The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 129 – Heavenly Tablet

Tai Qing Sword Sect Patriarch Xu Yun glanced at Zheng Shangqing.

Just now, Zheng Shangqing vowed that if he did not destroy the Returning Origin nor kill Lu Yiping, then he was not called Zheng Shangqing.

Zheng Shangqing’s face became ashen when he felt the Tai Qing Sword Sect Patriarch Xu Yun’s strange eyes.

Everyone had been shocked at the matter of the Zither God Fu Zhuo, the Devil God domain Kun Peng God Sect ancestral land, Kun Peng God Sect patriarch Fei Jie was talking to the Kun Peng God Sect old ancestor Lei Yu reporting the matter of the Zither God Fu Zhuo.

“Oh, a palm to suppress Fu Zhuo?” Lei Yu smiled and was surprised at the same time.

“Yes, it is now all rumored that it was Lu Yiping’s hand, but it is not yet confirmed.” Fei Jie respectfully said, “I also found out that this Lu Yiping killed Jiang Yu when he was in the Eternal Source Plane.”

Lei Yu nodded, then said, “If it is really that Lu Yiping’s palm, it seems that he is not weak.” However, he didn’t put it to heart.

To him, to be able to suppress Fu Zhuo was just not weak.

“The Heavenly Tablet is coming out soon, right?” Lei Yu suddenly said.

Fei Jie was stunned and then said respectfully, “Well, it’s almost out of this world.”

Lei Yu said, “This time, when the Heavenly Tablet comes out, I will be able to make a breakthrough when I enlighten the Heavenly Tablet’s supreme dharma!” A strong aura on his body stronger than the Zither God Fu Zhuo filled the ancestral land of Kun Peng God Sect.


Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull returned to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Earlier, Kong Yifan and others could still face Lu Yiping without changing their expressions, but now they met Lu Yiping again, obsequiously. When they passed the Sacred Hall from afar, they even held their breath and were careful, afraid of stepping on the heavenly thunder in general.

When Feng Wen and others learned that Jun Taizu and several other sect ancestors came over to ally with the Returning Origin Sword Sect, they were naturally delighted.

Lu Yiping ignored the alliance and took Hao Bi into the Sacred Hall, then took out the jade disc of creation.

When Hao Bi saw this jade, he was surprised and said, “The jade in your lord’s hand is the one I left at the ancestral shrine of the Heavenly Demon Clan?”

“Not bad.” Lu Yi Ping asked, “I want to know, where did you get this piece of jade?” Only then did Hao Bi understand what Lu Yi Ping was looking for.

This piece of jade, could there be a secret that he didn’t know?

Hao Bi thought back for a moment and said, “This jade was bought by me back in the Mysterious  Ancient City of the Great Void domain. “

“Bought it?” Lu Yi Ping was greatly surprised.

Initially, he guessed that Hao Bi found this Jade Disc of Creation in some dangerous or precious land by chance.

“Yes.” Hao Bi nodded, “Although many years have passed, I still remember, back then I bought it in an old store in Mysterious Ancient City, the owner of that old store said this jade is their family heirloom, so the price is a bit high, I was still at the peak of the late stage of True God. I spent 100 million divine spirit stones to buy it.”

Hao Bi’s family had traveled all over the world, and his savings were not much. One hundred million divine spirit stones were not small for a True God with little money.

Hao Bi said, “At that time, I thought this jade was extraordinary and worth spending a lot of money to buy this jade. I bought this jade, then returned to the sky demon tribe. But I have not been able to study this jade secret, and I only know that this jade can meditate and clear the mind. Moreover, it can drive back the evil ghosts.”

“After I broke through the Heavenly God, this jade is not very useful to me, and I left it in the ancestral shrine of the Heavenly Demon Clan.”

Lu Yiping smiled, and with a flick of his hand, a huge Heavenly Grade Original Stone flew out.

“Heavenly grade original stone!” Hao Bi was shocked.

Heavenly Grade Spirit Stones, which had a price in the Nine Heavens, were many times higher than God Grade Spirit Stones.

As for the Heavenly Grade Original Stones that hadn’t been cut yet, there was even less to say.

“This Heavenly Grade Original Stone can be cut for ten million pieces.” Lu Yiping said, “Also, Hao Bi, please take me to that old store in Mysterious Ancient City.”

When Hao Bi heard that, he was a bit frightened and hurriedly shook his hand and said, “Your Excellency, you saved me earlier, this Heavenly Grade Original Stone, I can’t accept it, when your Excellency wants to go over, I can take your Excellency to that old store anytime.”

How dare he charge Lu Yiping’s money.

“You can accept it.” Lu Yiping said, “This is another matter.”

Hao Bi smiled and hesitated for a moment, and put away the heavenly raw stone, “Hao Bi thanks your honor a lot.” Then he said, “Actually, I have one thing that I want to bother you.”

Lu Yiping said, “Go ahead. “

“My disciple Su Yi, this child is good in both talent and nature, he has followed me all these years to the east and west, wandering the world, and has suffered a lot, so I want him to stay in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, I implore you to take him in.” Hao Bi pleaded.

“So that’s how it is.” Lu Yiping laughed, “Seeing your serious look, I thought it was something big, okay, I’ll just talk to Chu Tong later.”

“When the time comes, he can stay in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, let Feng Wen make the time to instruct him.”

Once Hao Bi heard this, he was happy to pay his respects to Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping let the other party get up, then called Chu Tong and talked to him about Hao Bi’s disciple, Su Yi, and asked him to arrange Hao Bi’s place of residence.

“I’m going to make a trip to the Great Void Domain in a couple of days.” After Chu Tong arranged the matter of Hao Bi, Lu Yiping said to Chu Tong, “In these two days, I will give you a chance to strengthen the Ancestral Ground Grand Formation of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.”

Although the Returning Origin Sword Formation of the Ancestral Lang was not weak, it was a bit forced to deal with the late-stage experts of the Plane Lord.

“Master, are you going to the Great Void domain?” Chu Tong was amazed, “Master, you’ve just arrived a few days ago, stay for some more days.”

Lu Yiping shook his head, “I have some matters, and I have to go to the Great Void domain Mysterious Ancient City. I came over this time to see you, by the way.” Then said, “That Peerless Wine Sage of the Peerless Restaurant is a named disciple of the Saint Demon?”

Chu Tong was stunned and nodded, “Gu Wushuang is indeed a named disciple of Senior Brother Saint Demon, but outsiders do not know my relationship with you, Senior, so Gu Wushuang does not know about my relationship with Senior Brother Saint Demon.”

Gu Wushuang, was none other than the real name of the Peerless Wine Sage.

Then said, “Gu Wushuang’s business acumen is excellent, Peerless tavern is well run. It has been the first tavern in the Nine Heavens, with the tavern financial power, he is strong under his command, at least not weaker than the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Profound Sky Sect.”

“However, Gu Wushuang now rarely manages the matter of the tavern, some of his descendants and Profound Sky Sect, Tai Qing Sword Sect is very close, and some of his juniors are a little arrogant.”

As for how arrogant Chu Tong did not say.

Apparently, Gu Wushuang’s descendants gave him a wrong impression.

Then, Lu Yiping asked about some things about the Tai Qing Sword School, the Profound Sky Sect, the Zither and Painting Sect, and the Kunpeng Divine Sect.

Chu Tong all reported what he knew in detail to Lu Yiping.

“Master, this time, you go to the Great Void Domain. Please be careful, and the Great Void Domain has always been very chaotic.” Chu Tong said, “I heard that recently it’s even more chaotic, someone killed a disciple of the Blade God, and the Blade God and Yan family have been searching for the murderer.”

However, he also knew that with Lu Yiping’s strength, there was nothing to worry about.

The following two days.

Lu Yiping studied the Jade Disc of Creation at night and took time during the day to instruct Chu Tong to cultivate and reinforce the sword formation of the Ancestral Land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Of course, he did not forget to water the building tree every day.

On the third day, after Chu Tong, Su Yi, and others sent off Lu Yiping the Dragon Horned Golden Bull, and Hao Bi, they all left the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

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