The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 130 – Arriving at the Great Void Domain

However, before heading to the Great Void Domain, Lu Yiping made a trip to the small store at the Qing Yang Plain Bazaar.

The small store owner was drowsy in the corner just like before, but when he saw Lu Yiping arrive, he was startled and hurriedly got up to welcome him.

He had heard about Lu Yiping’s recent incident, which had spread all over the Heavenly God domain.

The small store owner was surprised to learn that Lu Yiping was going to the Great Void Domain.

“Where is your master now?” Lu Yiping asked.

The small shopkeeper hurriedly said, “I reported to my master long ago about Mr. Lu’s plucking the Black Dragon Zither, only that my master had some business in the Great Void Domain so that he couldn’t rush back for a while.”

“Oh, then where is your master in the Great Void Domain now?” Lu Yiping asked.

The small store owner said a place.

Lu Yiping wrote it down, then left the Qingyang Plain Bazaar with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and headed for the Great Void Domain.

The small shopkeeper respectfully sent off Lu Yiping and looked at the distant figures of Lu Yiping and the others in the sunset and murmured, “The Heavenly Tablet of the Great Void Domain will come out, they are going to the Great Void Domain for the Heavenly Tablet?”

“Before the Heavenly Tablet, I’m afraid that the corpses will be piled up like mountains again.”

It was rumored that Heavenly Tablet was left by the Heavenly Emperor, the Lord of Heaven, in ancient times!


In the Nine Heavens, there are a total of twenty-nine domains.

The Great Void domain and the Devil God domain were the two largest domains in the Nine Heavens.

Except for the Demon God Domain, the Great Void Domain is the largest. However, although the Great Void domain was large, all the forces converged in this domain, so the Great Void domain was very chaotic.

Among the ten superpowers of the Nine Heavens, the third-ranked Profound Heaven Sect was headquartered in the Great Void Domain.

In addition to the Profound Heaven Sect, the fifth-ranked Yan Family, the seventh Heavenly Beast Sect, and the eighth Sumerian Buddha Sect all had their headquarters in the Great Void Domain.

After Lu Yiping left the Heavenly God Domain, he kept hoofing and finally arrived at the Great Void Domain after crossing several domains.

When Lu Yiping was rushing to the Mysterious Ancient City, the news about the emergence of the Heavenly Tablet was also spread.

“This time, the Heavenly Tablet will come out, small sects like us can only watch from afar, I’m afraid that we will not even see a hair, let alone the word Heaven on the Heavenly Tablet.”

“Every time the Heavenly Tablet comes out, the main tablet and the other nine tablets around the main tablet must be the Kun Peng Divine Sect’s.”

“The other heavenly tablets are divided by the Profound Heaven Sect, the Yan Family, the Heavenly Beast Sect, and the Sumerian Buddha Sect, and we don’t even get to drink the soup.”

When passing an ancient city, many sect disciples talk about.

“Zither God Fu Zhuo, a lifetime of prestige, I did not expect to meet his end in his later years.”

“No, no one can receive that mysterious palm! Now the Zither God Fu Zhuo and the Zither and Painting Sect have become a joke.”

In addition to the appearance of the Heavenly Tablet, what was talked about most was the matter of Zither God Fu Zhuo being suppressed by the mysterious expert’s Buddha palm.

“After being captured by the mysterious person, Zither God Fu Zhuo has disappeared for many days, and some say he is dead.”

“The Zither and Painting Sect can’t possibly swallow this, right? I heard that Fu Zhuo’s senior brother, Qin Mojue, actually didn’t die back then and has come out of the world.”

“More than not dead, Qin Mojue has actually enlightened the supreme secret method of the heavenly tablet. He had been hiding in the deepest ancestral land of the Zither and Painting Sect and cultivated hard. Recently he had success in his cultivation. This time, he was out of the world, not only for the matter of Fu Zhuo but also for this heavenly tablet.”

Hearing the discussion, Huang Jiu and Hao Bi were both surprised.

“Qin Mojue actually did not die!” Huang Jiu said in surprise, “Although this person is not as famous as the Zither God Fu Zhuo, his strength is definitely more terrifying than Fu Zhuo.”

Lu Yiping was not at ease about the matter of the Qin Mojue.

“When is the Heavenly Tablet coming out?” Lu Yiping suddenly asked.

Hao Bi hurriedly said, “It’s the middle of next month.”

Lu Yiping nodded, in that case, after they went to the Mysterious Ancient City, they still had time to rush over to the Heavenly Tablet Town.

The Heavenly Emperor left the Heavenly Tablet, a total of one hundred heavenly tablets, some of which record not only supreme techniques but also ancient secrets and some other things.

Therefore, Lu Yiping wanted to go over and take a look.

Back then, the Heavenly Emperor cut off the Foundation Tree, so perhaps he could see the records about the Foundation Tree from these heavenly tablets.

If he could know where the tree grew, he might be able to find the main root where the tree was cut off.

Into the night.

When passing a deserted mountain, Lu Yiping’s party stopped at the foot of a mountain, they made a campfire, roasted meat, and drank.

Lu Yiping took the book out and looked through it.

This book, which he got inside the spatial artifact on Zither God Fu Zhuo, was quite interesting, recording some ancient events of various tribes and some ancient cultivation methods.

But these techniques were only words and incomplete, so it was extremely difficult to comprehend.

Before ancient times, was the immemorial, the epoch, the wilderness, the creation of the heavens.

There were very few artifacts from ancient times and the wilderness nowadays because the time was too long. Even superb artifacts also had been corroded by the years, worsened, or reincarnated into a variety of fine iron ore.

However, some of the ancient and wilderness artifacts can still be seen occasionally nowadays.

This book was from ancient times.

It wasn’t known what material it was cast with. Although it had gone through ancient times, wilderness, middle ancient times, and modern times, there is no decay or loss at all.

These days, he had been looking through this book. It was inferred that the monkey family should have left this book in ancient times.

In the ancient times, the monkeys were extremely powerful, among which the stone monkey, the red horse monkey, the three-armed ape monkey, and the six-eared macaque were the four spiritual monkeys of the monkey family.

While Lu Yiping was looking through this ancient book, Hao Bi carefully drank the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine that Lu Yiping gave him.

Although he did not know what herbs were used to brew this world wine, with his knowledge, of course, he knew that it was precious. Just like the original Prajna beggar Zhou Cheng was reluctant to drink it.

When the Dragon Horn Golden Bull saw Hao Bi being cautious, he smiled and said. “Master has more of this world wine, why do you drink so cautiously for?”

Hao Bi was embarrassed and smiled as he carefully asked the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, “Lord Xiao Jin, this Ten Thousand Worlds Wine, does it have ice flame fruit?”

When Medicine King Hall’s He Shao drank out of the ice flame fruit, he also drank out.

The Dragon Horn Golden Bull laughed, “Yes, there is ice flame fruit, but the ice flame fruit is the most common of all the ingredients, the master also added star chaos water in it some days ago.”

“Star Chaos Water!” Hao Bi’s hand shook, and the wine jar in his hand almost fell off.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “It’s just the Star Chaos Water. There are even rarer materials than Star Chaos Water in this Ten Thousand Worlds Wine.”

Hao Bi was stunned.

“Don’t listen to Xiao Jin’s nonsense there.” Lu Yiping casually laughed.

Just as Lu Yiping and the others were chatting, a few people led by an imposing young man came from afar.

Seeing the young man, Lu Yiping was surprised to see that the other party was the same young man from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom that he had met earlier when he was attending the Tianji Chamber of Commerce auction.

At that time, the other party bid with him for the Order of Ten Thousand Gods and cast the Sword of Heavenly Dragon to attack him and was injured by him.

Ao Bi of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom flew from afar with his men.  Seeing the fire, he took a look and was startled when he realized that it was Lu Yiping.

Last time at the Tianji Chamber of Commerce auction in the Northern Star Empire, Lu Yiping gave him an extremely deep impression.

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