The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 137 – Lord Lei Yu

Of course, inquiring about the Lifeless Sect, the Lord of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom, Huang Yuandong, and the Jade Faced Wolf Monarch, each and everyone, the price was extremely high.

However, this small amount of money was nothing to Lu Yiping.

Moreover, Lu Yiping added ten times the price, allowing Mystic Pavilion to use all its forces in these two days to find only the messages he commissioned.

After leaving the contact, Lu Yiping’s party walked out of the Mystic Pavilion branch.

“Master, since the Lifeless Sect came to the Nine Heavens this time for the Heavenly Tablet, they will definitely go to the Heavenly Tablet Town when the Heavenly Tablet comes out next month.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said.

Lu Yiping nodded his head. They continued to go in the direction of the Heavenly Tablet Town.

Just as Lu Yiping and the others were heading towards the Heavenly Tablet Town, in the main hall of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Zheng Shangqing listened to the Tai Qing Sword Sect’s report Patriarch, Huang Yaoyun.

Earlier, when Fu Zhuo, the Zither God, was suppressed by a mysterious person, Zheng Shangqing asked Huang Yaoyunn and others to investigate whether Lu Yiping did it.

Now, Huang Yaoyun was reporting his findings to him.

“Oh, you are saying that when That Buddha’s palm suppressed zither God Fu Zhuo, Lu Yiping was in Lake City of Heavenly God Domain’s Wind and Thunder Province and was not in the Returning Origin Sword Sect?” Zheng Shangqing spoke up.

“Yes.” Huang Yaoyun respectfully said, “Now it is completely certain that that mysterious expert is not Lu Yiping.” Zheng Shangqing’s heart was relieved.

Previously, he had thought that it was Lu Yiping, but now that he was sure that Lu Yiping was at the Heavenly God Domain’s Wind and Thunder Province at that time, then the one who had struck was definitely not Lu Yiping.

The Returning Origin Sword Sect was in the Green Cloud Province, and Lu Yiping was in the Wind and Thunder Province, and they were tens of thousands of miles apart.

“However, who actually made the move has not yet been found out.” Huang Yaoyun said.

“Continue to investigate.” Zheng Shangqing said.

Huang Yaoyun nodded in response, then said, “We found out that Lu Yiping is now in the Great Void Domain. He just killed the son of Gu Gaoyuan of the Great Void Domain and also demolished the Mysterious Ancient City’s Peerless Tavern.”

Zheng Shangqing was surprised and mused, “This Lu Yiping appeared in Great Void Domain. It seems that he is also heading for the Heavenly Tablet, did Chu Tong join him?”

Huang Yaoyun shook his head, “That’s not true.”

“The Heavenly Tablet will come out, get ready. It’s time for us to go to the Heavenly Tablet Town.” Zheng Shangqing said.

“If we meet Lu Yiping then?” Huang Huang Yun asked.

Zheng Shangqing’s eyes narrowed, “First, let the people from the Zither & Painting Sect and the Wushuang Tavern strike, and then we’ll see what happens, no matter what, we can’t let Lu Yiping leave Tianbei Town alive.”


Several days passed, Lu Yiping’s party arrived in a small town.

In front of the entrance of the town, a huge stone monument was erected.

“Heavenly Tablet Town.”

There were three words written on the stone monument.

The words, which were carved on by someone with finger power, were pale and powerful, and they contained supreme power as if they were going to cut through the sky.

Lu Yiping looked at the tranquil town in front of him.

This was the town of heavenly monuments, the town of heavenly monuments was not big, but it was famous throughout the Nine Heavens.

This town had a magical power, and it was this magical power that protected this town. Even if the Plane Lord fought wildly, this town would not be damaged in the slightest.

Huang Jiu said, “People say that this monument is also left by the Heavenly Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor carved up these three words, and people often stand in front of this monument to enlighten the supreme power in these three words.”

Lu Yiping said, “The supreme power in these three words is not that easy to comprehend.”

Because the difference between the two realms was too far. So far, that it was impossible to measure.

“This tablet, however, was not left by the Heavenly Emperor.” Lu Yiping looked at the stone tablet and said.

“Not left by the Heavenly Emperor?” Huang Jiu, Hao Bi, and Ao Bi were all greatly surprised.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull said, “These three words are indeed very powerful, but they were definitely not carved by the Heavenly Emperor back then.

Huang Jiu and Hao were stunned. They did not understand why the Dragon Horned Golden Bull was so sure that the power of the heavenly emperor was far more than this.

After stopping for a while, Lu Yiping and his men walked into the Heavenly Tablet Town.

The stones on the ground of the Heavenly Tablet Town were convex and uneven.  There was a strange pattern in each stone, between these patterns, a character faintly formed. But if you looked closely,  you couldn’t see what characters were it.

The town was particularly quiet.  It seemed that the whole town was sleeping in this heaven and earth, not yet awake.

The Heavenly Tablet would come out, the strongest people from the various domains of the Nine Heavens had come to some corners. They were talking, but the strange thing was, no matter how loud they were talking, the town was still very quiet.

This piece of heaven and earth was pervaded by a power as if the sound of the strongest experts from all sides filtered.

After Lu Yiping came in, many of them who had already arrived in the town looked at Lu Yiping and exchanged words.

He is Lu Yiping?”

“Not bad, I’ve seen him during the Returning Origin Sword Sect Assembly when he competed with the divine maiden Xu Qiaoyin on the zither.”

“It’s a pity, the Goddess Xu Qiaoyin, from the Zither & Painting Sect, should be arriving soon too.”

The sound of discussion came. Lu Yiping’s face was calm. Inside the town, there were many buildings and houses sparsely situated.

There were original inhabitants in Heavenly Tablet Town. But not many, only a few dozen families.

Some people said that these original inhabitants of the Heavenly Tablet Town are the descendants of the ancient Heavenly Emperors. Of course, not many people believe this statement.

Lu Yiping came to the center of the Heavenly Tablet Town, and it was a large square. When the Heavenly Tablet came out, it was from the ground of this square rise.

At this time, some open spaces near the Heavenly Tablet were already occupied by many experts who came.

Only a few vacant lots are still empty. Lu Yiping led his party to one of the open spaces.

When the experts from all sides around saw this, they all had strange faces because that piece of vacant land was occupied by the Zither & Painting Sect in the past.

In the past, when the Heavenly Tablet came out, the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect all occupied that empty space, but this time the experts of the Zither & Painting Sect had not come.

If not for the fact that the empty space was owned by the Zither & Painting Sect, other experts who came would have occupied it.

“That piece of open space is the Zither & Painting Sect’s, and this Lu Yiping occupies it, this is a good show.” Some people were whispering.

Hearing the whispering around, Huang Jiu said, “So this piece of open space is reserved for the Zither & Painting Sect.”

Lu Yiping looked as usual and came to the open space with his people, then took out several Chaos God Stones that coalesced into a stone table and several stone stools. He sat down separately with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, then took out the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine, poured the wine, and drank.

“That is a Chaos God stone?” The surrounding people were astonished to see the stone table and stone stools that Lu Yiping had merged into with the Chaos God Stones.

“It’s a fake, right?” Some people did not believe it.

Amidst the buzz of the crowd, in the distance, a large group of experts walked into the Heavenly Tablet Town.

When the crowd saw the people coming, all of them looked fearful and quieted down.

The people who came were the experts of the Kun Peng Divine Sect! Some people recognized the Kun Peng God Clan’s patriarch, Fei Jie.

But this time, Fei Jie was respectfully and unusually following behind a tall old man.

“It’s Lord Lei Yu!” A super sect ancestor trembled.

Some of those who did not recognize the old man were so scared that their legs went weak when they heard that ancestor’s words.

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