Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 30: Care From Senior Brother

Next to the mountain gate.

Ye Luo looked at the trace on the stone, and he looked at it again and again with the Celestial Observation Technique.

There was nothing.

Do not say that the rhyme. Not even a hair.

This new disciple, here in the middle of the night to understand the air?

“Senior brother, are you sure this is left by the master and let you understand here?”

Ye Luo asked suspiciously. He was very sensitive in capturing dao rhymes nowadays.

There was nothing on this trace.

What can you comprehend?

The enlightenment of loneliness and emptiness?

Zhang Han replied gently, “Yes, senior brother, junior brother once said that I wanted to learn the formation method, so the master left this dao trace here for junior brother to comprehend, only that junior brother’s qualifications are dull, so I have been unable to comprehend.”

“Senior brother! my comprehension is a little low, but the master said that you comprehended it at once that day. Seeing senior brother’s comprehension is so high, junior brother implores senior brother to guide junior brother a little!”

“Junior brother also does not want to disappoint the master!!!”

As soon as this sentence came out, Ye Luo’s face immediately reddened.

Did the master really say that?

He was enlightened that day, and it turned out that the master knew all about it. 

I’m afraid that I don’t want him to be proud of himself. But now, he is using this example to teach his junior brother a lesson.

It seems that the master is still satisfied with his progress.

Knowing this, Ye Luo was in a great mood.

Even when he looked at Zhang Han, his eyes became a lot softer. The master must be satisfied with him.

The future successor of the Dao-less Sect would definitely be him.

As for this junior brother?

It should be that the master was afraid that after ascension, he could not manage the sect alone, so he picked a junior brother so that when the time came, this junior brother was to help him manage the sect.

If you thought so, he would have to help this junior brother.

Countless thoughts passed through Ye Luo’s heart.

“Junior brother, this dao mark is especially left for you by the master; others can’t sense anything from it, even I can’t sense a trace of dao rhythm from it, it can only rely on you to understand.”

Ye Luo calmly said.

He was also a bit emotional. Master was worthy of being a master. The dao marks he set up, others actually couldn’t sense the slightest bit.

He took a glance over, and it was ordinary and unexceptional.

Just like a Qi refining realm dregs hanging down the trace with their hands.

This was the realm of the master!

Back to the basics!

When Zhang Han next to him heard this, there was a look of loss on his face.

But he still arched his hands towards Ye Luo.

“Although senior brother can’t help me, but junior brother still thanked senior brother a lot! Senior brother, if there is nothing else, junior brother will continue to enlighten, junior brother does not want to disappoint the master’s kindness!”

Zhang Han turned around and prepared to continue to study the dao marks on the stone.

Ye Luo reached out to stop Zhang Han, waved his hand, and said, “It is true that senior brother cannot help you, but senior brother can take you to a place that might be helpful to you.”

“Where to?”

“The Dharma Transmission Hall!”



It was already the middle of the night when the two arrived at the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Ye Luo wore a green stream crane cloud robe, holding a long sword, arrogant and cold. Just like a supreme sword immortal.

The golden mark on his forehead flickered with a faint light. It made him stand in the darkness of the night, conspicuous beyond comparison.

“Go in, read whatever you want; it might be helpful to you.” Ye Luo slowly said.

He secretly made up his mind.

This junior brother seemed to have such a low level of enlightenment, and it was inevitable that he would have caused trouble for the master in the future.

As a senior brother, he should share his worries for the master! In the future, let’s take more care of this junior brother.

So that this junior brother grew up as soon as possible, he believed that he would be delighted when the master learned about this.

Zhang Han, who was standing next to him, frowned and asked, “Elder Brother, if we want to enter such an important place as the Dharma Transmission Hall, should we first ask the sect elders who are guarding this place, right?”

The same thought as the general public.

Zhang Han also felt that this kind of important place of the sect, there must be strong people guarding it in.

Not to mention the sect’s place of spell transmission, the place of the mortal family’s book collection, there are many mortal experts to guard it. After all, these kinds of places held many precious things inside.

When Ye Luo heard this, he had a bizarre look on his face and asked rhetorically, “Junior brother, did not the master tell you? Our sect is secluded, the elders of the sect have long since ascended, the Dharma Transmission Hall is naturally unguarded.”

“And there are only two disciples in the sect, you and I, what is there to guard.”

Wow ……

Zhang Han’s eyes widened in vain. What gentle and elegant were thrown to the back of his mind.

The sect he joined was a secluded clan? The elders of the sect have long since ascended?


Zhang Han had always thought that the sect he had joined was just a powerful sect, where had he thought that it was a secluded sect.

It was just like.

He thought he had picked up a sesame seed, but it turned out that what he fucking picked up was a cannonball ……

No wonder, no wonder ……

No wonder the master asked him, first enlightened for a year before cultivation.

It turned out not to be foolish or not. Instead, it was the unique cultivation method of the secluded sect.

“This, this, junior brother is indeed unaware of it. Thanks for informing me, Senior Brother!!!”

Zhang Han breathed heavily for a few moments and bowed his hands towards Ye Luo.

“No problem, go ahead, go inside, and take a look first.”

Ye Luo waved his hand and gestured for Zhang Han to go inside the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Zhang Han also did not say anything more, saluted Ye Luo again, and stepped into the Dharma Transmission Hall.

Ye Luo, who was standing in the same place, looked at Zhang Han’s back.

Secretly, he nodded his head.

He must help this junior brother to enlighten the Dao.

As long as this junior brother succeeded in enlightening the Dao, he would not have been bothering his master anymore.

He was also considered to have relieved his master’s worries! In order to make his master happy, he must help Zhang Han succeed in enlightening the Dao!


At the same time.

In the Empyrean Dao Sect.

Many elders were once again gathered in the main hall. At this moment, their faces were all filled with anger. Their Empyrean Dao Sect actually had a traitor!

The appearance of the Secluded Sect and the scroll of that Secluded Sect’sPatriarch had been circulated.

“This traitor! He really deserves to die!”

“What’s going on this year? Before, there was an extra-legal madman who stole my sect’s untold secrets as well as numerous secret codes, and now they haven’t even recovered them, and now there’s a traitor.”

“My sect’s plan has not yet been completed, and this time the news has been leaked out. How can this be good.”

“Sect Master, what do you think should be done …… hmm? Sect Master, where are you?”

The elders let out their doubts and looked at the Sect Master’s throne.

Sect Master Qian Yuan had actually disappeared. Wasn’t just now the person was still here? How could he be gone in the blink of an eye?

Many elders searched for a long time. Only under a pillar, they found the crouching Sect Master Qian Yuan.

The group of elders could not help but wonder what he was doing squatting next to the pillar.

 Sect Master Qian Yuan just smiled at this.

“I, I’m picking up something.”

This, he could not tell this group of people that his cultivation was ruined, and this group of people was too close, the invisible aura pressed uncomfortably on him.

Can I say it? Can I?

Say that my cultivation is ruined ……

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