Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 32 – Are You Really Enlightened?

At the foot of the Heavenly Mist Mountain Mountain.

Chu Yuan was walking step by step towards the mountain gate. With an iced sugar gourd in his mouth.

He was in a joyful mood. While walking, he was humming an unknown ditty.

“The owner of this inn is so polite, another table of food, which still tastes awesome, alas, there are really many good people.”

“What else did he say when he was leaving, ‘I’m welcome to come back next time,’ this is all said and done. Next time I have to visit, it will look like I am not close to him? Surely, next time I must visit the inn!”

Chu Yuan murmured a few words and looked up at the mountain.

Out for almost a day, that boy Zhang Han should still be in the enlightenment of loneliness, right?

Must still be enlightened loneliness.

The traces drawn by his hand, if it were not enlightenment loneliness, what kind of enlightenment is it?

Is it hard not to realize any dao? Don’t be ridiculous.

If he could really enlighten any dao, he would have swallowed the whole Heavenly Mist Mountain.

I just don’t know how Zhang Han is doing now. I’ll go up and see how Zhang Han’s state is.

Chu Yuan created clouds on the bottom of his feet and flew towards the mountain gate.

Soon, Chu Yuan arrived above the mountain gate. He took a look down, and his face suddenly stiffened. Under the mountain gate, he saw no one; where was Zhang Han’s shadow?

Where did this boy go?

He can’t really run away without enlightening anything, right? This year young man’s mental capacity is so poor?

Chu Yuan’s face was ugly, his divine sense instantly spread out and swept through the entire sect.

In his divine sense, Ye Lu was looking at the sky in the main hall square. And Zhang Han was reading a book in the Dharma Transmission Hall.

This kid did not run! Just reading a book!

Hoo ……

Chu Yuan immediately sighed with relief.

“It’s good that he didn’t run. This kid is really lazy, obviously, he has lulled him to enlightenment and still ran to read a book, damn! it scared me.”

Chu Yuan did not think much about it.

He thought Zhang Han could not understand any enlightenment. His heart was annoyed; not only did that boy try to be enlightened, but he also ran to the transmission of the law hall to read the book.

Only …… It’s a pity!

This was still in the control of his Chu’s calculations.

The books in the Dharma Transmission Hall were all fake! Eight taels of silver and bought by the catty!

You can’t imagine, can you? I can’t imagine that this is all a setup of his Chu, right?

When Chu Yuan thought of this, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help to rise slightly.

Do you think I’m on the first floor? Actually, I was on the fifth floor. Except for that ‘cute’ thing Ye Lu, no one could escape from his grasp!

His teaching would ruin Zhang Han, and his future disciples would also be ruined by his teaching. No one could protect him from teaching his disciples into waste!

He, Chu Yuan, said so!

However, for now, the most important thing was to stabilize this Zhang Han.

Chu Yuan thought a lot, and he decided to go down to see Zhang Han. He felt that the only variable now was Zhang Han’s mindset. As long as he could completely stabilize Zhang Han’s mentality, then from Zhang Han, this small rank realm would be secure.

Chu Yuan secretly nodded his head and flew down towards the Dharma Transmission Hall.


Inside the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Zhang Han sat in the corner, holding a book in his hand, reading it with great interest. The book in his hand was a book that recorded various formations, and all kinds of ancient and modern formations were in it.

Rumor has it that the number one formation sect in the eastern state had a book that records ancient and modern formations, attracting formation masters all over the world to aspire to it. Even he used to be very eager for it, looking forward to the day when he could have a glimpse of the book that records all the ancient and modern formations.

But now, after seeing this book in his hand. Zhang Han disdained the thought. He did not care to see what the first formation sect of the Eastern State book was. The various secret books of his Daoless Sect were not weaker than those sects. 

Looking at so many secret books of the Dharma Transmission Hall, Zhang Han had a feeling that even if the underlying heritage of the entire Eastern State all sects compared to the Dao-less Sect, it was definitely not better than the Daoless Sect.

This made Zhang Han lament the power of the Daoless Sect. The secluded sect was worthy of being a secluded sect.

Zhang Han was ready to continue watching. Just at this moment, a voice that seemed far away or near suddenly came to his ears.


When Zhang Han heard this voice, his body trembled, and he hurriedly closed the book, stood up, and looked outside the hall.

Only to see Chu Yuan striding in.

A snow-white robe unstained mortal dust, his black hair draped behind the shoulders, his eyes were deep and divine, like an exalted immortal.


Zhang Han was quite excited to see Chu Yuan, but he suppressed his excitement and bowed courteously toward his master.

Chu Yuan nodded slightly, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Han’er, why have you come here to read a book? How well have you comprehended?” Chu Yuan asked in a light-hearted manner.

Zhang Han, who was not far away, heard his master ask a question. The emotions that he could not easily suppress burst out. He wanted to say to his master that he had comprehended it and awakened the formation heart.

He had not disappointed his master!

But just as Zhang Han wanted to say it, he inexplicably thought of what Senior Brother had said. With the realm of the master, how could he not see that he had already realized it? And he still complacently went to speak to the master. Wouldn’t he be stating to the master that he was not good at heart and had become proud?

No! He could not be proud!

He could not be proud! He had already let his master down by not being able to understand.

Suppose his heart was still disappointing his master. Then how could he still have the face to be his master’s disciple?

Zhang Han secretly clenched his fist, took a deep breath, and returned his emotions to his usual state.

“Master, I have slightly enlightened and heard from Eldest Brother that there are ten thousand wonderful methods in the Dharma Transmission Hall, so I have suspended my enlightenment and come to read it!”

Zhang Han once again bowed and replied in a gentle and elegant manner.

As this statement was made, the original breezy Chu Yuan’s expression stiffened and then flashed a smile.

Slightly enlightened? You can’t fool people like this, right?

Also slightly enlightened from a trace, what do you want to understand? A banana stick hammer?

This Zhang Han was obviously afraid of his criticism; that’s why he said he had a little enlightenment!

However, it was better to ask seriously. If something went wrong, then he was afraid that he would lose the golden core.

“Han’er, you really have a little enlightenment?” Chu Yuan put his hands behind his back and asked a slightly serious question.

Zhang Han froze for a moment when he heard his master ask. Subconsciously, he wanted to manifest the formation heart.

But then he thought carefully.

Something is not right!

Master could possibly not know his natural formation heart; why would Master ask.

And the tone of the master is so serious ……

Not right, it’s not very right.

Zhang Han frowned and pondered for a moment.

Suddenly his mind shook. He got it! In fact, Master was trying to caution him against being complacent. What do you mean by slightly enlightened?

In front of the true Great Dao, who dares to say that he is slightly enlightened?

Always keeping a normal mind to enlightenment is what the master wanted to express.

Master, I understand everything!

Master, you have good intentions. I dare not forget this kindness!

Zhang Han’s heart was excited, but on the surface, he maintained a courteous and polite look and said, “Master, it is the disciple’s mouth that goes saying thing randomly; the disciple has not understood!”

When Chu Yuan heard it, he was immediately happy.

That’s more like it. This was his crappy disciple.

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