The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 128 – Suppressed by a Mysterious Expert

Hearing Lu Yiping mentioned the matter of the Fan Family, Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo, and the Black Wind Sect, the other two old ancestors of the Tao Family were alarmed in their hearts.

“My lord, the Fan Family’s old ancestor has betrayed his trust and justice.” Qi Yifan defended.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull opened his mouth and interrupted, “As far as we know, the Fan family ancestor previously saved your Black Wind Sect, but you turned around and allied with the Tao family to destroy the Fan family, it was you who betrayed trust and justice, right?”

Both Qi Yifan and Tao Haibo squeaked.

With a flick of his hands, Lu Yiping shattered Qi Yifan’s and Tao Haibo’s godhead and divine veins, but he didn’t kill them and kept them alive.

Afterward, Lu Yiping and the Dragon Horned Golden Bull took Hao Bi and his disciples out of the courtyard and returned to the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Of course, Jun Tai Zu, Jun Tian Jian, and others followed behind.

Just as Lu Yiping returned to the Returning Origin Sword Sect, the story of the Zither God coming out of the world and coming to the Returning Origin Sword Sect but being suppressed instead soon spread.

The Nine Heavens shook.

Zither Domain.

The Zither Sect’s Patriarch Painted Ruisheng was in the main hall, looking in disbelief at the Supreme Elder who reported to him, “You, what are you saying?! The old ancestor Zither God he was suppressed on the spot by a heaven-shattering Buddha palm?!”

“Yes, Lord Patriarch.” That great elder of the Zither and Painting Sect knelt down on the ground, with a crying voice, and said, “According to one of the patriarchs present, originally, the Old Ancestor of the Zither God broke Chu Tong’s Sword of Ten Thousand Dharma with his zither, and Chu Tong was supposed to lose, but suddenly, a heaven-shattering Buddha palm appeared and crushed the Old Ancestor of the Zither God into the ground with one palm.”

“The Old Ancestor Zither God didn’t even have a chance to escape!”

“That heaven-shattering Buddha’s hand was just too strong.”

The Zither and Painting Patriarch, Dou Ruisheng, who was standing, heard the words and fell down to sit on his throne.

“Even the old ancestor of the late realm of the Plane Lord, the Zither God, was suppressed into the ground with a single palm!” Dou Ruisheng was dumbfounded and muttered to himself.

“What happened after that?” Suddenly, he asked, his eyes grew hopeful as he asked that Supreme Elder.

The Supreme Elder did not dare to hide, he then replied, “Later, the old ancestor of the Zither God was taken away by the other side, disappeared, someone said before the old ancestor of the Zither God disappeared, his divine vein had been broken, so he was already a dying person.”

Originally, Ruisheng’s heart still harbored a little hope as his mouth hung open, sitting there frozen.

The Elder screamed again, “Also after the Old Ancestor Zither God was captured and taken away, Chu Tong shot his sword on the spot and killed Divine Maiden Xu Qiaoyin and Lord He Yi.”

The originally devastated and stunned Dou Ruisheng could not help but rise up in anger, “Chu Tong, you dare to kill my disciple!”

But not only did Chu Tong dare, but he killed two people in a row!

“Returning Origin Sword Sect! my Zither and Painting Sect, and you will not rest until death!” Dou Ruisheng roared in anger.

The Elder looked at the always elegant Dou Rousheng with a fierce face, looking like being stormed by madness. He could not help but silently say after the Zither God was suppressed, and his two disciples were killed, whoever was the Zither and Painting Sect Patriarch, I’m only afraid that he would go mad.

After a while, when Dou Ruisheng’s emotions stabilized, that supreme leader said, “Patriarch, the Returning Origin Sword Sect has such an expert, I think, our Zither and Painting Sect still has to think long and hard.”

At that moment, a voice floated out from within the ancestral land of the Zither and Painting Sect.

“Don’t move the Returning Origin Sword Sect for now.” The voice did not have a trace of emotion, and it made people listen to it with a kind of pore-chilling feeling. A feeling that was like being targeted by a terrifying demon.

Hearing this voice, Dou Ruisheng hurriedly kneeled down to the ancestral ground and worshiped, “Dou Ruisheng obeys the divine decree of Old Ancestor Mu Jie!”

Old Ancestor Mu Jie!

When he suddenly remembered a person,, the supreme elder heard Dou Ruisheng say that he felt cold all over, prostrated on the ground and did not dare to move.

Qin Mojue, like the Zither God Fu Zhuo, were both strong experts of the same era of the Zither and Painting Sect, and the two were master brothers, both under the tutelage of Lord Tian Cang.

Only the Qin Mojue acted in a low profile, rarely strikes, not as famous as the Zither God Fu Zhuo, but the experts of the Zither and Painting Sect know that the Qin Mojue’s strength, but also above the Zither God Fu Zhuo!

Back then, when the Qin Mojue suddenly disappeared, the Zither and Painting Sect announced to the public that the Qin Mojue had perished.

Now, he’s still alive?

Could it be that the Qin Mojue had been hiding in the ancestral land to dive into secret techniques?

“Investigate clearly, who is the person who cast the Buddha Palm and what is the relationship with the Returning Origin Sword Sect.” The voice of the Qin Mojue came, “Investigate clearly and report to me immediately.”

“Yes, please rest assured, Old Ancestor Mojuei.” Dou Ruisheng said respectfully.

The voice disappeared.

 At this time, in the main hall of Tai Qing Sword Sect, Zheng Shangqing looked at Tai Qing Sword Sect Patriarch Huang Yaoyun and said coldly, “Have you investigated clearly? Did Chu Tong really kill Qin Huai and the seven Heavenly Gods and nearly one hundred True Gods at that time?”

The patriarch of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, Xu Yun, replied respectfully, “In reply to the old patriarch, the investigation is clear, Qin Huai and the others have indeed died in the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect!”

Zheng Shangqing suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed angrily, his voice dripping with strong killing intent.

“Good old Returning Origin Sword Sect, first they killed my Tai Qing Sword Sect ancestor Wu Jinguo, I sent people over to question them, and now they’ve even killed all the people I sent there!”

“Chu Tong, if I don’t destroy your Returning Origin Sword Sect and kill Lu Yiping, I won’t be Zheng Shangqing!”

Zheng Shangqing’s voice resounded in the hall.

Then, he said to the patriarch of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, “I’m going to the Returning Origin Sword Sect now!”

Just as Zheng Shangqing was about to leave, he saw a Tai Qing Sword Sect Elder run in panicked and report to Zheng Shangqing and Xu Yun, “Report to Elder Patriarch Shangqing and Lord Patriarch, news just came from the side of the Returning Origin Sword Sect that Lord Zither God Fu Zhuo descended to the Returning Origin Sword Sect, but was suppressed underground by a mysterious person who cast the Supreme Buddha Palm!”

Both Zheng Shangqing and Xu Yun froze.

“What do you say? Lord Zither God has come out of the world?” Xu Yun couldn’t believe it, “And was suppressed by a mysterious expert of the Returning Origin Sword Sect?”

“Yes.” The Supreme Elder hurriedly told the truth about the news he had received.

When Zheng Shangqing and XuYun heard that Zither God Fu Zhuo defeated Chu Tong, but suddenly was blown into the ground by a move of the Supreme Buddha Palm, the two people were full of shock.

Suppression and one-handed suppression were two different things.

“Someone else said that this mysterious expert is Lu Yiping.” The supreme elder added.

“What, Lu Yiping?!” Zheng Shangqing and Chu Yun shook.

Zheng Shangqing even swallowed his saliva, and his throat was dry and itchy.

“Are you sure?” Xu Yun opened his mouth, only to feel his heart gripping so hard.

“Not sure yet, someone said, that mysterious expert’s voice, like Lu Yiping’s, but no one saw it was Lu Yiping’s strike.” The supreme elder said, “But some people say that it is not Lu Yiping. He left the Returning Origin Sword Sect long ago and went out.”

“Use all your power to check, as fast as possible, find out whether Lu Yiping was not in the Returning Origin Sword Sect at that time or not.” Zheng Shangqing said with a gloomy face.

That Supreme Elder led the order and went away.

Looking at the departing Supreme Elder, Zheng Shangqing’s face changed, just now, he said he would go to the Returning Origin Sword Sect and destroy the Returning Origin Sword Sect and Lu Yiping, but now what?

His strength was strong, but he was just not on par with the Zither God Fu Zhuo.

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