I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 164 – One and a Half People

Yi Wenbin was holding fire in his heart.

Yi Renhao imprisoned him in the barracks for more than three months, and he finally saw his most admired General Chen Pengfei and was finally released by his father… As a result, he brought Chen Pengfei to the House of Ten thousand Flowers, but even a decent box was unavailable!

General Chen may not be angry, but he will!

Chen Pengfei, General Chen of the Purple Thorn Legion?

Opening the brothel, welcoming and greeting the guests, they are well informed, how could sister Bai have not heard of his name?

Thinking about Yi Wenbin’s identity, there was no need to bluff her!

The number one young expert in the Southern Cloud Kingdom, the disciple of General Su Yi, General of the Purple Thorn Legion, the identity was no worse than any first-class family head!

Sister Bai hesitated for a moment and said, “General Chen, why don’t I go ask Mei’er?”

“No need to ask!” Chen Pengfei shook his head and looked at Yi Wenbin again, and said, “I’m just here for a drink!”

Yi Wenbin shrank his neck, and he then realized that what he had just said seemed to have upset the other party.

His father asked him to bring Chen Pengfei out, originally stored the idea of friendship, if he had done things wrong ……

“General Chen, I’m sorry, it’s my fault!” Yi Wenbin said with a smile, “I just think that drinking must be accompanied by beauty to have fun, and looking at the girl in Yundu, only the Miss Mei’er can barely be worthy of the status of a general!”

“I don’t care about that!” Hearing Shiqi’s words, Yi Wenbin had a headache.

He could see it, and it would be difficult for Chen Pengfei to let go completely. He did not believe that there were men in this world who did not love beauty unless they were g**!

“I’m going to the toilet!”

Saying that he was going to the toilet, Yi Wenbin grabbed Sister Bai, “My friend is very important. My father gave me the order. Money is not a problem. If there is not enough money, my father will take it from his pocket. You should definitely be more knowledgeable than me… You must help me pick a girl who General Chen is satisfied with!”

Sister Bai’s expression was difficult, she could see that Chen Pengfei was a very self-disciplined warrior.

“If you can’t help me, then don’t blame me for being rude! “Yi Wenbin said cruelly, “The three emperors may have something to do with Miss Mei’er, but so what?” If it is open for business in Cloud Capital, there is no one who dares not to give our city guards face. Mei’er can’t do it, but you must get someone who General Chen is satisfied with!”

“I understand! I’ll go prepare now!”

Sister Bai knew that it wouldn’t work if there weren’t some blood today.

After receiving Yi Wenbin for so long, this was the first time she had seen him threaten so much. Doing business in Cloud Capital City, the City Guards were indeed absolutely not to be offended!

“Then thank you, Sister Bai!” Yi Wenbin said with a smile. It seems that the young man who was so cruel just now was not him.

“Who is that Mei’er?” Shiqi casually asked Yi Wenbin, “I don’t want to meet her, I’m just curious!”

Seeing Shiqi talking about it, Yi Wenbin certainly will not miss this opportunity, “Cloud Capital three beauty ranking number one, recognized as the most beautiful, the most popular, good at both singing and dancing, the top card of Ten Thousand Flowers, many people throw money just to see her, but she is very arrogant, not anyone can see, I heard that she is still virgin.”

“Have you seen her?”

“Of course, I have seen her. She is the most fascinating woman I have ever seen in my life. There is no one! ”

Shiqi smiled and asked, “You seem to be interested in her?”

“So what if I’m interested? The Ten Thousand Flowers House is the property of the Third Prince, and I heard that Mei’er is related to the Third Prince, so I don’t stand a chance anyway.”

“Then, by letting her drink with me, aren’t you afraid of angering the Third Prince?”

“Don’t worry about this! “Yi Wenbin said, “She has opened the door to pick up customers. We are just taking care of her business. There are many people who are received by Miss Mei’er alone, including me… I haven’t heard of anyone being targeted until now. If you want me to see it, this news is just used to increase her worth. Ten Thousand Flower’s last top card also had an unclear relationship with the third prince… In the end, was accepted by a sucker of the Chen family? ”

After listening to these words, Chen Hao exploded his foul words in the devil sword: Fuck, this operation looks familiar!

Besides, Sister Bai went to see Mei’er in person, but she didn’t even see Mei’er herself. When she saw that it was her maid, after telling the maid about Chen Pengfei’s threats and Yi Wenbin’s threats, the maid just said lightly, She will convey the news to the Mei’er.

Sister Bai was so angry with this salty tone that she jumped to her feet!

But she couldn’t help it, although she was in charge of the Ten Thousand Flowers House, Meier’s position in the Ten Thousand Flowers House was very special, she couldn’t afford to offend her!

Thinking about the identity of Chen Pengfei and Yi Wenbin, she stomped her foot and went straight down to the basement!

There were countless beautiful girls in the Ten Thousand Flowers House, but she knew that General Chen was obviously an extremely picky person, and she had only one and a half girls who could satisfy General Chen with certainty!

A Mei’er!

From the time Meier came to Ten Thousand Flowers House, there was no man she couldn’t get!

Sister Bai must admit that with Mei’er’s appearance and strength, even if she was a woman, she would still be tempted!

But for today’s event, Mei’er couldn’t count on it, she could only find the other half. Forget about the time, it should be about time.

As soon as she went down the stairs, Sister Bai was angry in her heart. How come one of the head girls, and one of the alternate head girls were not the main ones to save her heart?

They were both living little ancestors!

When she arrived at the entrance of the basement, an old maid immediately came over and saluted, and Sister Bai asked in a low voice, “How is Qingyan?”

The old maid replied, “I could still hear the sound just now, it should be better now! ”

“Let me go in and take a look!”


The old maid pushed open the door, a bad smell came out, Sister Bai frowned and fanned the air at the end of her nose and said angrily, “Why does it stink so bad? Why didn’t Mei’er tell me that this medicine would stink so much! It would be bad if Qing Yan was ruined!”

“Miss Mei’er came here this afternoon and said that this medicine can’t kill people, so she took off a layer of skin! ”The old maid said in a low voice, “She also said that no matter how hot-tempered a girl is, she can’t bear this medicine. She also told us how to use it and precautions. We all did it according to the method she said.”

“And how was the effect?”

“The effect is indeed very good!” The old maid lowered her voice and said, “In the past, no matter how we punished that girl, she didn’t even utter a word and her eyes were scary, but after using Miss Meier’s medicine just now, I could hear her screams.”

“She is the flesh and blood of my heart. I hope that after this punishment, she will be obedient! “Sister Bai sighed, whispered, and stepped into the room.

There was a large bed in the center of the room, and a slender figure was lying on the bed.

Sister Bai approached slowly, and the people on the bed were all black and brown.

“Qingyan, come closer!” She felt that something was wrong with the situation.

At this moment, the person on the bed sat up slowly. Sister Bai took a closer look and was taken aback when she saw the person’s small dark brown face. It was as if she had seen a ghost. She took two steps back in a row in fright and hit the dressing table directly.

She didn’t care about the pain, and yelled fiercely, “Damn it! What did Mei’er do? Is she trying to ruin Qingyan?”

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