Nobody Truly Think Master is a Mortal, Right? Chapter 26 – Three Million Sword Immortals in Heaven

Three days later.

Heavenly Mist Mountain, Daoless Sect.

The square outside the main hall.

Chu Yuan did not know where he got a recliner from and lay down on the side, holding the book “Basic Cultivation Techniques for the Pre-Qi Refining Realm” in his hand and looking at it.

While looking at it, he was still glancing at Ye Luo who was watching the sky and being enlightened.

Soon Chu Yuan became anxious.

You, this simple kid, come quickly to ask me for advice!.

If you do not ask for advice, how can I obtain your cultivation method?

Chu Yuan had been there three days in a row, and asked Ye Luo whether he wanted him to point out.

 But Ye Luo, the dumb guy, just did not want him to point out. If it wasn’t for the purpose of maintaining the temperament. Chu Yuan wanted to knock Ye Luo’s head off.

No way.

Ye Luo was not willing.

Chu Yuan could not force Ye Luo, he could only sit here every day to see if he could rely on himself to see what Ye Luo was cultivating.

In an open space not far from Chu Yuan.

Ye Luo sat cross-legged, facing the sky, the golden mark on his forehead faintly flickering.

He was determined to carry out the order of his master. So he looked up more.

With the sky watching technique, Ye Luo had been watching heaven and sky to understand the dao. He vaguely already had the first signs of comprehending the third-order chains.

Ye Luo quietly thought about it.

After half an hour of enlightenment, he stopped a little bit and rested for a while.

Hoo ……The master is still there?

Ye Luo sighed with relief and twisted his head to look at Chu Yuan who was lying on the chair.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Master is still trying?

It was a pity.

He had seen his master’s intentions a long time ago!!!

For the past three days, his master had been looking for him, saying that he wanted to instruct him, which he had previously put up.

This surprising move, of course, caught his attention, and he felt that it was something else with deeper meaning!

Well, Ye Luo felt that his master must have seen that he hadn’t tested him for so long.

Now he wanted to come to test his results. For example, use ‘pointing’ to tempt him.

A master of the Crossing Calamity Realm was likely to ascend at any time to point out, was this enough temptation?

The answer was yes!

This was obviously to test Ye Luo’s mind whether it was firm enough to resist the temptation.

Can he fall to this? Of course not!

Ye Luo had to prove his ability to his master, the firmness of his dao heart!

Not far away, Chu Yuan saw Ye Lu stop moving, sat up straight and touched his throat.

“Luo’er, I ask you again, you really do not need master’s guidance? You have to know that with my guidance once, it can save you months of hard work.”

Chu Yuan said with a flushed face and his heart beat fast.

As soon as this remark came out. A smile crossed Ye Luo’s eyes.

Take a look, take a look. Master is tempting me.

He must prove to his master the firmness of his dao heart!

“Master, the disciple is capable of cultivating on his own! To practice cultivation, the master already leads me to the door, cultivation is in the individual, the disciple would never dare to ask for guidance from the master!”

Ye Luo refused with incomparable decisiveness.

Chu Yuan took a deep breath, his heart exploded a bit, but he still endured it, with a calm appearance on the surface.

He stood up and walked a few steps, and then turned to face Ye Luo, he said indifferently, “I want to instruct you, in fact, I want to see what path your sword technique is, if it is suitable, I can pass you a supreme sword move.”

“This sword move, if you can comprehend it, you can be the top swordmaster in the world and stand at the top of the world.”

“Perhaps this way, you do not quite understand, if you comprehend this sword move, then I will send you a sentence.”

“There are three million sword immortals in the sky, but they have to bow their brows when they meet me!”

“This sword move, do you want to learn it?” Chu Yuan couldn’t help it either.

This simple block was not willing to be instructed by him, then he could only open his own fooling mode.

In terms of fooling people around, he was very skilled. After all, this was what he did.

The first thing you needed to do was to get a good idea of what you wanted to do.

He believed that this kid, Ye Luo, would certainly immediately agree!

This was for certain he had already come to this point.

No one would refuse.

If you refuse?


That is not possible!

If Ye Luo still refused, he could pull up the sect hall square below these floors and eat it up one bite at a time!

In Chu Yuan’s line of sight, Ye Luo had no expression, no excitement, no excitement, there seemed to be a trace of…

Want to laugh?

Hey hey hey, teaching peerless swordsmanship, would you rather be more serious? ?

Chu Yuan was taken aback.

Why the situation seemed a bit beyond the control of his Chu.


“Your sword move is certainly very strong, but they are not the most suitable for the disciple, the disciple wants more is his own sword skill!”

“Of course, for the Master’s kindness, disciple is grateful.”

Ye Luo held back his laughter and pretended to look lonely as he spoke to Chu Yuan.

It had come to this point, if he still couldn’t see that his master was testing him, then he might as well just jump off the back cliff.

If you point out one or two, you need to use the best sword moves as bait?

This must be the master testing him.

No one would think that his master wanted to see his sword move and learn his sword move, right?

No way, no way!

No one would really think so, right?

His master is a great powerhouse, he would not be greedy for his lowly sword technique?

Hell no.

Chu Yuan’s face stiffened when he heard that Ye Luo still refused. He didn’t wait for him to say anything. On the other side of the square, a voice came over.

“Senior! Eldest Brother!” It turned out to be Zhang Han who came over.

At this moment, Zhang Han’s heart was filled with excitement.

He had heard the entire conversation between the Master and Eldest Brother.

There were three million sword immortals in the sky, but they had to lower their heads when they met me!

How domineering is this!

How majestic!

With this statement alone, you could see his master’s power to swallow mountains and rivers.

So he couldn’t wait to come over and wanted his master to teach him the cultivation method.

What Chu Yuan didn’t expect was that he didn’t succeed in fooling Ye Luo, but instead he fooled Zhang Han.

Seeing Zhang Han walking over, Chu Yuan could only put his face in order and revert to a breezy appearance, and with a glance down at Zhang Han, he said softly, “Han’er, have you finished organizing your palace?”

Zhang Han nodded respectfully and said with a refined arch of his hand, “Yes, Master, I have finished organizing, and I have come to see Master to ask you to pass on the method of cultivation to me!”

The cultivation method?Just want me to fool again.

Forget it, since you can’t use Ye Luo cultivation technique for the time being, let’s fool Zhang Han first, and stabilize this small realm first.

Chu Yuan waved his hand and said, “Come, let’s go with the master to the temple. Ye Luo! send the cultivation method on the chair for the teacher to the teacher’s bedroom later.”

He pointed to the book on the recliner, “The Basic Cultivation Techniques of the Pre-Qi Refining Realm”.

This book was really unreadable, so progress is slow, I have only read one third of it.

He intended to stay and read it slowly. After Chu Yuan finished speaking, he took Zhang Han into the main hall.

Ye Luo listened to the words of his master. He walked over and picked up the book.


The basic cultivation method for the pre Qi Refining Realm?

What is Master reading this thing for?

Ye Lu still had an impression on this book.

A seven-year-old cousin of his family had read this book, and it was said that it took him two hours to finish reading it all, and he was scolded for his poor qualifications.

He also could not understand what his master was reading this book for. 

Master did not read the pile of bullish secret codes in the Dharma Hall but he read this kind of children’s book?

Ye Luo touched his head, not knowing why, he put the book down and continued to comprehend the Way of Heaven and Earth ……

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