Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 27 – Do You Understand?

The Great Hall of the Dao-less Sect.

Looking at the gentle and elegant young man in front of him. Chu Yuan was ready to start fooling around again. Although Zhang Han and Ye Luo’s situation was different. But Chu Yuan will never give any more chances. He wants to fool around, to completely blind fool his disciples.

The last time he fooled Ye Luo, at least he used his magic power to chop a sword, this time he relied on his mouth.

If he could still enlighten anything, he could manage to call Zhang Han ‘father’!

When Chu Yuan thought about this, he put on a calm look, and said, “Han’er, let’s talk about the three thousand daos, which one do you want to cultivate?”

No matter which three thousand daos you want to learn I don’t know anything at all, do I?

Zhang Han smiled, he pondered for a moment and then gently said, “Master, I want to cultivate the main immortal path, secondary cultivation formation ……”

“It’s just that the disciple’s spiritual roots have been destroyed, so please give the disciple the method of cultivation.”

Zhang Han’s spiritual root had been destroyed by lightning, and he had been unable to cultivate it for ten years. If he wanted to cultivate, he must restore his spiritual roots.

The reason why he worshiped Chu Yuan was precisely because Chu Yuan said he could help him with his cultivation.

Sitting on the patriarch’s throne, Chu Yuan listened to these words.

In his mind, inexplicably floated the scene when Ye Luo came into the sect ……

It seemed to be almost the same words? No, it can’t be. It must be that he was thinking too much.

“Han’er, it is very simple for me to solve the problem of your inability to cultivate, but I cannot solve this matter for you now.”

“Joining my Daoless sect, you need to first be enlightened for a year, in order to see the results, and then immortal cultivation. This is the rule, look outside, your eldest brother is like this, every day and every night in the enlightenment, although not a full year, but his skills are already not low!”

Chu Yuan said softly, his finger stretched out from the wide sleeves, pointing to the outside of the hall.

He found for the first time, Ye Luo was still somewhat useful. Which came as an example just right. In the future, his credibility rate of fooling disciples would be even higher.

You see, I have successfully taught out a disciple, you can’t comprehend, that must be your problem, not mine!

However, Ye Luo’s example caused him a great loss of blood by losing a great realm.

It hurts to think about it ……

Zhang Han on the side was surprised to hear that his elder brother was actually not cultivating immortality today and was merely comprehending the dao.

The first thing you needed to do was to get a good idea of what you wanted to do. Could enlightenment have such a powerful effect? How come he had never heard of it.

Zhang Han slapped his head abruptly. This is a powerful sect. Is it comparable to his family? It’s normal to have never heard of it.

And it was said that some really strong sects had some untold secret inheritance. It was not possible to say that this was the untold secret of the Daoless Sect.

“Master, disciple intends to cultivate the formation dao!” Zhang Han figured it out, without half hesitation, and said warmly like a jade.


Chu Yuan froze.

“Formation dao, well, I naturally know it, but the dao can not be lightly passed on, even if you are master’s disciple, is also not something to lightly pass on.”

“This way, I ask you a question, you answer up, I will pass you a formation dao, how?”

Chu Yuan quickly returned to his senses and said in a light-hearted manner. Before fooling around, of course, we must first set the atmosphere.

If he came up and said that this formation was like this, wouldn’t it be easy for people to see that he was fooling around?

And, in case he was directly fooled.

This Zhang Han wanted him to cast some, he took the head to cast?

When the atmosphere was brought out, it would be easy to fool around.

As for Zhang Han, when he listened to these words his eyes lit up.

Talking about the formation together?

Although he had no spiritual roots, he had a lot of understanding of the formation process.

He was confident in talking about the formation process.

So, Zhang Han arched his hand and said, “Master, please ask!”

Chu Yuan stood up, turned his back on Zhang Han, and walked to the entrance of the main hall.

A gust of clear wind blew. He blew his snow-white robe and his shoulder-length hair fluttered with the wind. His aura inexplicably up.

“I ask you, what is the formation?”

Chu Yuan turned his face slightly, he glanced at Zhang Han and asked.

What is the formation?

Zhang Han’s eyes were lost. He had liked to study formations since he was a child and had a good understanding of many formations. But being asked what is the formation? It made him a little confused.

What is the formation?

Facing Chu Yuan’s gaze, Zhang Han subconsciously lowered his head, not daring to look directly.

Time passed little by little.

Ten minutes passed. Zhang Han still lowered his head, did not know what he was thinking.

Chu Yuan could not help it and Zhang Han was panicking.

 I don’t want to waste time here with you.

“Have you thought about it?”

Chu Yuan could not help but ask in an urgent tone.

Zhang Han raised his head, and said with some uncertainty, “Master, the formation of a formation lies in the formation? To destroy the enemy with a formation, the formation rises, to block a thousand with one, innately standing invincible?”


Chu Yuan did not even listen to the end, he opened his mouth to deny. Who cares if he was right.

Just deny it to set the mood.

Then how could he admit that Zhang Han is right? So no matter what Zhang Han said, Just deny it.

Zhang Han paused and continued to speak, “Master, the formation of a line, is to use the formation, the formation is the core, so the formation of a line is the formation!”


“Master, the formation, is the change, the formation changes a thousand ……”


“Master, the formation is ……”


“Master, disciple is stupid, I don’t know how to answer.”


Zhang Han, “???”

Master, your head’s not right, aren’t you?

Chu Yuan also recalled, his face was not red and he said, “You can not answer, this is wrong, what doubts you have?”

He could tell Zhang Han that he was used to vetoing.

If this was said out loud, this disciple must be withdrawn from the sect.

Zhang Han froze for a moment, he elegantly bowed and said, “Master, the disciple is dull, I do not understand what is the formation, please also hope that the master solves the confusion for the disciple.”

Chu Yuan looked up to the sky outside the hall and was silent for a long time.

“Formation! The most important thing is the dao, the formation is dead, the dao is alive, the formation can be broken, the dao cannot be broken, the formation may not be there, the dao is always there. The formation altogether, the most important thing is the dao, not the formation. Your master wants you to understand the dao, You choose the formation method, but it is not asking you to understand the formation method.”

“You, did you understand?”

Chu Yuan slowly opened his mouth, his tone was meaningful and profound.

After saying that, he carefully glanced at Zhang Han. Finding that Zhang Han looked dumbfounded. Soon, he was immediately relieved.

Couldn’t understand?

It is normal to not understand, because he himself could not understand what he was saying.

Sure enough, the highest level of fooling people was to fool yourself all the way ……

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