The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 135 The Dragon Blood and Meat Were Even Eaten Clean

Huang Jianzhi heard Lu Yiping ask where the jade came from and hesitated.

Hao Bi stepped forward and said, “I bought this jade from your father Huang Cheng thousands of years ago. This is Lord Lu, and we came without malice, and we just want to know where this jade came from.”

“If you are willing to tell us, we will thank you heavily.” Hao Bi said.

At this time, Huang Jiu came forward and gave Huang Jianzhi a spatial ring, only to see a mountain of divine spirit stones inside o approximately hundreds of millions.

The Huang family was now in decline. Thousands of years ago, they would not have sold this jade. Huang Jianzhi has never seen so many divine spirit stones, so seeing the spatial ring given to him by Huang Jiu piled up like a mountain of divine spirit stones, he was really astonished.

“This!” Huang Jianzhi swallowed his saliva.

To be honest, it was a lie that he was not moved in the face of hundreds of millions of divine grade spirit stones.

He hesitated for a moment and said to Lu Yiping, “Actually, I am not very clear about the origin of this jade. I only know that it is called the Pure World Treasure Jade, passed down from the hand of our ancestor Huang Yuandong’s old ancestor.”

“Huang Yuandong?” Lu Yiping asked, “Do you know the identity and deeds of your old ancestor Huang Yuandong?”

Huang Jianzhi replied, “Our old ancestor Huang Yuandong was one of the old ancestors of the Purple Lightning Palace more than a hundred thousand years ago.”

“Purple Lightning Palace.” Huang Jiu frowned, “The Purple Lightning Palace seems to have perished more than a hundred thousand years ago?”

Huang Jianzhi nodded, “When the Purple Lightning Palace was destroyed, the Purple Lightning Palace sect forces were also implicated, our Huang family also fell, originally our Huang family still had some industries that Huang Yuandong old ancestor left behind, but over the years, these industries are also swallowed by other sect forces.”

Speaking of this, Huang Jianyi’s face was bitter, and he said in a hateful voice, “Peerless Tavern annexed our old store in Mysterious Ancient City, and my father died as a result.”

“Gu Linfeng is dead.” Lu Yiping spoke and made Huang Jian Yi stunned.

“We just came from Mysterious Ancient City, and my master has already killed Gu Linfeng.” Huang Jiu said.

Huang Jianzhi looked at Lu Yiping in surprise.

Gu Linfeng was the son of Gu Gaoyuan and was surrounded by experts, and Gu Linfeng himself was very strong.

Lu Yiping said, “I believe there will be news from the Great Void Domain soon.”

Huang Jianzhi bowed long to Lu Yiping, “Thank you, my lord, for avenging my father’s death.”

All these years, he wanted to kill Gu Linfeng, but with his strength, it was like hitting a stone with an egg.

“No need.” Lu Yiping shook his head, “This kind of scum deserves to die. Even without your father’s matter, I will also kill him.”

Afterward, Lu Yiping asked about Huang Yuandong and the destruction of the Purple Lightning Palace back then.

Huang Jianzhi told Lu Yiping everything he knew. However, Huang Jianzhi did not know much, so Lu Yiping could not know how Huang Yuandong got the jade back then.

After staying for a while, Lu Yiping and the others said goodbye.

Huang Jianzhi wanted to return the divine spirit stone to Lu Yiping, who told him to take it.

After leaving, Lu Yiping’s eyebrows were locked. According to Huang Jianzhi’s account, the Purple Lightning Palace was overthrown from the old ancestor down to the palace master, and all were killed. Huang Yuandong 90% also died in that big battle.

However, whether Huang Yuandong had really perished, Huang Jianzhi was not sure.

“Do you know who destroyed the Purple Lightning Palace back then?” Lu Yiping asked Huang Jiu.

“It seems to be by the Jade Fan Sect.” Huang Jiu recalled, “It was the Jade Fan Sect’s Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch.”

“Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch.” Lu Yiping recited.

If we could find the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch, we might be able to determine if Huang Yuandong was dead.

Hao Bi said, “I’ve heard of ade-Faced Wolf Monarch, this person is both good and evil, always od things in cruel methods, if you offend him, the death is not only personal, even the people involved will be implicated, he is one of the top ten experts of the War Heaven era.”

“His sect, the Jade Fan Sect, does not appear in the world all year round, but every time it does, something big will happen, but this time when the Heavenly Tablet comes out, the Jade Fan Sect may come out.”

Lu Yiping took out the letter talisman, then contacted Chu Tong and asked him to use the power of the Returning Origin Sword Sect to check the matter of Huang Yuandong of the Purple Lightning Palace and the Jade Faced Wolf Monarch.

After that, he headed over to the Heavenly Tablet Town.

Although the Heavenly Tablet Town was in the Great Void Domain, it was in the extreme north of the Great Void Domain, so it was quite a long journey there from the Qinghai Sea.

However, there were still quite a few days before the Heavenly Tablet comes out next month, so there was plenty of time. Lu Yiping and the others were not in a hurry and were walking slowly.

When they passed by a town, everyone was talking about the demolition of the Peerless Tavern in the Mysterious Ancient City and the killing of Gu Linfeng.

“Recently, the forces of the Great Void domain converge, is more and more chaotic. You have heard, the divine land of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom and the Prison of the Underworld of the Lifeless Sect also came to the Nine Heavens, and the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom was surrounded and killed by the experts of the Lifeless Sect!”

“Lord Sun Haiyin, the old ancestor of the Lifeless Sect, struck, and almost all of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom’s hundred experts who came this time were wiped out, and even Ao Yixuan, the Lord of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom did not escape.”

“No way, the Lord of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom is dead? The Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom is one of the ten superpowers of the Divine Land!”

“So what if they are the ten superpowers? The Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom lord is no match for such a dominant lord like Sun Haiyin. I heard that Lord Sun Haiyin slaughtered the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom lord. Even the dragon blood and dragon meat were eaten clean, and this is too cruel. The Heavenly Dragon divine Kingdom lord is a giant, and I didn’t expect to end up so miserable!”

The crowd shook their heads.

In the divine land, the nine heavens, the prison of the underworld, the early stage of the Plane Lord, the middle. As for a giant, only the late stage of the Plane Lord and the late peak Plane Lord are to be called the hegemon.

Lu Yiping, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, could not help but be stunned.

“Is the news your excellency said true?” Lu Yiping asked.

The person who opened his mouth looked at Lu Yiping and said, “Many people saw it at that time.”

Just then, a human figure was seen falling from the sky and falling to the ground on the distant street.

The other person was covered in blood, and it looked like a young man. After the other person fell to the ground, then struggled to get up and stumbled toward the crowd, which was shocked and dodged.

“It’s the kid, Ao Bi.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull saw the young man, could not help but get up, then Huang Jiu, Hao Bi went forward to hold Ao Bi, who was going to fall.

The young man was none other than Ao Bi, the divine son of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom, who the experts of the Lifeless Sect were chasing.

Ao Bi was being chased all the way, using the divine talisman of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom to escape all the way and flee here. He was on the verge of running out of energy when he suddenly heard the voice of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and when he saw that it was really the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and Lu Yiping, he immediately cried, “Lord Xiao Jin, Lord Lu, save my father!”

Tears flowed down his face along with the blood.

He clutched the Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s arm and cried and begged, “Elder Xiao Jin, save my father, save my father!”

“Save your father?” A brutal laugh sounded, only to see several figures breaking through the air and standing over the town, several people with black waves rolling, and the original clear high sky darkened.

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