It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 240 – Gather 100,000 Today

Translator: Rilise

“Young Master, are you at home?”

Just after Sun Hao sat down, Su Yiling’s voice came from outside the courtyard.

“Young Master, I’ll open the door!”


Shortly after, Su Yiling and the other came under Huang Rumeng’s lead.

Behind Huang Rumeng, the Daoist Ruoxi was frightened, with fine beads of sweat rolling down her forehead.

“I have seen Young Master!” Daoist Ruoxi bowed deeply, and she looked very respectful.

“You are?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young Master, this is Daoist Ruoxi!” Su Yiling said.

“Daoist Ruoxi?”

Sun Hao frowned, and then he suddenly realized, “I remember, Miss Ruoxi is the one who give the stone tower, right? Thank you!”

“No need to be polite, Young Master. This little thing is not worth mentioning! I’m coming today to express my thanks for the painting that Young Master gifted! said the Daoist Ruoxi.

“It’s just a painting scroll, it’s good if Miss doesn’t dislike it!”

After speaking, Sun Hao took out a painting scroll from his arms and handed it to Daoist Ruoxi, “Miss Ruoxi, please accept my humble work!”

“Young Master, this…this… thank you, Young Master!”

Daoist Ruoxi held the painting scroll in her hand, her body trembled slightly with excitement.

Ding, blessing point +2000

Hearing this sound, Sun Hao’s eyes flickered.

It seemed that there would be no problem at all to gather 100,000 blessing points today. No matter what, he must gather one hundred thousand blessing points!

Thinking about this, Sun Hao raised his mouth slightly and said, “Today, no matter what, everyone must finish dinner before leaving!”

“Okay, Young Master!”

The light flashed unstoppably in Su Yiling’s eyes. She occasionally swallowed her saliva.

Daoist Ruoxi, who was about to leave with an excuse, looked sluggish and nodded slightly, “Thank you, Young Master!”

“Good!” Flower Fairy nodded.

“Young Master, are we eating loach again today?” Su Yiling asked.

“That’s right!”

Sun Hao nodded, “The weather is a bit cold, then have a loach hot pot!”

“Very good!”

Su Yiling’s eyes gleamed, and she was pleasantly surprised.

Daoist Ruoxi looked at the two women doubtfully.

Why were an Abstruse Immortal and an Earth Immortal so excited when it came to eating? Wasn’t Young Master eating ordinary food? No matter how unusual it was, it is nothing but the grains of the world, which can only satisfy the appetite.

“Flower Fairy, why are you so excited just to eat loach?” Daoist Ruoxi asked.

Flower Fairy smiled mysteriously, “You’ll know it later, Ruoxi! I promise your jaw will drop from surprise!”

“Jawdrop? Don’t be kidding me!” Daoist Ruoxi shook her head slightly in disbelief.

“Everyone, sit in the house for a while, the weather outside is a bit cold!”

Sun Hao led the others to the living room.

The roaring charcoal fire was warm. He set a frame(1) by the charcoal fire and poured the tea oil.

“Sit down, everyone. I’ll be there in a bit!” After speaking, Sun Hao quickly left with Huang Rumeng.

After a while.

“All right!” Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng walked back again.

Daoist Ruoxi saw what was on Sun Hao’s plate, and her scalp went numb.

“This… is this the loach Young Master said? Oh my god! Isn’t this the dragon? Is it possible for Young Master to eat the dragon?” 

Daoist Ruoxi pupils shrink her face changes again and again.

Who else in this world would dare to eat dragons so blatantly besides Young Master?

“That is?”

Suddenly, Daoist Ruoxi’s scalp went numb again as she looked at the basin in Huang Rumeng’s hand and was stunned silly.

“This…this is an immortal elixir! These are at least a few hundred plants, is Young Master going to use them? Is it possible?”

The more she thought about it, the more violent Ruoxi Daoist’s heart beat.

Immortal elixir, although it hadn’t attained spirituality, was one level higher than the supreme panacea.

The world would be driven crazy whenever this rarity appeared, and it could cause war. Even the esteemed Immortal Emperor was no exception. The fight over Immortal Elixir could plunge the world into darkness without the bystanders’ chance to escape.

The weaker one might be blasted into dust by the aftermath.

This kind of thing would be sent the Immortal Emperor for blood could be seen in Young Master’s basin?

If it weren’t for pinching herself a few times, who would dare to believe it?

Incredible, very incredible!

Daoist Ruoxi suppressed her inner shock and stared at Sun Hao’s movements.

Sun Hao’s cooking movements were smooth and flowing. Soon, the thick white soup was cooked, and the fragrance burst into the nose.

“What? Everything went it? Hundreds of immortal elixirs boiled loach? Oh, no, boiled dragon! Who would believe it if it weren’t for seeing it with your own eyes?” Daoist Ruoxi muttered to herself, swallowing saliva from time to time.

She felt hungry after countless years with no rumble from her stomach.

“It doesn’t matter, the dragon clan is the dragon clan, eat as you please! I will die without regret if I can eat this!” Daoist Ruoxi muttered to herself, it took a long time before she came back to her senses.

“How is it?” Flower Fairy asked with a smile.

“It’s an eye-opener, incredible!” Daoist Ruoxi transmitted her voice.

“Of course, the immortal elixir in my eyes is just a piece of vegetables here, not worth mentioning!” Flower Fairy also sent a transmission.

“What kind of existence is Young Master? Since ancient times, there seems to be no such record of this powerful being!” Daoist Ruoxi asked.

“I can’t imagine. In Young Master’s eyes, the Immortal Emperor is not even a scum!” Flower Fairy said.

The two women transmitted sound back and forth, guessing Sun Hao’s identity.

“Boil it for a while, it will be ready soon!” The corners of Sun Hao’s mouth raised slightly as he looked at the eager-looking expressions.

It seems that 100,000 blessing points could be gathered today.

“Young Master, are you at home?”

At this time, there was a sound outside the door.

“Young Master Zhan?” Sun Hao’s eyes beamed.

“Young Master, I’ll open the door!” Huang Rumeng ran out quickly.

After a while, Huang Rumeng led Zhan Tianpeng’s group and arrived quickly.

“I have seen Young Master!”

The three of them bowed deeply at Sun Hao.

“You don’t have to be polite. It’s better to come early than to come by coincidence. You come at a good time, sit down!” Sun Hao said.

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Zhan Tianpeng’s group sat down and looked at Sun Hao passionately, swallowing saliva from time to time.

It seems that they wouldn’t have any problem to breakthrough to Abstruse Immortal or even Earth Immortal today.

If it weren’t for Young Master here, how would they dare to break into the Immortal Realm! Unexpectedly, Young Master’s residence was a forbidden area for Thunder Tribulation!

“All right!”

Sun Hao opened the lid of the pot, and a complex scent came to his face.

Su Yiling already couldn’t wait from a long time ago, she picked a loach and sent it into her mouth.

Fragrant, tender, smooth, fresh, salty…

Dozens of complex flavors fill the entire mouth, exciting the taste bud cells. Too delicious.

Su Yiling picked one up again.

When the others saw this scene, they started to move. They didn’t pay attention to their image as a Daoist Immortal at all and ate unrestrainedly.

Ding, blessing point +1

Ding, blessing point +1

Hearing these sounds, Sun Hao nodded faintly, his eyes flickered.

It was getting closer and closer to one hundred thousand blessing points. He had a feeling that after breaking through 100,000, there would be an unexpected harvest.

He didn’t know what he would gain?

There was a different expectation in Sun Hao’s eyes.

He glanced at everyone and nodded secretly.


Everyone stuffed their mouth, not being polite at all.



The realm membrane sounded a crack.

Zhan Tianpeng was stunned and couldn’t believe it.

“I broke through, I am now an Abstruse Immortal! If this continues, it won’t take long to breakthrough to the Earth Immortal!” Zhan Tianpeng muttered to himself in surprise.

Apart from Zhan Tianpeng, the others were also surprised.

After a meal.

Daoist Ruoxi stood up, “Young Master, I…”

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave, everyone. How about listening to me play a song today?” Sun Hao said.

How can I let you go so easily if I am to obtain one hundred thousand blessing points?

“Young Master’s song? That’s great, I want to listen!”

Su Yiling stood up first and expressed her approval.

“Then let’s go to the yard!”

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