It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 235 – The First Hardship Is Finally Here

On a flying boat that flew to the Deep Secluded Coast, Sun Hao’s expression was very ugly.

Just now, he played three songs in a row, but there was no effect. There was neither destructiveness nor could he break through the Lingxu Secret Realm.

This hit him hard in the chest, and he couldn’t bear it.

“Was I really thinking too much? My skills can only help others improve their strength, give others beauty, and enhance their understanding, but they have no effect on me? Not even a bit of damage? I’m just a super nanny(1)? What kind of fraud is this?!” Sun Hao murmured dejectedly.

There was no way to survive in this world as a nanny, moreover a nanny that couldn’t treat himself. Wasn’t this just a big pit?

Try again, if it still didn’t work, then go back to collect the blessing points honestly! Sun Hao thought inwardly and made a decision.

“Young Master, are we going to make a space jump?” Huang Rumeng asked.

“No, just fly over.” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!” Huang Rumeng nodded slightly.

The Western Region, the Northwest Coast.

Because it was close to the endless sea, this stretch of coast was also called the Deep Secluded Coast.

Throughout the year, no one was seen.


The cold wind howled, and the heavy snow flew. The earth was covered in silver, and the dim sky seemed to be suppressed.

In a cave underground.

The patriarch of the corpse puppet clan-Mo Hun sat in the main seat, looking at the group of men. On the skinless half of his face, his eyes kept turning.

“Are you all ready?” Mo Hun asked.

“Patriarch, we’re ready, as long as the Godly Cunning Immortal entered the grand formation, there will definitely be no return!”

“En!” Mo Hun nodded, “Mo Jia, where is the Godly Cunning Immortal now?”

“Patriarch, he is rushing here and will arrive soon!”

Hearing this, Mo Hun nodded slightly.

“The high priest is really good at calculation, he knows that the Godly Cunning Immortal will come here without any mistake!”

“Didn’t Godly Cunning Immortal can calculate everything? Then what about this time? No matter how good you are, you will have nowhere to go this time!” Mo Hun said resentfully.

Above ground swept in the wind and snow, four blurred figures approached from far away.

One of them was riding on a wildebeest, and his eyebrows were covered with frost. This person was Ning Mingzhi.

Behind him were a monkey, a pig, and an arhat.

“Oh my, it’s so cold. This old pig is about to become a frozen pig! Master, let’s rest over a fire!” said the pig demon.

“You are a dead pig, you are afraid of being cold! Master who was a mortal didn’t say anything!” said the monkey demon.

“Monkey, look there…” said the pig demon, pointing forward.

“That is the endless sea! Master, the endless sea is here!” said the monkey demon.

“Finally to the endless sea! I’m really exhausted!”

The pig demon sat down, “Master, this has been tens of thousands of miles, let’s take a rest!”


The pig demon’s head was hit severely that he trembled violently.

The pig demon hugged his head and ran to Ning Mingzhi, “Master, the monkey beat me again!”

“You’re asking for it! Why are you always tired? When did I hit you?” said the monkey demon.

“Master, obviously I just…”


Ning Mingzhi shouted softly and the two demons immediately calmed down. Ning Mingzhi looked ahead worriedly.

“Master, what’s the matter with you? Is there a monster?” the monkey demon asked.


Ning Mingzhi sighed heavily, “What worries me is that there is no way to accomplish what Young Master told me!”

“Master, what does this mean?”

“Young Master said that when we go west, we will experience 9×9 or 81 hardships! Now let alone hardships, there is not even one obstacle, everything is going too smoothly!” Ning Mingzhi said.

“Master, where is there no hardship? We are all frozen pigs! Isn’t being in this cold also a hardship? Even if this is not a hardship, three days ago I was so hungry that I fainted and completely lost weight. Also, last time we came across a lion demon and it bit a hole in my pants, isn’t that a hardship?”

When the pig demon’s words reached Ning Mingzhi’s ears, a bunch of black lines appeared on his forehead.

“Alright!” Ning Mingzhi said softly, and the pig demon suddenly fell silent.

“Master, did it count when I kill that lion demon last time?” said the monkey demon.

“It did not count!”

Ning Mingzhi shook his head for a while, “You knocked the lion demon to death with a stick. We ate for three days, so there is no hardship, it is obviously enjoyment!”


The monkey demon’s expression was stagnant, “Master, then I will do it lightly next time!”

“Do not!”

Ning Mingzhi waved his hand, “If you don’t try your best, it will be perfunctory, and Young Master will naturally know!”

“These 9×9 or 81 hardships must be experienced with all of our strength!” Ning Mingzhi said.

“Master, I understand!” The monkey demon nodded.

“Monkey, it’s your fault. If you were weak, we would have gone through eighty-one difficulties long ago! Very good now, we can’t accomplish these eighty-one hardships at all!” The pig demon looked at the monkey demon and sneered.

“Bah… asking to be beaten!”

The monkey demon lifted the stick and rushed up to fight with the pig demon.


The metal clang continuously.

After a while.

“Ouch, don’t hit the face!”

“Master, help, Monkey is killing Pig!”

“Smelly monkey, dead monkey, I won’t let you go!”

“Grandpa Monkey, don’t hit, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, can’t I be wrong?”

The drought demon looked at this scene and giggled foolishly, “Big Brother and Second Brother are so funny! That looks fun, I also want to play!”

After speaking, the drought demon lifted the pole and rushed over.

Seeing this scene, the pig demon and monkey demon’s complexion changed drastically, and they dispersed immediately without even thinking about it.

“Big brother, second brother, let’s play for a while!” Han Yan said.

Hearing this, the two demons broke into a cold sweat.

Who dares to play with a pervert like you. Last time, I was almost beaten to death by you!

“Fourth Junior Brother, this game is not for you to play!” said the pig demon.

“It looks fun, I want to play together next time!” The drought demon said.


The pig demon secretly wiped out the cold sweat, looked at the monkey demon, and saw him nodding, he was relieved.

After the fight, everyone returned to Ning Mingzhi and followed him to look ahead.

“Let’s go!” Ning Mingzhi said softly and walked forward first.

The other three followed closely behind.

Shortly after, they stood by the sea.


A cold wind blew through.

Thick black smoke suddenly appeared in the snow and wrapped them in the blink of an eye.

Looking at this scene, Ning Mingzhi’s eyes were full of brilliance.

“The first hardship is finally here!” Ning Mingzhi said.

“First hardship?”

The pig demon narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help but become numb.

“Master, this… this is terrible!”

After speaking, the pig demon raised his rake and moved back. However, before he ran two steps, he stopped.


He slammed into an invisible barrier, rebounded, and fell to the ground, gnawing on the ice and snow(2).

Their eyesight was blocked, and they could not see clearly around.

At this time.

“Ha ha ha……”

A burst of laughter came from the black fog.

“Godly Cunning Immortal have this day too? Even the Jade Emperor wouldn’t be able to save you! You must die here today!” 

The sound came from all directions, resounding in everyone’s ears like thunder.


The monkey demon snorted coldly, “Fourth Junior Brother, protect Master, leave the rest to me!”

“Okay, big brother!”

The drought demon guarded Ning Mingzhi behind him, with a serious look on his face.

“Stop pretending!” The monkey demon swung the iron rod forward.


With a bang, the black mist shattered and turned into a vacuum within two miles.

The monkey demon hadn’t reacted yet. His pupils contracted when he looked up.

A big dark hand that could cover the sky peeked down towards the monkey demon.

The monkey demon’s face changed drastically, and he ran wildly. However, he was too late.

“Little monkey demon dare to be presumptuous, die!”

Along with this sound, a big hand fell from the sky and swatted the monkey demon repeatedly.


The ground shook, snow and ice splashed. It swelled and exploded in rows.

The monkey demon was slapped into the underground and disappeared.

  1. Game lingo for healer.
  2. Fell face first.

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