Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 31 – Natural Born Formation Heart

Patriarch Qian Yuan looked at the strange looks cast by each of the group of elders. He could only forcefully suppress that discomfort.

Retraced his steps to the patriarch’s throne and sat down.

“What are you all looking at me for? Where did you just talk about?”

“Talking about the news leak, right? In fact, there is no problem. Anyway, we have already made initial contact with the Daoless sect, and we are the ones who have the first opportunity. You know, the Daoless sect is still hidden today. Even if those people know about this news, what can they do?”

“Moreover, from what the Grand Elder said, he had sent invitations to the Daoless Sect’s disciples for our sect’s grand competition in three months, inviting its disciples to come and observe the ceremony.”

“When the time comes to contact the disciples of the Daoless Sect, isn’t it the same as contacting the Daoless Sect?”

Patriarch Qian Yuan forced himself to hold back his discomfort and put on a majestic look, pointing to the mountains.

He spoke.

In his heart, it was an oppressive situation.

Not too long ago, he was a God Transformation Realm. A famous and influential person in the Eastern State. Now he was actually reduced to a mortal. Moreover, it was the kind that could not be restored.

After returning to the palace, Patriarch Qian Yuan tried to use means to restore his own cultivation. But it was impossible to do. His body was in a bizarre state. Simply put, it was a stuck bug.

Initially, his soul was broken, and there was no doubt that he would die. Unless the immortals come down to earth, no means could save him.

But it happened that his move to save his life was extremely special, and it successfully preserved his life.

This put him in an extremely awkward state. Without a primordial spirit, but alive ……

The many elders on the side did not notice that something was wrong with the Sect Master Qian Yuan.

After hearing what the Sect Master Qian Yuan said, they all put down their hearts one by one.

Hearing what the Sect Master Qian Yuan said, their Empyrean Dao Sect still had the advantage.

“That’s good, that’s good, it’s good that my Empyreani Dao Sect has an advantage ……”

“Thanks to the Grand Elder for sending an invitation.”

“The sect competition in three months is a good opportunity.”

“What good opportunity?”

“A good opportunity to show you guys my licking method?!”


Many elders chatted.

Suddenly, one of the elders exclaimed out, “Sect master? Where is the Sect master? Where did he run off to again.”

Numerous elders looked around and found that Sect Master Qian Yuan had disappeared again ……


Daoless Sect, Dharma Transmission Hall.

As soon as Zhang Han entered the place, he went crazy with books. He did not look at any powerful techniques, nor did he look at any untold secrets, and all he looked at was some secret history.

He wanted to find news about ‘enlightenment’ in it. He spent a night reading everything. 

When the dawn’s light shone into the Hall of Dharma Transmission, only then did Zhang Han wake up a little.

Hoo ……

Zhang Han put down an ancient book in his hand and let out a long breath. It had taken him all night to read various ancient books. Although he did not find news about how to ‘enlightenment,’ but he found helpful information.

In the records, a thousand years ago, there was a person whose experience was very similar to his.

That was the generation of formation master Li Ling!

A thousand years ago, a genius overwhelmed the lineage of formations.

According to the records, when Li Ling was young, also because of some reasons which resulted in the destruction of his spiritual roots made him unable to cultivate. But finally, he awakened some kind of physique, re-entered the path of immortal cultivation, soared to the heavens, and achieved the formation master!

And what Li Ling awakened was called ‘formation heart.’

Born with a formation heart, he had an extraordinary talent for the formation.

Zhang Han he had a vague guess after seeing this information for his own situation.

“Master once said that the reason why he chose me as his disciple was that I had a talent in me that ordinary people could not possess. I originally thought that Master was comforting me.”

“Now that I think about it, I’m afraid that Master was subtly reminding me about the matter of the innate formation heart.”

“If I’m not wrong, that trace left by the master is trying to awaken the formation heart for me, only I have not been able to enlighten it. That’s why I’m confused.”

Zhang Han a realization. Suddenly, his mind shook, and he understood. The fog hovering in his heart all dissipated.

Master, I understand!

Zhang Han clenched his fists and no longer hesitated. He put down the books in his hands and ran towards the mountain gate.

After a burst of running, Zhang Han finally re-arrived under the mountain gate.

He looked up at the marks on the stone, and his palm reached out from his sleeve and covered his chest.

Knock knock knock ……

The frequency of the beating heart was transmitted to his palm.

Zhang Han looked at the straight traces on the stone.

He understood ……

This trace was straight. There was no bend, in fact, the master intended to let him awaken the formation heart with solid and straight momentum.

Do it all at once, the second time he became tired, the third time he became exhausted.

At the moment Zhang Han figured it out, a strange azure rune manifested on Zhang Han’s chest.

The blue runes were profound and mysterious, and each rune seemed to be an ancient formation.

The formations were connected, seemingly to compete with heaven and earth.

Knock knock ……

The sound of a beating heart was also infinitely amplified at this moment as if it were a morning bell and evening drum.

This kind of terrifying might.

It was also thanks to this was in the Daoless Sect, there was a hidden formation enveloping the surrounding.

Otherwise, in the outside world, I’m afraid it had caused countless strong people to peep, thinking that some heavenly treasures were born out of the world.

The manifestation of the runes lasted for two hours before it ended. Zhang Han, who was standing in front of the stone, slowly opened his eyes, and his face flushed with joy.

“It turns out it’s true. My talent is really a formation heart! Natural born formation heart! Master, I understand everything, and I have lived up to your expectations by awakening the formation heart!”

“With the formation heart, I only need to comprehend formations to raise my cultivation. What a terrifying talent!”

Zhang Han was overjoyed.

He turned around and wanted to look for his master and tell him that he had not disappointed his master’s expectations and had successfully comprehended it.

However, before he could take a few steps, he was stopped by Ye Luo’s sudden appearance.

“Eldest Brother, what are you stopping me for? I’m going to tell the good news to Master.” Zhang Han said with a smile on his face.

“Naturally, I’m reminding you that it’s best not to go to tell it to Master now.” Ye Luo said in a rather solemn tone.

Zhang Han frowned and was somewhat puzzled.

“Dare I ask Eldest Brother, why?”

Ye Luo clutching his long sword, walked a few steps and said in a serious tone, “Since it is for your own good, you want to make Master happy, I understand the mood but think about it, your enlightenment success causing such a big noise but Master did not appear, this is why?”

“Because Master does not want to make us proud, so he is not going to appear. It means to let us put away the proud mind.”

“What do you mean by going to the master now? To disappoint the Master’s good intentions? If you really want to repay Master, cultivate well, keep a low profile in front of the master, wait to grow up in the future, and then go to repay the master, this is the true way ……”

These words.

At once, Zhang Han was suddenly enlightened.


At the same time.

In the sky above a city, with a candy gourd in his mouth, mounting a Dharma cloud leisurely, Chu Yuan was unaware of what was happening within his own sect.

Still floating around slowly ……

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