The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 134 – Jade Fan Sect

The soul search was over.

Lu Yiping looked at Gu Linfeng with cold eyes.

In Gu Linfeng’s memory, the other party was a scumbag, and he did not do anything that hurt many people. Killing and robbing the old store owner were normal. However, many girls were ruined by his hands.

Lu Yiping squeezed the opponent and exploded and put everyone was in a daze.

The guards of Peerless Tavern who initially were going to attack were even more dumbfounded.

“You! You have committed a heinous crime!” Seeing this, the disciple of Venerable Heaven Deprivation was furious and roared, “None of you can escape, not only you, your family, your sect, all those who are related to you can’t escape!”

Hearing this, the Dragon Horned Golden Bull directly slapped over and killed the disciple of the Venerable Heaven Deprivation out of existence. 

The crowd of experts in the Peerless Tavern retreated in fear. For a while, no one dared to go forward.

Lu Yiping and the others left the tavern.

Jiang Ting and Yan Ruyun also retreated to a distance, looking at Lu Yiping with fear that could not be hidden in their eyes.

“Tear down this tavern.” Lu Yiping said.

What Lu Yiping’s said scared the tavern diners as they fled in panic.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull’s huge golden hair directly swept the clean. At once, the tavern collapsed to the ground with a bang.

Lu Yiping left.

Looking at the tavern that became ruins, not only the experts of the Peerless Tavern were dumbfounded. Even the diners from all sides inside the tavern just now were also dumbfounded.

“It seems to be the first time someone dares to demolish the Peerless Tavern, right?”

The Peerless Tavern had been created for many years and had blossomed all over the major cities and pools in the various domains of the Nine Heavens.

Although there were people causing trouble within the Peerless Tavern, however, no one had ever dared to demolish the Peerless Tavern.

Not to mention the relationship between the Peerless Tavern and the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Profound Heaven Sect, and the Yan Family, the strength of the Peerless Tavern alone is extremely terrifying.

And Gu Wushuang, the Wine Saints, was the disciple of Lord Saint Demon!

Who was Lord Saint Demon? He was an invincible power that had been domineering for three eras!

Even though he had left the Nine Heavens, his supreme saintly might and supreme devilish might were still there, and there were many experts who followed Lord Saint Demon, some of whom were still alive.

These experts were all old antiques comparable to the Zither God, Fu Zhuo. Some of them were now sitting in the headquarters of the Peerless Tavern.

“These few people, I wonder which sect they are from.”

“Some days ago, someone killed a disciple of the Blade God, and now, someone has demolished a Peerless Tavern and killed a core disciple of the Gu family.

Gu Linfeng’s father, Gu Gaoyuan, was in charge of the domain power of the Peerless Tavern, and it’s the Great Void domain, so you could imagine how high Gu Gaoyuan’s position was in the Gu family, and now, his son was dead.

This was definitely a matter of breaking the sky.

“Great Void Domain is really lively.” Earlier, the young man who shook the jade fan spoke.

Some people recognized the young man’s identity with the jade fan, and they all looked fearful and stayed far away.

A moment later, the jade fan young man floated away.

“Jade Fan Sect, out of this world again?” A family patriarch looked at the departing figure of the jade fan young man and said.

“Jade Fan Sect? Could it be the Jade Fan Sect of the recent ancient period? Hasn’t the Jade Fan Sect disappeared for nearly 100,000 years?”

“Disappearing does not mean disappearing forever. These ancient sects, every some year, will come out. It seems that this time the heavenly tablet came out, make these ancient sects to come out in droves.”

“Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch, he wouldn’t still be alive, right?” An old ancestor suddenly spoke up.

Some of the old ancestors who had heard of the Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch were silenced.

Jade-Faced Wolf Monarch, the first person of the Jade Fan Sect back then. A character who was both good and evil, with cruel methods.

In the Great Void domain, inside the Great Hall of the Peerless Tavern.

Gu Gaoyuan was sipping tea and discussing with Wu Yi, the old ancestor of the Profound Heaven Sect.

“Next month, the Heavenly Tablet will come out. When Brother Wu Yi comprehends the Heavenly Tablet secret method, your strength will be able to go further.” Gu Gaoyuan laughed and said.

Wu Yi laughed, “Both of us! Your Wu Shuang Tavern will certainly also be able to capture several great Heavenly Tablet. Old brother Gao Yuan may enlighten the Heavenly Tablet’s secret method. Your strength will be cultivated faster than me.”

In the Heavenly Tablet, there were countless secret methods of the Sword Heaven. However, these secret methods were strong and weak. The higher the grade, the better the technique, the more powerful it would be.

The secret methods were from high to low were heaven, profound, and earth. Earth-grade was the lowest, whereas heaven-grade was the highest level.

The heaven-grade secret method was extremely difficult to comprehend out.

From the beginning of time to the present, only one person was able to comprehend the Heavenly Secret Method from the Heavenly Tablet, and only one, so one could imagine how difficult it was.

Gu Gaoyuan sighed, “Unfortunately, our old ancestor Wushuang doesn’t care about the mundane world, so I’m afraid that even if the Heavenly Tablet comes out this time, he won’t be indifferent.” Just as Gu Gaoyuan sighed, the letter talisman shook. He took it out and took a look, his face became increasingly ugly, and finally, killing intent permeated the air.

“Feng’er!” Gu Gaoyuan hissed, his voice sad.

When Wu Yi saw Gu Gaoyuan read the talisman and his killing intent suddenly rose and was full of sadness, Wu Yi could not help but be surprised. He took Gu Gaoyuan’s hand to look at the talisman, and Wu Yi also had a cold face.

“This person, looking for death!” Wu Yi’s cold voice rang like thunder.

Gu Gaoyuan coldly said, “Tear down my Peerless Tavern, kill my son. I do not care who you are, and I want you to die without a burial!”

“Also, all those who are related to you will be buried with my son!”

Wu Yi spoke up, “Elder brother Gao Yuan, do you want our Profound Heaven Sect to help?”

Gu Gaoyuan shook his head, “Thanks to Brother Wu Yi, no need for now.”

Wu Yi nodded his head, and he also knew that with the power of the Peerless Tavern, Gu Gaoyuan didn’t need his help either.

After Lu Yiping left the Peerless Tavern, he didn’t linger in the Mysterious Ancient City and left the city to go over to Qinghai of the Great Void domain.

Although the old store owner was killed, but the old store owner’s son and grandson were still alive, living in a fishing village in Qinghai. Perhaps, his son also knew the matter of the Jade Disc of Creation.

Qinghai was not far from the Mysterious Ancient City. With Lu Yiping’s party speed, it did not take long for them to arrive at Qinghai.

Coming to the shore of the Qinghai Sea, listening to the sound of waves, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the sunlight moving sea and the passing smiling fishermen, Huang Jiu said, “This life is peace and quite good.”

Lu Yiping said, “In this world, there is no peace, where there are people, there will always be conflicts.” They walked and arrived at the fishing village.

Lu Yiping made some inquiries and came over to the residence of the old store owner’s son.

The old store owner, Huang Cheng, whose ancestor was a particular super ancestor then was destroyed. The Huang family gradually declined, and here was its ancestral home. It was pretty large, with continuous eaves, covering an area of only a hundred acres.

Huang Cheng’s son was now the current head of the Huang family, Huang Jianzhi.

The Huang family experts learned that Lu Yiping came to find the family head. After some report, the Huang family experts then led Lu Yipinginto the Huang family ancestral home.

Huang Jianzhi’s strength was not weak, he was a middle stage True God, and when he saw Lu Yiping, his eyes were obviously suspicious and alert: “A few of you have come to see me, I wonder what is the matter?”

Lu Yiping took out the Jade Disc of Creation.

 Huang Jianzhi saw the Jade Disc of Creation in Lu Yiping’s hand and was surprised, “The Pure World Treasure Jade.”

Pure World Treasure Jade?

Seeing that the other party recognized the jade in his hand, Lu Yiping asked, “I heard that this jade is a family heirloom of yours? Do you know the origin of this jade?”

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