Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 28: Have You Become Enlightened

Standing inside the great hall.

Zhang Han’s heart was incomparably shocked. The words of his master echoed in his mind.

Formation together, the most important thing was the dao, the formation was dead, the dao was alive ……

The formation could be broken, but the dao could not be broken, the formation might not be there, but the dao was always there ……

Formatio! The important thing was the dao not the formation. I want you to understand the dao, you choose the formation, but I am not telling you to understand the formation ……

This sentence.

Falling into Zhang Han’s ears, as if the voice of the great dao, so deafening. Although Zhang Han did not know the specific meaning of these words.

But he felt ……that these words were so reasonable.

Every word, straight to the root.

Is this his master?

Terrifying as hell!

“Master’s words have awakened the disciple, the disciple understands!”

“I implore the Master to give my disciple another chance!” Zhang Han said hastily.

He could remember what the master had just said.

Ask him a question and he would answer it before passing on the dao to him.

But he didn’t answer at all. If his master did not pass on the dao to him, he would be at a big loss. Therefore, Zhang Han could not help but panic.

On the other hand, in front of the entrance of the temple, blowing the clear breeze, Chu Yuan did not answer, but only looked at Zhang Han with his afterimage.

It was possible.

This second apprentice brother was very determined on the formation dao

Look, look.

His face is full of sincerity.

It is completely different from when that kid Ye Luo entered the sect.

This second apprentice is certainly not the kind of person like Ye Luo!

The second apprentice is definitely a waste of material! Iron and steel scrap! There is no way to wash!

However, he couldn’t just open his mouth now.

To let this second disciple understand how precious this ‘Dao’ that he begged for was.

This could also delay this second disciple’s patience.

If the enlightenment did not come out, after a long time, this second disciple would definitely also be impatient.

When the time comes, it would be too embarrassing  for this second disciple to come to him, right?

I passed on the Dao to you only after you begged and begged, and you turned around and asked me for advice, doesn’t that make you look useless yourself?

Under such circumstances.

This second disciple will definitely be embarrassed to come to him for advice.

He could delay for a while longer.

At that time, one year later, this small realm, wouldn’t it be handed over?

So think about it.

Ye Luo was actually just an anomaly.

Most scraps are normal.

To teach the scrap would have been a scrap disciple.

That is not a hand on the line?

Hmph, hmph, hmph.

Everything is under the control of his Chu

Chu Yuan’s silence. His gaze fell into the eyes of Zhang Han. But it made Zhang Han even more alarmed.

If it was because of this that he could not get this opportunity to cultivate, then he could regret dying.

Poof ……

Zhang Han decisively knelt down and kowtowed to his master.

“I beg Master to give me another chance, I truly want to follow Master’s cultivation!”

Zhang Han’s tone was sincere.

He was afraid that his master would really not preach the Dao to him because of this.

Just at that moment.

Chu Yuan fiercely turned around, he helped Zhang Han up, and sighed quietly.

“Demented child, demented child ……”

“That’s just it, then I’ll pass on the formation dao to you, and you should comprehend it well.”

“Come with me.”

Chu Yuan turned around and walked towards the outside of the hall.

Zhang Han took a deep breath, his mood was a little excited, he finally also wanted to start to step into the cultivation world.

There was some small excitement. He hurriedly followed his master. The two of them went one after the other. They came to the other side of the square outside the main hall.

Chu Yuan first glanced at Ye Luo who was several thousand meters away from his enlightenment, and walked to a wide open area.

Looking at the floor below. His magic power condensed on his sword finger and slashed downward fiercely.

Clang ……

Mana collided with the floor with a metallic sound.

There was a clang sound.

And then… and then it was gone. There was not even a single trace split out on the floor of the square.

The air was instantly quiet.

Chu Yuan raised his fingers and stiffened and then naturally put it down. His face was not red and the heart did not jump.

“Han’er, have you become enlightened yet?”

Chu Yuan asked with a face that was thicker than the city wall.

Zhang Han, “???”

I have realized what?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Where am I going?

Next to him, Chu Yuan just stood there, quietly waiting for Zhang Han to speak.

He had already cursed the floor in his heart.

He also wanted to split a trace, so that Zhang Han slowly understood the air himself.

But this damn.

Was the floor made of titanium alloy?

He, a Golden Core realm, could even make a trace on a damned floor!

Can you give him a little face in the Golden Core Realm? ! The Golden Core realm has no human rights, right?

The good thing was that he, Chu Yuan, was someone who reacted quickly. He asked a rhetorical question and told Zhang Han to think about it.

This was certainly not my Chu Yuan’s responsibility, as Zhang Han had low enlightenment.

Zhang Han took a deep breath, arching his hand and said, “Master…the disciple is dull, I did not understand.”

Chu Yuan had a sighing look. It seemed to be a great pity. Only to hear him say.

“Your enlightenment is much weaker than your elder brother, ah, your elder brother was enlightened in one go that day, it’s just that.”

“Let’s go, and go to the mountain gate with me.”

“For the master, let me give you a little more simple comprehension.”

Chu Yuan shook his head rather helplessly.

Have a problem? If you have a problem, take Ye Luo out as an example.

Anyway, I taught Ye Luo. If there is a problem, your understanding is poor. This is definitely not my problem.

Chu Yuan turned his head and walked towards the mountain gate.

In the square I can’t do anything about you, the big stone under the mountain gate, I can’t possibly do nothing about it, right?

Next to his Dao-less Sect’s mountain gate, there was a big stone that he remembered clearly.

It was just an ordinary stone.

He did not believe that he could not do anything with an ordinary stone!

Zhang Han followed this master of his in a confused manner towards the mountain gate. He was still confused about his low enlightenment.

He had low enlightenment?

Once he had the Heavenly Spiritual Root and was hailed as a genius by many formation masters, he could see the breakage of any formation.

Now he was actually said to have low comprehension. But it was his master who said that, so it was reasonable.

Before Zhang Han left the square, he took a deep look at Ye Luo who was sitting cross-legged on the square.

The Master said that the Senior Brother had become enlightened in one go ……

It seems that in the future, I have to ask for more advice from Eldest Brother before I can do so.


The Dao-less Sect’s mountain gate was very large. Looking at it from afar, it was as if a lofty mountain, so majestic. Anyone who took a look would all have the awe in their heart.

I have to say, the sect produced by the system is perfect.

Of course, excluding the square floor to embarrass someone would be even better.

Chu Yuan led Zhang Han to the mountain gate.

He took a glance to find in the lofty mountain gate next to the not too eye-catching stone.

Brother Shi, Brother Shi, it’s you!

Chu Yuan walked up to the huge stone.

And not ambiguous, his mana condensed on his finger, from the sleeve of the coat, he motioned a quick stroke.

Click ……

Stone chips flew.

A straight trace appeared in it. Well, there was nothing peculiar. Traces drawn purely by mana.

It was like something that any Qi refining realm could scratch out.

In Zhang Han’s confused gaze,  Chu Yuan’s voice came next to his ears.

“Han’er, have you become enlightened yet?”

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