Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 29 – Brother, Are You Kidding Me?

Daoless Sect Mountain Gate.

By the stone.

Zhang Han listened to his master’s words, his gaze fixed on the trace on the stone, his face agitated. He couldn’t see what was on the stone at all.

His head was blank, but his master just asked him if he had realized, he said no.

Now he asked again, and he said no. 

How could he not be embarrassed? He heard that his elder brother was directly enlightened.

In contrast, would his master think that his enlightenment was low?

“Master, Master, the disciple is stupid and has not achieved enlightenment.”

Zhang Han lowered his head, feeling ashamed, not daring to look at his master.

Chu Yuan looked like it was really so.

If you can still be enlightened, I’ll rip my head off and give it to you like a ball to kick.

Thinking like this, he still had to cheat this disciple to stay in the sect for a year. How could he say something like this?

Chu Yuan shook his head and seemed to be disappointed. He glanced at Zhang Han and slowly said.

“It seems that your enlightenment is lower than what I thought. It’s just that ……”

Chu Yuan sighed quietly, and his voice was full of disappointment.

Poof ……

Zhang Han was even more ashamed when he heard this. With a poof, he fell to his knees in front of Chu Yuan.

“Master, the disciple’s qualifications are dull, so I am not worthy of to being under Master’s tutelage. I implore Master to let the disciple go down the mountain.”

“If it is possible, please ask the Master to solve the matter of spiritual root for me. I will certainly always remember the Master’s kindness after I go down the mountain. If in the future I can make a place in the mortal world, I will certainly not forget the Master’s kindness!”

Zhang Han was so ashamed.  He simply proposed to withdraw from the sect.

He has been a waste material for ten years. In these ten years, he had not been idle, and he had been studying.

Books had made him gentle and elegant, and they also made his self-esteem very heavy.

Repeatedly failing to understand something had created a strong sense of shame in him. He was not worthy of being the master’s disciple!

When Chu Yuan, who was standing on the other side, heard these words. He almost fell down immediately.

Hey hey hey, this is not right.

You didn’t play as it should.

I have not yet finished fooling around. You are thinking of retreating from the sect?

If you withdraw, then should I play a ghost?

No, no, I have to stabilize this disciple first.

Chu Yuan forcefully suppressed his mind that almost collapsed, and his face was still calm and steady.

“Are you giving up?”

“Han’er, it is difficult to cultivate immortality. It is harder than the sky; if you want to cultivate immortality, you must have an indomitable heart.”

“There are countless geniuses in this world. Master did not choose them as disciples, but chose you, then naturally, and you have a talent that ordinary people can not have. There are shining points that ordinary people do not have. This, you should keep in mind.”

“Remember, confidence is the peak, no matter when and where, do not give up, be confident.”

“This formation mark, you take your time to comprehend, if one day is not enough, then two days, two days is not enough, then three days, perseverance is what you need to succeed!”

“Although you can not comprehend, the master believes that you can understand it!”

“Good disciple will comprehend, for the master believes in you.”

Chu Yuan said softly.

Then he turned around and left, with clouds growing on the soles of his feet, and his figure went up the mountain.

Of course, he couldn’t really go straight away. Instead, he hid in the sky, observing Zhang Han.

Chu Yuan’s hands tightly clenched, his palms were sweating, afraid that Zhang Han really insisted on leaving.

These days, it’s hard to find waste material without spiritual roots.

If Zhang Han ran away, then he had no place to cry. He was also secretly blaming himself for overdoing it.

Next to the stone.

Zhang Han’s ears were full of what the master said to him. His whole person stood there dumbfounded.

The next moment, his eyes were red.

He did not expect that his master would actually comfort him like this.

When he learned that he had low enlightenment, he did not choose to expel him from the sect but decided to let him work hard.

Having been a waste for ten years, Zhang Han knew that profit was the most important in this world.

According to the general sect rules, if the master learned that a disciple’s enlightenment was low, he would either treat him as a slave or expel him directly from the sect.

But his master chose to let him stay and encouraged him to work hard. You know, his master’s sect was incomparably powerful ah.

Zhang Han silently wiped his eyes and sat down before the stone. Master this kindness. He, Zhang Han, remembered.

Now he could not repay the kindness of the master, and then he could only use all his strength to become stronger in order to repay the kindness of the master!

Zhang Han quickly quieted his mind and looked firmly at the trace on the stone.

In the sky, Chu Yuan, who was riding on the Dharma Cloud, sighed with relief when he saw the scene.

Stabilized, stabilized, this small rank realm was finally stabilized. Thanks to his cleverness, he used words to comfort him in time. Otherwise, this disciple would have to withdraw from the sect.

Luckily, it was dealt with in time, and everything was still in this Chu’s grasp.

Chu Yuan let go of the tightly held hands, only to feel refreshed. Having been busy for so long. Let’s go and rest quickly.

In the short term, he should not be used to keeping an eye on Zhang Han. At least two or three days, he could not get used to paying attention.

“Go out and relax, go to Silver Moon City to eat, go there to eat without money.”

Chu Yuan whispered a few words in a low voice. He set up the Dharma Cloud, and then he flew towards Silver Moon City with great enthusiasm.


Chu Yuan left.

The people who were enlightened on the Dao-less Sect, however, still continued.

Ye Luo was in the main hall square, watching the dao of heaven and earth and comprehending the chains of order.

Zhang Han was beside the stone of the mountain gate, watching the traces, and realized a sense of loneliness.


The Golden Crow fell in the west, and the curved moon was in the sky. Dao-less Sect under the night looks silent.

By the mountain gate.

Zhang Han was still looking at the trace on the stone.  He had a resolute look on his face in order to become stronger faster. To repay the master. He couldn’t care about that much.

He wanted to comprehend the formation from this trace as early as possible.

He wanted to say to his master that he did not disappoint his master’s expectations, he had comprehended it.

It’s just that, how he could comprehend. He could not comprehend anything.

Even if Zhang Han was patient, he could not help but feel the slightest irritation.

This trace of irritation was like maggots attached to the bone, so he gradually lost all patience.

Just at this time.

Da da da da ……

A footstep sounded.

Zhang Han turned his head to look.

Only to see green flowing crane cloud robe on the mountain path, holding a long sword, an aura lonely like a sword immortal, indistinct like heaven and earth, the first senior brother Ye Luo walked down.

When Zhang Han saw Ye Luo coming, he hurriedly stood up.

“Senior Brother Zhang Han has met Senior Brother.”

Zhang Han bowed.

Clutching his longsword, Ye Luo was also surprised to see Zhang Han here and said, “Senior Brother, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

He had just finished practicing his sword, and he was going to catch some hare to eat.

Who knew that his new junior brother was actually here.

When Zhang Han heard that, he pointed to the trace on the stone. He replied, “Senior Brother, Master left a dao mark here for junior brother to comprehend, only that junior brother was dull and failed to comprehend for a long time, so junior brother could only make up for his dullness with diligence, so now he is still here to comprehend the dao.”

Dao marks left by the master? Ye Luo came to be interested. With the celestial observation technique to the trace on the stone to see.

There was nothing ……

There was no trace of dao rhythm ……

Brother, are you kidding me?

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