The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 131 – Lifeless Sect

“It’s him!” Seeing Lu Yiping from afar, Ao Bi exclaimed offhandedly.

The few experts behind Ao Bi were not the ones who followed him at the last auction, so they did not know Lu Yiping and were all stunned to see Ao Bi’s startling appearance.

They all know their young master’s identity, with the dignity of their young master’s identity, even the giants of the Nine Heavens were not enough to make their young master so pale.

“Young master, who is this person?” One of the experts couldn’t help but ask.

Ao Bi’s voice was heavy, “Lu Yiping.”

“He is Lu Yiping!?” The experts who accompanied Ao Bi were shocked.

Although they had not followed Ao Bi from the Divine Land to the Nine Heavens for a few days, in the past few days since they entered the Nine Heavens, the thing they heard was the Nine Heavens cultivator talk about the most was the death of the Zither God Fu Zhuo.

Some people said that the one who made a move was a young man named Lu Yiping.

“Was he the one who killed the Zither God Fu Zhuo?” A man stared at Lu Yiping in the distance.

Illuminated by the campfire, Lu Yiping gave off a quiet, mysterious feeling.

“It should be him.” Ao Bi said.

After returning to the Divine Land from the Tianji Chamber of Commerce’s auction last time, he thought twice about it and told his father and grandfather about meeting Lu Yiping at the auction.

When his father and grandfather learned that this Lu Yiping might know their old ancestor, they were also amazed and suspicious.

However, their old ancestor did not come out for many years from the Great Dragon Tomb, and even his grandfather did not know if he was alive, so they could not learn the identity of Lu Yiping from their old ancestor.

Later, his grandfather also deliberately investigated the identity of Lu Yi Ping. However, it was never possible to find out the root and foot of Lu Yiping.

Ao Bi hesitated for a while and finally flew over to Lu Yiping’s camp.

Coming to the campfire, he cupped his fist to Lu Yiping and said respectfully, “Greetings, Lord Lu.”

Lu Yiping glanced at the other party and said, “You are also here for the Heavenly Tablet?”

The Heavenly Tablet was about to come out, and Ao Bi appeared in the Nine Heavens. It couldn’t be such a coincidence.

Ao Bi didn’t conceal it and replied respectfully, “Yes, the Heavenly Tablet is about to come out, so we also came over to try our luck.”

“Have a seat.” Lu Yi Ping pointed to an empty seat next to the campfire.

Ao Bi sat on top of that empty seat.

The four experts behind him looked at each other, and all sat down in the position behind Ao Bi as well.

“After the last auction, you went back and talked to your family’s old ancestor?” Lu Yiping asked casually.

Ao Bi shook his head, “My family’s old ancestor entered the Great Dragon Tomb for many years without appearing in the world, and my grandfather has not seen his old man for many years.”

“Oh, entered the Great Dragon Tomb.” Lu Yiping was surprised.

When the four experts behind Ao Bi heard Lu Yi Ping mention their old ancestor of the divine Kingdom, they all looked at Lu Yiping with astonishment and suspicion.

“Yes, our old ancestor entered the deepest part of the Great Dragon Tomb. There, my grandfather could not enter either, so he has not seen the old ancestor for many years.” Ao Bi said.

Speaking of this, he looked at the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine in the hands of Hao Bi, Huang Jiu, and others.

The Ten Thousand Worlds Wine fragrance was very fragrant, and he smelled it from a distance just now.

Lu Yiping threw a jar over.

Ao Bi hurriedly took it, “Thank you, my lord.” But he was not too concerned, with his status of honor, what wine he had not drunk, so, after opening it, he casually drank a sip.

Only just after taking a sip, Ao Bi’s eyes widened, full of disbelief as he re-looked at the Ten Thousand Worlds wine in his hand.

“This wine is?” Ao Bi said in surprise, “Could it have Golden Dragon Fruit in it?”

The four experts behind him were stunned.

Golden Dragon Fruit?

The Golden Dragon Fruit was a dragon divine fruit within the forbidden land of the divine land, and their Divine Kingdom once exterminated countless experts to get a Golden Dragon Fruit.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull smiled.

Ao Bi immediately got up and once again bowed to Lu Yiping and thanked him, “Thank you, Lord Lu, for the wine. Earlier at the auction, Ao Bi was young and frivolous and offended Lord Lu, but Lord Lu did not blame him and instead gave me such valuable wine.

Lu Yiping said, “It’s just a jar of wine, sit down.” Then he said, “You should not be the only ones who came, right?”

Ao Bi sat down and replied respectfully, “Yes, we have come with a hundred people, and my father is also here, but I separated from my father for the time being yesterday so that we will meet again at the front.”

Then, he glanced at Lu Yi Ping and carefully asked, “Lord Lu is also going to Heavenly Tablet Town?”

If Lu Yiping went to Heavenly Tablet Town, more people would die in Heavenly Tablet Town by then.

“I’m going.” Lu Yiping put down the book in his hand and said, “However, we have something to do first, and we have to go to Mysterious Ancient City first.” Afterward, they chatted with each other.

It was getting late, Ao Bi bowed respectfully, then said goodbye and left.

“That kid Ao Mingting entered the Great Dragon Tomb, and it looks like he wants to make a breakthrough by using the dragon essence marrow inside the Great Dragon Tomb.” The Dragon Horned Golden Bull waited until Ao Bi was far away and frowned, “He didn’t come out of the Great Dragon Tomb for so many years; could it be that there was some accident?”

Lu Yiping also all pondered.

Ao Mingting was a small snake he adopted back then, and later got his guidance and started to return to the ancestor and transformed into a dragon body.

After a while, Lu Yiping retracted his thoughts, got up, and continued the journey with a few people from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull.

Half a day later.

Within a mansion in a certain city, Ao Bi met with his father, Ao Yixuan, and Ao Bi said about his encounter with Lu Yiping last night and about the Golden Dragon Fruit in Lu Yi Ping’s Ten Thousand Worlds Wine.

“Golden Dragon Fruit?” Ao Yixuan was amazed, took the Ten Thousand Worlds Wine, poured a small cup out, took a sip, and marveled, “It really is the Golden Dragon Fruit!”

Then added, “It seems there is also Star Chaos Water?”

“Star Chaos Water!” Ao Bi was shocked, “This can’t be right?”

Ao Yixuan mused, “Maybe I misjudged. It should be something like Star Chaos Water.” And said, “This Lu Yiping, what is his origin.”

“This Lu Yiping, if he really knows our old ancestor, could he be a terrifying existence from the Warring Heavens era?” Ao Bi mumbled.

Before the Saint Demon, it was the era of Qi Zhantian, and Qi Zhantian, like the Saint Demon, oppressed the world and was invincible for a generation, so it was called the Warring Heaven Era, and their family’s old ancestor, Ao Mingting, was a strong person of the Warring Heaven Era.

“Warring Heaven Era?” Ao Yixuan was astonished, “This is impossible, right? Even if there are the old experts of the Warring Heaven era still surviving, their qi and blood would be nearly depleted, and it is impossible to walk to everywhere like him.”

“Father, I heard that those old monsters of the Lifeless Sect also came to the Nine Heavens. It seems that they are also here for the Heavenly Tablet.” Ao Bi said.

Ao Yixuan coldly snorted, “Back then, if it weren’t for the Lifeless Sect, I would have gotten the eight pontoons long ago, and when the Heavenly Tablet Town comes, I will take revenge for back then.”

“Hehehe.” At this time, an eerie cold laugh rang out.

Then, the darkness surged, and one figure after another appeared over the mansion, and the whole mansion was surrounded to the ground.

The old man in the lead, with devilish energy surging in his eyes, laughed, “Want to take revenge? I think we don’t have to wait for the Heavenly Tablet Town.”

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