The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 138 – Great Generals Under the Saint Demon

Lei Yu!

In the Saint Demon era, he had another name, Thunder Ancestor!

Although the Zither God, Fu Zhuo, was known as the God of the Zither Dao, and his fame resounded in the nine heavens, he was not among the top ten experts in the Saint Demon Era. While the Thunder Ancestor, Lei Yu, was one of the top ten experts in the Saint Demon Era.

The divine canon records, a fit of anger from thunder ancestor resulted in the thunder roaming the nine heavens!

Meaning that if the Thunder Ancestor were angry, the entire Nine Heavens would be flooded with divine thunder.

This shows the might of the Thunder Ancestor.

“Greetings to Lord Thunder Ancestor, Lord Fei Jie!”

A group of super powers’ old ancestors’ faces changed dramatically, and they came forward in panic, all bowing low; these were all the giants of the Nine Heavens.

Some were the early stage of the Plane Lord, and some were even the middle stage of the Plane Lord! But at this time, when they saw Thunder Ancestor Lei Yu, they all had to bow down their heads.

Some Heavenly God realm and True God realm even kneeled down directly. This time, those who came to the Heavenly Tablet Town were all above the True God Realm.

Heavenly Tablet came out of the world, carrying the supreme heavenly power. Those below true God, the God, Great Emperor, Ancient Emperor realm could not withstand this heavenly power, so no God, Great Emperor, Ancient Emperor realm disciples dare to come.

Seeing the kneeling, bowing experts, Lei Yu smiled warmly, “I have not appeared in the world for many years, you do not have to be so formal and polite, all of you get up!”

All the old ancestors, family masters, Heavenly God, True Gods got up.

Lei Yu, Fei Jie, and others led a group of Kun Peng Divine Sect experts towards an open space next to the central square.

There were several open spaces left next to the square, the largest of which was the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s.

A group of experts from the Kun Peng Divine Clan walked towards the largest piece of open space in great numbers.

This time, the Kun Peng Divine Sect had thirty Plane Lord masters! A thousand Heavenly Gods!

An ordinary superpower would only have one or two Plane Lord masters, but the Kun Peng God Clan had sent thirty at once. But all the experts present knew that this was only a very small part of the power of the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

Some people say that the Zither & Painting Sect, the Profound Heaven Sect, the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Yan Clan, the Stone People Clan, the Heavenly Beast Sect, the Sumeru Buddha Sect, the Hundred Transformation Sect, the Returning Origin Sword Sect, and other nine superpowers together were not as strong as the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

Lei Yu, Fei Jie, and others walked towards the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s space, and when they passed by the space of the Zither & Painting Sect, they saw a blue-shirted young man sitting there pouring himself a drink, and they were stunned.

A Kun Peng Divine Sect Heavenly God expert came forward and said respectfully to Lei Yu, Fei Jie, “Old Ancestor, Patriarch, and he is Lu Yiping.”

“Oh.” Lei Yu was surprised.

He looked at Lu Yiping again and was surprised when he saw Lu Yiping’s stone table and stone bench, “Chaos God Stones?”

Fei Jie was also surprised.

“Old Ancestor, you descended in person, and this surname Lu is still sitting there drinking himself, arrogant as hell. Should we teach him a lesson?” A middle stage expert of the Plane Lord came forward and said to Lei Yu respectfully.

Lei Yu said indifferently, “There is no need for that, just a junior who doesn’t know how high the sky is, and someone will teach him a lesson.” Then he led the Kun Peng Divine Clan to the empty space of the Kun Peng Divine Sect.

The Kun Peng Divine Sect people hurriedly took out a stone table and stone bench made of golden star stone, gave Lei Yu and Fei Jie two people to sit down, and then poured wine for Lei Yu and Fei Jie two people.

“This Lu Yiping, he only dares to occupy the open space of the Zither & Painting Sect, he does not dare to overstep half a step, it seems that he knows what he is doing.” A Kun Peng divine clan ancestor laughed and said.

“Our Kun Peng Divine Sect is not something that he dares to mess with.”

At this time, the crowd suddenly stirred a little, only to see another large group of experts walk into the stone monument town.

The people who came were the Zither & Painting Sect!

The Zither & Painting Sect experts were all dressed in light white, with an air of elegance.

But the leader of the middle-aged man was different from the other experts of the Zither & Painting Sect dress, and he was wearing black armor, black armor above, engraved with a devil god.

The zither painting sect master painting Ruisheng followed behind him respectfully.

“Qin Mojue!”

When the oldest generation of ancestors saw the black-armored middle-aged man, none of them were shocked.

“Who is Qin Mojue?” Some family heads were puzzled.

“It’s the senior brother of Zither God Fu Zhuo! His strength is above Fu Zhuo!” An old ancestor’s face was grave.

Some of those who had never heard of the Qin Mojue were greatly alarmed.

“Then wouldn’t this Qin Mojue be comparable to the top ten experts of the Saint Demon Era?” Someone gulped.

In the midst of the crowd’s astonishment, the Qin Mojue led all the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect towards the square in the center of the Heavenly Tablet Town.

Just as the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect were walking into the Heavenly Tablet Town, another large group of experts came, and it was the Profound Heaven Sect, the Peerless Tavern, the Yan Family, and the Tai Qing Sword Sect coming hand in hand.

“Ji Tian!”

“Cheng Shuanglong!”

“Yan Meng!”

“Zheng Shangqing!”

Seeing the four people at the forefront, many old ancestors exclaimed.

Ji Tian, the legendary figure of the Profound Heaven Sect, Cheng Shuanglong was from the Peerless Tavern, Yan Meng was the grandfather of the current head of the Yan Family, and Zheng Shangqing was needless to say.

The Profound Heaven Sect, the Tai Qing Sword Sect were the third and fourth superpower in the Nine Heavens, while the Peerless Tavern was the number one tavern in the Nine Heavens, and the Yan Family was the number one family in the Great Void Domain!

The four superpowers came together, no matter who it was, they were all greatly alarmed.

Even the Qin Mojue of the Zither & Painting Sect, who had just walked into Stone Tablet Town, stopped.

“Who is Cheng Shuanglong?” Someone asked.

Many people had heard of Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and Zheng Shangqing, however, they had not heard of the name Cheng Shuanglong.

However, an old ancestor said with an extremely grave face, “One of the great generals under Lord Saint Demon back then.” Speaking of Lord Saint Devil, this old ancestor could not hide his excitement and worship.

Saint Demon, invincible for three eras, cross-pressing three eras, stamping his foot, the Nine Heavens for three eras trembling.

No matter who, mentioning the Saint Demon, could not hide their excitement and worship.

In the era of the Saint Demon, even as strong as the Kun Peng Divine Sect, also had to retreat.

This is the might of the Saint Demon.

“What, a great general under Lord Saint Demon!” The crowd of family masters and old ancestors on the scene were all shocked.

The Saint Demon was invincible in the Nine Heavens, the Divine Earth, the Prison of the Underworld. Everywhere he went, he was invincible, naturally, not everyone could serve under him, one that could be his great general, his strength was absolutely strong beyond compare.

At once, the crowd looked at Cheng Shuanglong’s eyes changed.

In the crowd’s eyes, even Ji Tian, Yan Meng, Zheng Shangqing were difficult to match Cheng Shuanglong, only because he was the general under the command of Lord Saint Demon!

This alone was enough to be above Ji Tian, Yan Meng, and Zheng Shangqing.

Gu Gaoyuan and the other Peerless Tavern experts followed behind Cheng Shuanglong.

“This time when the Heavenly Tablet came out, so many strong and supreme figures came!”

“When the Heavenly Tablet comes out later, I think it’s better for us to hide far away.”

These bigshots, even the power aftermath, were not something that ordinary Plane Lords could resist.

After the Qin Mojue stopped, he waited for Ji Tian, Yan Meng, Cheng Shuanglong, Zheng Shangqing, and others behind him to come up, then stepped forward and cupped his fist to Cheng Shuanglong and said, “Brother Wushuang!”

He only addressed Cheng Shuanglong, not Ji Tian, Yan Meng, Zheng Shangqing.

Perhaps, in his heart, only Cheng Shuanglong was worthy of his stopping and greeting.

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