It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 234: Daoist Ruoxi’s Successive Breakthrough

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Sun Hao retracted the hammer and looked at the undamaged desert, black lines appeared on his forehead.

The Heaven-breaking hammer method that he had comprehended had no effect at all.

This was a completely ordinary person attacking the sand with a hammer, the result could be imagined.

“Could it be that I was thinking too much?”

It was inevitable to be a little discouraged when the result was unfavorable.

Sun Hao frowned, thinking inwardly.

“Since the hammer is useless, the knife should have some use, right?”

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, she immediately took out a kitchen knife and handed it to Sun Hao.

Then, Sun Hao showed various deboning techniques. However, there was still no mark on the desert. Not to mention tearing the world apart, not even a grain of sand disappeared.

“Kitchen knife also not good, then what about the hatchet?”

Sun Hao picked up the hatchet and performed firewood cutting method.

The result was still useless. Apart from splashing the sand around, there wasn’t any harm.

After a few more experiments, Sun Hao lost his temper completely.

“No way, my skills are so awesome, how can there be no damage skills! Maybe this place is wrong, try another place!”

Thinking of this, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng, “Rumeng, let’s go to Chiling Void!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

After Huang Rumeng finished speaking, she summoned the immortal boat, took Sun Hao, and disappeared into the sky. The boat reappeared in a certain place where they could step on air without falling.

“Rumeng, this is Chiling Void?” Sun Hao looked at the continent below, with a look of surprise on his face.

“Yes, Young Master. It is said that this is the entrance to the secret realm left by Daoist Ling Xu!” Huang Rumeng said.

“Entrance to the secret realm?”

Sun Hao swept his eyes around, but he didn’t see any entrance, “How do we get in?”

“Young Master, it should be closed, so we can’t find the entrance!” Huang Rumeng smiled and shook her head.

“In that case, let me try! Rumeng, take out the guqin!”

“Okay, Young Master!”

After setting up the guqin, Sun Hao looked around and smiled.

“Let’s see if ‘Meditation Song’ works?” Thinking of this, Sun Hao began to pluck the strings.


The guqin’s sound vibrated. The pleasant sound that came from the tip of Sun Hao’s hand stretched in all directions and resounded throughout the world.

Lingxu Secret Realm in the void.

There was a woman sitting cross-legged in front of a crystal coffin, cultivating with her eyes closed.

This person was none other than Daoist Ruoxi.

A few months ago, Luo Liuyan and Su Yiling brought “Lingxi Diagram” to her. In the past few months, she has been trying to break through but she failed every time she touched that hurdle. It seemed like she was missing something.

Daoist Ruoxi frowned as she reached the most critical juncture.


At this time, the guqin sound continued.

When Daoist Ruoxi heard this, her brows instantly smoothened. She sat on the ground with a knowing smile.


In just a moment, the realm membrane on her body instantly cracked.

At this moment, she finally became an Abstruse Immortal.

However, this was not over.

The guqin sound rapidly increased her strength.

Shortly after, the sound stopped while Daoist Ruoxi still sat motionless on the ground. The corners of her mouth raised slightly in a look of joy.


The membrane cracked again. At this moment, she broke through the Immortal Realm.

“Breakthrough, breakthrough two realms in a row! Which senior is helping me?” Daoist Ruoxi muttered to herself and clenched her fists excitedly.

It took a long time before she calmed down. However, when she just stood up.


The guqin sound continued.

Invisible killing intent soared up and twisted in all directions.

Thousands of horses were galloping, and thousands of soldiers were at war.

At this moment, the scenery in front of Daoist Ruoxi changed rapidly.

It was as though she was in a battlefield, transforming into a little soldier, and started to fight fiercely. Her body stained with the enemy’s blood. She had no way to retreat, so she could only move forward.

The killing intent in her heart surging for thousands of miles. There was only killing in her eyes, to kill the enemies and protect the country behind her. No matter if she was exhausted nor if she kept falling down.

When the guqin sound stopped, Daoist Ruoxi did not open her eyes. She quietly felt all the changes in her body, and the corners of her mouth raised slightly.

After a long time, she opened her eyes.

“Slaughter Dao, I actually realized Slaughter Dao, and directly reached the pinnacle level, that is to say, I am already an Abstruse Immortal on Slaughter Dao!”

“This is simply incredible! Which exceptionally talented senior was helping me? I must pay them a visit!”

Thinking like this, Daoist Ruoxi stood up and was about to leave the secret realm.


The guqin sound could be heard again.

This time, the sound was abrupt and slow, sometimes fast and slow. There were no rules, patterns, nor rhythms.

Daoist Ruoxi was constantly swayed by the sound, being here for a while, and then there, the body was simply difficult to control.

“This…this is the Dao Rhyme of Space Dao! This is too scary!” Daoist Ruoxi muttered to himself, she was beyond shock.

She closed her eyes and sensed the Space Dao around her, releasing her mind and letting the Space Dao Rhyme washed her.

The guqin sound stopped after a long time.

Daoist Ruoxi opened her eyes.

“The Space Dao is extremely difficult to comprehend. I didn’t expect that I had reached the realm of great achievement! Which senior had repeatedly help me? This kind of great favor is unforgettable! It’s time to meet that senior!”

After speaking, Daoist Ruoxi stood up, took a step out, and instantly disappeared from Lingxu secret realm. When she appeared again, she had already come to the entrance.

Daoist Ruoxi couldn’t help frowning slightly as she swept her divine sense.

“Senior? Where did you go?”

After a while, she withdrew her sense and couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

“Ai, I will always remember senior’s kindness in my heart. See you later, I will definitely thank you in person!”

After regaining her bearing, Daoist Ruoxi glanced towards Jade Lake Palace.

“It’s time to find those two little fellows. How are they dooing now? It’s also time to visit Young Master! It was thanks to Young Master that I was able to get out from the haze!”

Thinking like this, Daoist Ruoxi’s figure flashed and disappeared. When she reappeared, she had already come to the top of the Jade Lake Palace.

She glanced at Jade Lake Palace, her eyes widened, she couldn’t believe it.

“The supreme sacred place is indeed incredible!”

“With this kind of supreme sacred place, no one would be able to make trouble for Jade Lake Palace!”

Flying down.

Daoist Ruoxi glanced around and frowned slightly, “No, the mark I left on her is not here. Where is it?” 

Daoist Ruoxi furrowed her eyebrows.

“Who are you looking for?”

At this moment, a disciple of Jade Lake Palace stepped forward and asked.

“I’m looking for Luo Liuyan.” Daoist Ruoxi said.

“You are?”

“I’m called Daoist Ruoxi.”

“Daoist Ruoxi, please wait a moment, I’ll report!”


After a while, the disciple walked out and gestured please, “Senior, please come inside! The palace master is not here, but the saintess will return soon!”


Daoist Ruoxi followed his disciple and quickly walked into the Jade Lake Palace.

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