The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 132 Make Them Go

When Ao Yixuan and Ao Bi saw the visitor, their faces changed.

“Sun Haiyin!” Ao Yixuan said in a deep voice.

The withered old man was none other than one of the overlords of the Lifeless Sect, Sun Haiyin!

Sun Haiyin, like the Zither God Fu Zhuo, was a powerful person from the Saint Demon Era.

In the Prison of the Underworld, the devil’s name was so monstrous that it made people in the Prison of the Underworld pale in fear.

At this time, a miserable scream rang out.

Ao Yixuan was shocked and angry, and these voices were the voices of the experts of the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom he brought with him.

“Bi’er, I’ll protect you, kill out!” Ao Yixuan roared and transformed into his true dragon body first, a thousand feet divine dragon appeared above the residence and slapped violently with four claws at one of the corners, immediately slapping the lifeless sect expert in that corner away.

“Bi’er, go!”

Ao Yixuan roared.

Ao Bi knew that this was not the time to hesitate, and he immediately transformed into the body of a true dragon and flew out from the corner gap.

Sun Haiyin looked at Ao Yixuan and Ao Bi, who had transformed into true dragons, and sneered, “It’s been a long time since I ate the meat of a true dragon, gentlemen, let’s kill!”

“Wait to eat the meat of the true dragon!”

“Drink the blood of the true dragon!”

After saying that, he broke the air and instantly came to Ao Yixuan’s front of with a fierce palm slap.

Only to see a huge black palm with rolling black waves printed to the lower abdomen of the dragon body of Ao Yixuan.

As soon as the black dragon’s giant palm came out, the surrounding area was like an extremely cold ice cave, and the surrounding buildings were immediately covered with layers of black ice.

Ao Yixuan turned his head in shock, and the dragon claw shot out the true dragon power roar afterward.


Ao Yixuan was immediately lifted off the ground, smashed to the ground, crushing an unknown number of buildings.

“Father!” Ao Bi was shocked and angry.

“I’ll let you go!” Ao Yixuan roared.

“Go?” Sun Haiyin laughed loudly, “Do you think you can still escape? All of you from the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom will have to die here today!”

“Ao Yixuan, if your old man were here, I would still have some scruples. However, if your old man is not here today, then he can only collect the corpses of your father and son.”

“No, even the corpses have to be confiscated. I will kill you later and divide your flesh and blood.” After saying that, another palm slapped down to Ao Yixuan.

In other places, the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom experts also fought with the Lifeless Sect’s experts. Still, the experts of the Lifeless Sect were several times in numbers more than the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom. They had set up heavy demonic formations around them, so the Heavenly Dragon Divine Kingdom experts were almost lopsided.

Ao Yixuan was in the middle stage of the Plane Lord, but compared to an overlord like Sun Haiyin, he was still quite far behind.

At that moment, the sound of killing shook the sky.

A heaven-destroying force swept through heaven and earth, and a building within the city was turned into pieces.

Inside the city, the strongest people from all sides fled in panic.

However, the power of giants and overlords like Ao Yixuan and Sun Haiyin was so strong that even many late peak Heavenly Gods could not resist, not to mention the disciples of True Gods, Gods, and even non-Gods in the city, some of those who were slow to escape were immediately affected by the power of Ao Yixuan and Sun Haiyin and were scattered.

Even in the distant city of the family and the strong set also fled in fear of being affected.

Lu Yiping and his party did not know the matter of the Heavenly Dragon from the Divine Kingdom. At this time, they came to the Mysterious Ancient City.

The Mysterious Ancient City was one of the oldest cities in the Great Void domain, and it was also one of the oldest cities in the Nine Heavens. The Mysterious Ancient City had already existed since ancient times.

On the mottled walls of the Mysterious Ancient City, fist-sized runes were occasionally visible, and these runes were glittering in the sunlight.

After stopping for a while, they entered the Mysterious Ancient City.

Although the Mysterious Ancient City was one of the oldest cities in the Great Void Domain, it was bustling, and within it and there was the largest trading market in the Great Void Domain.

After entering the Mysterious Ancient City, Hao Bi took Lu Yiping a few people towards the old stores back then.

Inside the city, disciples of the Yan Family and the Profound Heaven Sect could be seen everywhere.

Many of the ancestors of the Profound Heaven Sect came from the Yan Family.

Hao Bi said, “The disciple of the Blade God was killed, and now the Yan family and the Profound Heaven Sect are still searching for the murderer, and some people say that the murderer is still in the Great Void Domain.”

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull laughed, “With these people from the Yan Family and the Profound Heaven Sect, they want to find the murderer?”

Hao Bi didn’t know how to interface for a moment.

“My lord, that old store is up ahead.” When he reached the intersection of the trading market, Hao Bi pointed ahead and then led Lu Yiping towards the location of the old store back then.

But, when they were approaching, Hao Bi was stunned. Only to see that on the old store location, a large tavern was built there.

The name of the tavern is “Peerless Tavern.”

Lu Yiping looked at the tavern in front of him and asked Hao Bi, “Is this where the old store was back then?”

“Yes, I remember clearly, it is here.” Hao Bi said with certainty.

Back then, the old store was here, but now, it has built the Peerless Tavern. It seems that the Peerless Tavern acquired the old store?

“Go in and ask.” Lu Yiping said and, with the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, walked in, then came to the front desk of the tavern.

“You’re the person in charge of this part of the Peerless Tavern?” Lu Yiping’s gaze landed on a middle-aged man with a big belly. The other party was fat, with small eyes, wearing a hat, and in the middle of the hat, a very bright jade, a rare God-grade jade was set.

The middle-aged man glanced at Lu Yi Ping a few people and said with a smile, “I am, I wonder what the gentleman wants?”

At this time, Hao Bi stepped forward and said, “I remembered a few thousand years ago, this is an old store, we came, we want to find the owner of the old store.”

The middle-aged man frowned lightly and then laughed, “I don’t know, I’m just the person in charge here. I was transferred to take charge of this tavern only a thousand years ago.”

Lu Yiping said indifferently, “You are a disciple of the Gu family? Who was responsible for building this tavern back then?”

The middle-aged man shook his head, “I don’t know, as I said, I was only transferred to be in charge of this tavern a thousand years ago.”

At this time, a young man wearing the Gu Family core disciple’s brocade robe walked in with two female disciples.

“Sister Yun.” “Sister Ting, please come in.”

“Not only this Peerless Tavern, but all the Peerless Taverns in the entire Great Void Domain are under my father’s control.” The young man smiled at the two women, “I will apply for two VIP cards for the two sisters later. In the future, if the two sisters want to drink and come to my Peerless Tavern, not only can they enter the VIP luxury room.”

“And you can get 20% off for all drinks and dishes.”

The two women laughed, “Thank you so much, Sir Gu Linfeng.”

Gu Linfeng smiled and said, “The two sisters are very polite.”

When the young man came in, he found that there were several people with Lu Yiping at the front desk. The Dragon Horned Golden Bull was two meters and twelve and bulky, so he somewhat blocked the passing walkway.

Gu Linfeng frowned and asked the middle-aged man with a big belly, “Who are they?”

When the middle-aged man with a big belly saw that it was Gu Linfeng, he hurriedly came out and came in front of Gu Linfeng and said respectfully, “Back to young master Linfeng, these people came over and said something about this place being an old store thousands of years ago, and then said they wanted to find the old store owner.”

Gu Linfeng spoke, “Since they are not here to drink and eat, then make them go, don’t block here.”

“Yes.” The middle-aged man hurriedly said.

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