The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 139 – My Main Tablet Finally Comes Out

Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and Zheng Shangqing’s hearts were more or less displeased when they saw that Qin Mojue only greeted Cheng Shuanglong, but their faces were still calm on the surface.

Cheng Shuanglong was not arrogant, he cupped his fist and smiled, “So it is old brother Mojue. I haven’t seen you for years, the demeanor of brother  Mojue is better than that of the past.”

Qin Mojue always had a smile on his face, “Brother Shuanglong has praised you.” Then he made an inviting gesture, “Brother Shuanglong, please!”

“Please!” Cheng Shuanglong laughed and then said to Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and Zheng Shangqing, “Three old brothers, please!”


Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and Zheng Shangqing hurriedly said.

No one dared to interrupt when the old bigshots like Gu Gaoyuan, Hua Ruisheng, Chu Yun, Profound Heaven Sect Patriarch Chen Ximing spoke.

Immediately after that, the five superpowers of Peerless Tavern, Zither & Painting Sect, Profound Heaven Sect, Tai Qing Sword Sect, Yan Family all went over to the square in the center of Heavenly Tablet Town.

In a short while, Qin Mojue, Cheng Shuanglong, Ji Tian, Yan Meng, Zheng Shangqing, and others arrived at the square in the center of the town.

However, when they arrived, they were stunned to see a blue-shirted young man sitting in the open space of the Zither & Painting Sect, pouring himself a drink there.

What is this?

This young man did not know that it was the open space of the Zither & Painting Sect?

When Cheng Shuanglong saw Lu Yiping’s figure, he couldn’t help but feel that the figure was familiar.

Suddenly, he looked shocked. In his mind, a figure suddenly emerged from his long-ago memory.

His eyes widened.

He was fortunate enough to follow behind the Saint Demon and secretly glanced at that forbidden existence back then.

Hee only saw the back of that forbidden existence at that glance but did not see the front.

Therefore, he looked at Lu Yiping and was amazed.

Is it that lord?

But again, he was not very sure.

“Throw that person away.” Qin Mojue commanded.

At this moment, an old ancestor of the Zither & Painting Sect suddenly came forward and said, “Lord Mojue, this person is Lu Yiping.”

“Lu Yiping!” Both Qin Mojue, Zheng Shangqing, Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and many other experts were surprised.

“So it’s him!” Qin Mojue’s face sank.

These days, they had also investigated clearly that when The Buddha Palm suppressed zither God Fu Zhuo, Lu Yiping was at the Heavenly God Domain Wind and Thunder Province, so they were already sure that it was not Lu Yiping who had struck at that time.

And Gu Gaoyuan heard that the young man in front of him was Lu Yiping, could not help but have angry eyes, full of killing intent.

He had already found out that the young man who killed his son earlier was Lu Yiping.

Gu Gaoyuan stepped forward and said to Cheng Shuanglong in a respectful voice, “My lord, this person killed my son, demolished my Mysterious Ancient City’s Peerless Tavern, and treated it as nothing, so please allow us to kill this person!”

Cheng Shuanglong hesitated.

At this time, Zheng Shangqing of the Tai Qing Sword Sect came forward and looked at Lu Yiping coldly, “Lu Yiping, I didn’t think you would dare to come to Heavenly Tablet Town!”

Lu Yiping didn’t look at Zheng Shangqing and said indifferently, “Why wouldn’t I dare to come?”

Zheng Shangqing sneered, “My Tai Qing Sword Sect ancestor, Qinhuai, and more than a hundred experts were killed by the Returned Origin Sword Sect Chu Tong, all because of you.”

“You’re wrong.” Dragon horned golden ox suddenly opened his mouth to interrupt, “I killed them.”  Zheng Shangqing and others were surprised.

All along, they had thought that Qin Huai’s hundred or so people had died at the hands of Chu Tong, Feng Wen, and others.

“It was you?!” Zheng Shangqing and the Tai Qing Sword Sect crowd looked at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull in amazement.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull playfully smiled, “Not bad, want to make a move?” Then he swept his eyes at Gu Gaoyuan, Qin Mojue, Hua Ruisheng, and others, “If you want to make a move, you all make have to make a move together so that I don’t have to send them out one by one.”

Gu Gaoyuan, Hua Ruisheng, and others’ faces did not sink. Qin Mojue’s eyes were cold.

Just at this time, suddenly, the central square of Heavenly Tablet Town shook violently.

A ray of light rose to the sky.

These rays of light permeated with the power of the heavenly might.

The heavy heavenly power, like a waterfall gushing in the week, scattered in all directions.

The entire Heavenly Tablet Town was enveloped in this light heavenly might.

All the people looked at the central square.

“What’s going on? Could it be that the Heavenly Tablet is coming out?”

“How come it’s early?”

Everyone was incredulous.

From the beginning of time to the present day, there had been many times when the Heavenly Tablet had come out of the world, and it seemed that they had not heard of the Heavenly Tablet coming out early.

What was the reason for the early appearance of the Heavenly Tablet this time?

The crowd did not see Lu Yiping sitting there, an invisible force from his feet constantly penetrated the depths of the ground within the heavy space.

Initially sitting there drinking lightning wine, Lei Yu saw the premise of the Heavenly Tablet emerge, although unexpected, but also all happy, he was laughing, “Good, the Heavenly Tablet has finally emerged!”

For him, the Heavenly Tablet prematurely emerged was naturally good so that he did not have to waste time here to wait.

At once, within the Heavenly Tablet Town, everyone was excited.

All those who were sitting and standing were approaching the central square.

Lei Yu also couldn’t wait to stand up and came to the edge of the square.

He scanned the crowd and said, “The Heavenly Tablet will come out later, and the main tablet and the nine tablets around it belong to the Kun Peng Divine Sect. Don’t blame me for not reminding you that if anyone tries to seize the main tablet and the nine tablets around it, don’t blame the Kun Peng Divine Clan for turning its face away!”

The voice resounded through the Heavenly Tablet Town. A ray of lightning from its body diffused. The crowd was silent.

Cheng Shuanglong frowned.

Back then, Lord Saint Demon was still around and descended on the Heavenly Tablet Town, and the Kun Peng Divine Sect obediently gave up the main tablet and the surrounding nine tablets, now, Lord Saint Demon left the Nine Heavens, the Kun Peng Divine Sect had resumed its arrogance.

However, although Lei Yu’s tone was wild, he did not say anything.

Lord Saint Demon was not here, Kun Peng Divine Sect did have the strength of this arrogance.

The light of the square was getting stronger and stronger, and the vibration became more and more violent. Under the earth, it seemed that there was a terrifying earth beast to break out of the ground.

As the light became stronger and stronger, the heavenly power became stronger and stronger, and the wind and thunder exploded above the Heavenly Tablet Town. Even the true gods were unable to withstand the heavenly power and could not help but turn pale.

Boom boom boom!

A strange ringing sound came from the ground. The crowd looked, only to see a light explosion come from the square at the center, a stone Tablet slowly rose from the ground.

The stone tablet emitted golden light irradiated the crowd’s eyes difficult to open, and even the ordinary Plane Lord was no exception.

This was precisely the main tablet among all the heavenly tablets.

Lei Yu, Qin Mojue, Zheng Shangqing, and the others looked at the main tablet that appeared first, and all had a blazing light in their eyes, Lei Yu even laughed out loud, “My main tablet has finally come out!”

The main tablet continued to rise, and its light became more and more intense.

Finally, when it rose to nearly four meters and nine meters high, it finally came to a stop.

The crowd looked toward the main tablet and saw that there was a faint flow of fonts on the main monument, but the crowd could not really see it. The tablet was covered with magical power, which could only be seen when it was closer to one meter. The farther away, the less clear it became.

In his excitement, Lei Yu took a step toward the main tablet.

However, when he was just about to walk toward the main tablet, suddenly, someone was one step ahead of him and had come to stand in front of the main tablet.

The crowd looked at the blue-shirted figure that stood in front of the main tablet but could not help but look strange.

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