I have seen Young Master Sun Hao!”

The cultivator bowed deeply toward Sun Hao and bowed deeply.

“Don’t be polite! You can go!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

The cultivator turned and left, his eyes gleaming with a strange glow.

Ding, blessing value +2

Hearing this, Sun Hao opened the blessing point panel. The panel showed an impressive 183455. There were still more than 10,000 to collect 200,000. However, this was too difficult!

Since the blessing points reached 100,000, he could see immortal power, and he could only get 3 blessing points from each person. Moreover, it was restricted to cultivators whose strength was above the Ascension realm, and they could only be harvested once.

No matter how long it took, he couldn’t gather anything from them.

This was nothing, what annoyed him was that when he flaunted his planting skill, he could make people have a breakthrough. Then, when he sold immortal wine, he couldn’t get the blessing points.

In other words, he could only gather the blessing points only from those who reach the Ascension realm by their own ability.

He had brewed more than 400,000 bottles of immortal wine, and now there were still more than 400,000 bottles left.

Cultivators who met the requirements were too hard to find.

“Rumeng, is there still any teahouse?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, there is no one that you can sell the Immortal Wine!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Rumeng, what about the entire Central Prefecture Immortal City?” Sun Hao asked.

“That person just now was the last one.” Huang Rumeng said.


Sun Hao sighed heavily.

Central Prefecture Immortal City could be said to be the center of Tianluo Continent, and the strong were basically gathered here.

There was not even one that met the requirements to gather blessing points.

There were probably not many people left in the other four great immortal cities.

That being the case, it was time to leave the Tianluo Continent and go to other continents to reap the blessing points.

“Rumeng, besides the Tianluo Continent, where is the strongest place?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, on the entire Ziyang Planet, the place with the most powerhouses is the Penglai Continent! The weakest ones there are all half-immortals! Immortals are abundant!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Was it? Don’t you say that there are only nine immortals in the human race? How come there are a lot of immortals?” Sun Hao was puzzled.

“The Young Master, the Nine Immortals of the Human Race, they are talking about people who have survived the Tribulation through their own efforts! Such a person is generally powerful.”

“However, there are a lot of big powers, in order to cultivate strong individual, they used some kind of forbidden technique, or rely on some kind of medicine to have a lot of immortals.”

“Such immortals are called pseudo-immortals! They can’t make progress all their lives, just like the four you killed a few days ago, three of them are pseudo-immortals!” Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao frowned slightly.

In this world, even immortals could be made in batches. Wasn’t this terrible? Could he mass-produced immortals to form an army to protect himself? When the time to go came, wouldn’t it be very exciting?

Even if he didn’t create immortals, he could also create and summon an army of immortal beasts, which was not bad. He would find a chance to try later.

“Rumeng, is it possible that on the Penglai Continent, except for the Nine Immortals of the Human Race, the other immortals are pseudo-immortals?” Sun Hao asked.

“Of course not!”

Huang Rumeng shook her head slightly, “Although Ziyang Planet is a dead star, there are still many branches stationed here. Like the Zhongli family, in fact, their home is not here but beyond the distant starry sky! And such forces usually have immortals stationed in secret, but they don’t appear on the surface!” Huang Rumeng said.

The lowest strength is half-immortal, there should be a bunch of pseudo-immortals. Moreover, there were many immortals. He should be able to gain a lot of blessing points in such a continent, and it’s worth seeing for himself.

It was best to collect all the blessing points within a month.

“Rumeng, come on, let’s go back to Supreme Court, clean up, and then go to Penglai Continent!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, don’t we go back to the Great Demon Mountain?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“No, there should be nothing wrong with Miss Xiaolan looking after the place!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Huang Rumeng took Sun Hao through the ripples in the void and disappeared into the Central Prefecture Immortal City. When they reappeared, they had already arrived in front of the Supreme Court’s attic in the restricted area.

“I have seen the Young Master!”

Just after landing, three figures came forward and saluted respectfully.

He knew two out of the three people. The other was an old man wearing a bamboo hat and a woven rush raincoat, and he looked like a fisherman.

“No need to be polite! Miss Liuyan, I haven’t seen you for a long time! Miss Ruoxi is here too?”

“Excuse me, who is this?” Sun Hao asked, looking at the Old Man Jiuyou.

“Young Master, my name is Old Man Jiuyou, you can call me Old Jiu! I heard that the Young Master is good at fishing, I have come to ask the Young Master for advice, therefore, I hope Young Master would be generous to advise me!”

The Old Man Jiuyou walked straight forward, cupping his fist in respect. The corner of his mouth seemed to be raised into a smile.

‘Who could be compared with me on Fishing Dao in the entire Ziyang Planet? Even if the Godly Cunning Immortal is more powerful, is it possible he could surpass me on the Fishing Dao? As long as he agrees to make a bet, then winning some immortal crystals wouldn’t be a problem!’

Old Man Jiuyou thought to himself, his heart getting more and more proud. However, there was no change in his face.


The corner of Sun Hao’s mouth raised, “It’s been a long time since I had fished. It just so happens that I’m getting itchy, when?”

“Young Master, it depends on when you are free,” said the old man Jiuyou.

“How about tomorrow! It’s not fun to fish alone. Let’s find more people! Miss Ruoxi, Miss Liuyan, you two should join us too!” Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, the two women’s expressions changed drastically, and they waved their hands again and again, “Young Master, we don’t know how to fish.”

“It’s okay, and I will teach you then!” Sun Hao said.

“Okay, Young Master!”

Since the Young Master had opened this mouth, naturally, they couldn’t dispel the Young Master’s interest.

“Since it’s such a happy decision, shall we have a meal tonight?” Sun Hao said.

“Have a meal?”

Light flashed in Luo Liuyan’s eyes.

Now, she was the only one to still be a half-immortal. Even her disciple has far surpassed her. If she could eat a meal here, she would be able to break through to be an immortal.

With Young Master here, the Thunder Tribulation Giant would definitely not dare to come over so that she could overcome the tribulation with peace of mind.

“Thank you, Young Master!” Luo Liuyan bowed and saluted.

“You are Welcome! Everyone, please come inside! There is no meat today, so we would just eat some vegetarian dishes!”

Sun Hao said with a smile.

“Young Master, we don’t seem to have enough vegetables to make vegetarian dishes.” Huang Rumeng said.

“It’s okay, then plant a little bit!” Sun Hao said.


Plant a little?

Plant it now? Can this work?

The eyes of a few people were full of doubts. Especially Old Man Jiuyou, his expressions were extremely reluctant. Although Daoist Ruoxi told him many times that what the Young Master ate was not ordinary, but she didn’t say what the Young Master was eating.

His appetite was hanged.

They ran to the residence of the Young Master but did not even enter the door. It appeared extremely ordinary, nothing extraordinary, and it looked like a common mansion from the outside.

Seeing it himself, he didn’t find anything extraordinary. No matter how he looked at it, that young master was a mortal.

Could he eat vegetables now? By this time, nothing could arouse his taste buds.

“Rumeng, please help me invite the Grand Dean over! Adding another person is just adding another pair of chopsticks!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

After Huang Rumeng finished speaking, she turned into a shadow and left quickly.


Old Man Jiuyou broke into a cold sweat.

This girl, who looked like a mortal, was so fast that he couldn’t even react to it.

This was too terrible!

Was it possible that that girl was also an immortal, with a realm far above him?

As his thoughts ended,


Old Man Jiuyou took a breath, cold sweat flowing steadily.

He put away his contempt, followed Sun Hao carefully, and walked into the backyard.

The moment he opened the door to the backyard, Old Man Jiuyou was shocked, his expression frozen.

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