The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 133 – Peerless Tavern

The middle-aged man turned his head to Lu Yiping and said, “A few of you have heard it, please leave!”

Lu Yiping looked at the young man Gu Linfeng, “You just said that not only the Peerless Tavern in the Mysterious Ancient City, but all the Peerless Taverns in the entire Great Void domain are under the control of your father, right?”

Gu Linfeng said, “That’s right, my father is Gu Gaoyuan, the oldest ancestor of the Gu family.” His demeanor was more or less arrogant.

Gu Gaoyuan, the Gu family’s ancestor, was the ruler of the Gu family in the Great Void domain.

Even some giants had to be polite when they saw their father.

“Then you know about that old store back then?” Lu Yiping asked blandly.

At this moment, one of the female beside Gu Linfeng spoke up, “Sir Linfeng, can we go in?” Standing at the door made her a little impatient.

Gu Linfeng hurriedly said, “Yes, yes.” Then he waved at Lu Yiping and said, “You guys still don’t go away.”

Lu Yiping stood there and asked indifferently, “Where did the old store here move to after you acquired it?”

Gu Linfeng saw Lu Yiping standing there without moving and kept asking about the old store, his face sank, “Your Excellency can’t understand what I mean? I told you to leave!”

Then introduced the two women.

“This is the Profound Heaven Sect’s, Jiang Ting.”

“This is Miss Yan Ruyun of the Yan Family.”

“You are blocking the way of Elder Jiang Ting and Miss Yan Ruyun, do you know that!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull blocked the way and looked up and down at the two women, but he said, “The two chicks are quite good looking, so they are from the Profound Heaven Sect and the Yan Family, my respects.”

The two women, Jiang Ting and Yan Ruyun frowned.

Gu Linfeng saw Lu Yi Ping, Dragon Horned Golden Bull being indifferent, his face could not help but sink, then he coldly said, “The lot of you are here to cause trouble? If you are here to cause trouble at the Peerless Tavern, then you have come to the wrong place!”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull scanned the tavern and said, “This place is located in a busy area, business is good, people usually don’t resell the store, you didn’t rob it, did you?”

Gu Linfeng slapped the middle-aged man across the face and said angrily, “Haven’t called anyone yet!”

The middle-aged man hurriedly summoned all the experts and disciples in the tavern.

At this moment, there were many diners in the tavern, and the people were surprised to see that Lu Yiping and his men had come to the Peerless Tavern to cause trouble.

“Who are these people? They came to make trouble in Peerless Tavern!”

“Looking for death, right? Although Peerless Tavern is not one of the ten superpowers of the Nine Heavens, it is not weaker than the Tai Qing Sword Sect and the Profound Heaven Sect. It has an excellent relationship with the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Profound Heaven Sect, and the Yan Family.” The crowd shook their heads.

Soon, all the experts and guards of the Peerless Tavern poured out. Among these experts, some were direct disciples of the Gu Family, and some were external disciples.

Some, on the other hand, were recruited by the Peerless Tavern.

In the Nine Heavens, as long as one had money, one could recruit a late-stage peak Heavenly God expert, or even a Plane Lord expert!

Of course, recruiting a Plane Lord was extremely difficult and too costly, and there were already very few things that could make a Plane Lord willing.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull took a glance at the hundreds of Peerless Tavern experts and guards that surged over and laughed, “Is this all?”

Although there were hundreds of people, the strongest was only at the early Heavenly God stage.

Moreover, there was only one Early Heavenly God.

In fact, a Heavenly God powerhouse, even in some superpowers, was an old ancestor level, and many superpowers’ branches only had one Heavenly God sitting in the town.

Like the ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, Qiu Yue was only a mid Heavenly God.

Of course, Heavenly Gods would not be enough for the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Gu Linfeng smiled, and his face sank, “Break their legs and throw them all out!”

The early-stage Heavenly God from the tavern walked out, came in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and said in a cold voice, “Please enlighten me!” After saying that, with a bend of his four fingers, he struck at the Dragon Horned Golden Bull with one finger.

“Heaven Deprivation Finger!”

“Venerable Heaven Deprivation’s supreme finger technique, to deter the Nine Heavens.”

Someone said in surprise.

Venerable Heaven Deprivation was also a giant.

This Peerless Tavern expert was his disciple?

Jiang Ting and Yan Ruyun, both women, were also surprised to see that the disciple of Venerable Heaven Deprivation had defected to the Peerless Tavern.

Venerable Heaven Deprivation’s fame was still very big in the Nine Heavens.

However, when the disciple of Venerable Heaven Deprivation had just attacked in front of the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, he was blocked by one person’s fist.

The one who blocked the opponent was none other than Huang Jiu.

Huang Jiu’s fist shook the disciple and backed away, exiting the tavern and almost falling to sit on the street outside the tavern.

The disciple of the Venerable Heaven Deprivation was not weak. The power of the Heaven Deprivation Finger was also very strong, but Huang Jiu had the body of the Immortal Golden Phoenix. Her battle power was as strong as the middle Heavenly God or even the peak of the middle Heavenly God, so how could this disciple of the Venerable Heaven Deprivation be able to block it?

Huang Jiu looked at the other party, expressionless, “You are not yet worthy to fight with Lord Xiao Jin, beat me first.”

The crowd was stunned.

“This young girl is an early Heavenly God too!”

“Such a strong physical body! Is it a super divine beast?” Inside the restaurant, a young man with a jade fan said in astonishment.

Gu Linfeng, however, coldly said, “Open the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation!”

As Gu Linfeng’s words fell at once, a huge formation diagram emerged above the tavern, and the power of the great formation roared out wildly.

“The Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation! When this Peerless Tavern was first built, Lord Gu Gaoyuan teamed up with dozens of late Heavenly God peak experts from the Peerless Tavern to set up the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation!”

“Once this great formation is activated, even many of the late peak Heavenly Gods would not be able to resist it!”

However, just as the power of the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation blasted in front of Lu Yiping’s party, suddenly, he glanced at the formation eye of the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation above the tavern.

With just one glance, everyone saw the eye of Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation above the tavern explode, and the light bloomed in the high sky, like fireworks, dazzling the Mysterious Ancient City.

Everyone was stunned. Gu Linfeng was also stunned.

What’s going on?

How could the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation eye burst open automatically?

Everyone was amazed and uncertain.

Although Lu Yiping had just glanced at the Heaven’s Vault Divine Formation’s eye, no one associated it with Lu Yiping.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull suddenly raised his hand and directly pressed Gu Linfeng to the ground. There was a burst of friction, and the tavern floor suddenly emitted a creaking friction sound.

“Break our legs?” The Long Horned Golden Bull said this, directly picked up Gu Linfeng’s head, and swung it down towards the ground.

Everyone saw Gu Linfeng’s legs smashed into the tavern floor and swung off with a loud bang.

Things were so abrupt that Jiang Ting, Yan Ruyun, and the others were frozen. The only sound in the tavern was Gu Linfeng’s miserable screams.

“Young Master Lin Feng!” The disciples of Venerable Heaven Deprivation were shocked and rushed towards the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and the other experts and guards of the tavern also woke up in an instant.

Huang Jiu blocked the Venerable Heaven Deprivation disciple, while Hao Bi blocked the other experts and guards of the tavern alone.

The other experts and guards of the tavern, the strongest of which were only true gods, were all shot away by Hao Bi.

Lu Yiping took Gu Linfeng in front of him and performed a soul search.

From the other’s memory, the old store was indeed forced to be sold by this Gu Linfeng, and he had killed the old store owner!

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