Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 33 – No Array Materials Needed

Inside the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Listening to these words, Chu Yuan felt physically and mentally happy.

Sure enough, this disciple was talking nonsense. What slight enlightenment, and it was all nonsense and lies.

No one really thought that this disciple had really realized something, right?

No, no, no!

No one really thought so.

This second apprentice was a waste of talent. How could he have comprehended anything?

However, Chu Yuan also really did not know what to do anymore to this Zhang Han. What other lie could he make?

Didn’t you know that people who lied had to swallow a thousand needles?

Forget about it. Since this disciple was still a waste of talent, he was relieved.

“Since there is no enlightenment, then you have to spend more time to comprehend, do you understand?” Chu Yuan nodded slightly and said in a very satisfied manner.

Zhang Han, who was standing not far away, froze for a moment and nodded, “Master, disciple understands!”

He did not hear anything. He only thought that his master wanted him to realize the Great Dao as soon as possible!

Chu Yuan smiled and felt satisfied even more, looking at Zhang Han’s gaze, which was appreciative.

Still, this disciple made him feel a little relief, unlike Ye Luo, who actually backstabbed him the whole time.

“It’s good if you understand, then the master will go first. You comprehend well, do not slack off.” Chu Yuan turned around and prepared to leave.

He was in a very pleasant mood. Due to the delight, he would go to find that boss in Silver Moon City and have a drink!

This was not slacking off or being lazy, and this was simply wanting to have a drink and talk!

When Zhang Han saw that Chu Yuan was going to leave, he wanted to send off respectfully, but he hurriedly made a sound to stop him on second thought.

“Master, wait! I still have something I want to explain to Master!” Zhang Han was afraid that Chu Yuan would leave at once.

The tone of his voice was also a bit more hurried. 

“What else is there?” Chu Yuan stopped in his tracks, raised his eyebrows slightly, and asked in a puzzled manner.

Zhang Han respectfully bowed to his master and said, “Master, disciple wants to learn how to make formations, but I don’t know where the formation materials are within the sect, so I came to ask Master.”

He was carrying an innate formation heart. The most terrifying thing about the innate formation heart was not that he had an extraordinary understanding of formations.

Instead, if he set up a formation and comprehended it, then his cultivation could be directly enhanced. This was the terrifying side of the natural-born formation heart.

But Zhang Han could not find the materials for the formation. As we all know, the formation needed all kinds of materials to assist, and large formations even needed the corresponding formation map to assist in order to set out.

Zhang Han could not find the materials needed to set up the formation. Naturally, he couldn’t set up a formation, and that’s why he came to ask Chu Yuan.

On the other side, Chu Yuan, who was standing at the hall entrance, was ready to leave when he heard that Zhang Han wanted the formation materials.

He was immediately confused. This Zhang Han was not able to see the enlightenment and wanted to try to enlightenment directly by making a formation.

Just, did this disciple not know that his Daoless sect was the no-rank, no license, no resources sect.

Oh, no. This disciple really does not know. But where would he get the whole formation materials?

Buy? You’re kidding.

Take the few taels of silver under his boots to buy? Or take his clothes worth 100 taels of gold to buy?

Don’t joke. It’s impossible to buy

Don’t ask, and there’s no money.

Since you can not buy, that I can only use the old rules.

A meaningful smile appeared on Chu Yuan’s face, and he turned around, his back to Zhang Han.

“Han’er, do you want formation materials to set up a formation?” Chu Yuan’s profound voice rang out.

Zhang Han nodded and said in a jaded manner, “Yes, Master.”

“Han’er, before you want formation materials, master asks you a question; do you know, what is the ultimate realm of a formation?”

When Chu Yuan was saying these words, a gust of wind blew by. His white robe blew in the air.

Hee was full of compulsion at this moment as if really an exiled immortal in the red dust walking in general. His back looks great and boundless.

Zhang Han looked at the back of his own master, only to feel the master’s realm of profound and unfathomable.

He shook his head and began to think carefully about the problems given by his master.

What is the ultimate of the formation method?

Zhang Han thought carefully and answered, “Master, the ultimate of the formation technique should be to win with weakness, a weak person with a formation can match a strong person.”

Weakness over strength? Chu Yuan froze, the formation has this role? He wanted to learn the formation very much by now.

But he was still calm on the surface, shook his head, and did not say anything.

Zhang Han said again, “Master, the ultimate realm of the formation is when it can reverse the rotation of Yin and Yang, break the cycle of reincarnation, with a burst out become omnipotent!”


Chu Yuan was moved. He wanted to learn formation so badly. But there was no way. His heart was moved, but he still shook his head on the surface.

Seeing this, Zhang Han pondered for a moment and then said, “Master, the ultimate of the formation is to borrow power! Borrow the power of heaven and earth! Borrow the power of the sun, moon, and stars, a burst of out against the enemy, and the enemy is not only with me as the enemy but also with the heaven and earth as the enemy! Against the sun, moon, and stars!”

So dangling? Chu Yuan, who had his back to Zhang Han, widened his eyes. His mouth was watering.

Such a bullish formation? He wanted to learn it so badly. But where could he go to learn these secret books?

There was no way.

Chu Yuan sighed in his heart, but he still quickly adjusted and became breezy again on the surface.

“What you said are the effects of the formation, but not the ultimate realm of the formation, so, Han’er, do you know what the ultimate realm of the formation is?”

Chu Yuan said rather casually.

Zhang Han smiled and could only bow helplessly and said, “Master, the disciple is stupid and does not know.”

Chu Yuan took a few steps forward and came to the entrance of the hall. He wanted to look up at the sky, but when he thought of the sun stinging his eyes that day, he immediately lowered his head to the earth.

“In fact, the ultimate realm of the formation, not that how powerful, how terrifying, the ultimate realm of the formation, is actually an extreme means.”

“Control of the ultimate realm of the formation, with a thought you can set up a formation without needing to set up materials. A thought to lead the power of heaven and earth into a large formation, suppress the enemy in the town.”

“I want you to learn these techniques, techniques that do not require formation materials, one thought to set up a formation, one thought to suppress the enemy! No need for formation materials, remember, no need for formation materials!”

Chu Yuan emphasized a few words. No formation materials were needed! He really did not have money to buy formation materials.

What a thought to draw the power of heaven and earth to set up a formation. You have to understand it yourself!

I’ll call your father if you can understand it.

On the other hand, when Zhang Han heard these words, his whole person froze.

A thought to lead the power of heaven and earth into a great formation ……

No need to set up formation materials ……

Zhang Han froze and was unable to return to his senses for a long time. When Chu Yuan saw this scene, and hurriedly foot clouds, slipped away.

Can’t see me, can’t see me, can’t see me ……

I really do not have money to buy you cloth formation materials to squander ……

There was also nothing to give you. Chu Yuan decisively chose to bolt.

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