The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 127 – The Death of Zither God

Xu Qiaoyin covered her cherry mouth and looked at the Zither God Fu Zhuo, who was blown into the bottomless pit in the ground with shocked eyes.

All the participants of the Sword Sect Assembly had eyes full of horror.

This sudden scene leaving the crowd, in addition to horror, only shock.

Heart full of shock!

Fu Zhuo, the Zither God who had been famous in the Nine Heavens since the age of Saint Demon, was imprinted into the earth by the sudden appearance of the Buddha’s palm! There was no suspense, no resistance, and there was no chance to escape.

What kind of great power was this? It could suppress such an old existence of the Nine Heavens whose Zither Dao has been glorified with one palm!

Feng Wen, Kong Yifan, and others were shocked, but their mind recalled the voice just now, their lives, you can’t get it, yours, I want it!

That voice was very familiar!

They had spent a lot of time with the owner of this voice in the past few days.

But didn’t the owner of this voice leave the Returning Origin Sword Sect in the morning?

Was he nearby? And not far away?

Sun Hongyuan, who was standing beside Qiu Yue, also had a chill on his body.

This voice, it seemed that he was also familiar with it?

The Returning Yuan Sword Sect people could not see Lu Yi Ping’s strike through the heavy space. Still, within the courtyard of Lake City, Jun Family’s Jun Ancestor and Jun Family’s experts and Hao Bi, Qi Yifan, and Tao Haibo could see it clearly.

He saw Lu Yi Ping’s palm shattering space, his palm power passing through the heavy space, and then directly suppressing the Zither God Fu Zhuo into the ground.

The Dragon Horned Golden Bull cast the Sun Moon Mountain and River Sword Formation and blasted Jun Tianjian away. Jun Taizu was about to strike when suddenly he saw Lu Yiping’s palm shatter through the heavy space and slammed the Zither God Fu Zhuo into the ground. His eyes were full of horror.

Although it was the Heavenly God domain, the Returning Origin Sword Sect was in the Heavenly God domain Qing Yun Province and Lu Yiping was in Lake City, in the Wind and Thunder Province!

The two places, don’t know how many thousands of miles apart?

How many thousands of miles apart were the two places? Could one person’s power be this strong?

Although the Plane Lord controlled the plane’s power, his power was still limited, so when he blasted out ten thousand miles, his power would be exhausted.

However, Lu Yi Ping’s palm force passed through many thousands of miles of space, and not only did it not run out, but it also directly crushed a Nine Heaven Old Expert into the ground.

At this time, Lu Yiping took a shot in the void.

Over the Returning Origin Sword Sect, the huge handprint appeared again.

Just when the crowd thought the huge handprint was going to continue to blast the Zither God Fu Zhuo, suddenly, the handprint took Fu Zhuo out of the bottomless pit under the ground, and then shattered the high altitude, carrying Fu Zhuo and vanished into the depths of space, and instantly disappeared in front of the crowd.

Looking at the closed, broken high altitude, the crowd stayed for a long time.

The sun was still shining high above the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Everything was beautiful and sunny. Just now, everything seemed to be a dream?

But there was still a vast Buddha palm printed on the ground, and the Buddha’s light still overflowed from the bottomless pit.

The mountain peaks that were flattened by the palms of the Buddha were still blowing in sand.

Chu Tong’s face remained as usual. He swallowed a healing pill and then said loudly to everyone, “Gentlemen, it’s okay, please don’t spread the word about today’s incident.” However, he also knew that it would only take a short time for the matter to shake the Nine Heavens.

Just as Chu Tong was about to turn around and enter the Ancestral Land of Return, Lu Yiping’s voice came, “Xu Qiaoyin’s  the two, kill them.”

Chu Tong was stunned and turned his head to look at the two Xu Qiaoyin, He Yi in the distance, and the black and white long sword appeared in his hand.

Xu Qiaoyin and He Yi felt Chu Tong killing intent, their expressions changed, and they were about to flee. Only after the two turned around were they overwhelmed by the sword qi in the sky.

After a while, the two completely dissipated within the sword qi.

Chu Tong collected his sword, turned around, and entered the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Kong Yifan and the others wriggled their throats, looking at Chu Tong’s figure, feeling complicated. Earlier, they even presumed to persuade their ancestor to capture Lu Yiping and hand him over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect to pay for his crime. After thinking about it, they were full of shame at the same time, and they only felt their backs were full of cold sweat.

Kong Yifan and others followed behind Chu Tong into the ancestral land.

The crowd looked at Xu Qiaoyin and He Yin, whom Chu Tong killed, and was stunned for a long time.

Qiu Yue, Sun Hongyuan, and the others only got up after Chu Tong, and the others entered the ancestral land.

“Lord Qiu Yue, do you think that voice just now, could it be?” Sun Hongyuan opened his mouth, and his voice couldn’t help but tremble.

Qiu Yue but looked at the Buddha’s palm on the ground for a long time with no words.

Inside the small courtyard of Lake City, Fu Zhuo was thrown to the ground by Lu Yiping.

Lu Yiping kept his strength, so Fu Zhuo did not die.

Seeing Fu Zhuo being thrown to the ground like a dead dog, dying, the feeling in the hearts of Jun Taizu and others was indescribable.

Fu Zhuo’s whole body was cracked and bloodstained, and he looked at Lu Yiping, his heart was terrified, “Who are you?”

“Before you came, didn’t you ask that Xu Qiaoyin, what I look like?” Lu Yiping said in an indifferent voice.

“You are Lu Yiping!” Fu Zhuo’s long green hair was shaking, and the sand and dust above shook off a little.

He was from the same time as the Saint Demon, and before he retired, he was named the Zither God and had experienced countless wars and battles, so he had never seen anything, but now when he faced Lu Yiping, only a deep was left.

Because the strength Lu Yiping showed was too appalling and had completely exceeded his perception.

Listening to Fu Zhuo say that the blue-shirted young man was Lu Yiping, Jun Taizu, Jun Tianjian, and other people were in fear, they could not help but be surprised. Chu Tong sheltered Lu Yiping and went against the Tai Qing Sword Sect matter had recently spread to the Heavenly God, so this person is Lu Yiping?

At this time, Lu Yiping appeared in front of a snow-white zither, and it was the Snow-filled Universe.

Lu Yiping looked at Fu Zhuo with an indifferent voice, “The zither is here, come and get it.”

Fu Zhuo shook his hand in shock, “Please spare my life for my ignorance, and I would never dare to offend the Returning Origin Sword Sect and your Excellency next time.”

Lu Yiping said in a cold voice, “You think there will be a next time?”

“If I hadn’t stepped in in time, the Returning Origin Sword Sect would have been flowing with blood by now.”

In the midst of Fu Zhuo’s panic, Lu Yiping’s hand plucked the Snow-filled Universe, and he saw countless zither sounds fly out and blast into Fu Zhuo’s body in unison.

Immediately, Fu Zhuo exploded into flying blood mist. The Zither God, Fu Zhuo, died!

Looking at the death of Fu Zhuo, who was already famous from the Saint Demon Era, in front of himself and others, Jun Taizu, Jun Tianjian, and others only felt cold hands and feet.

Lu Yiping turned his head over, his gaze fell on Jun Taizu, and spoke, “I give you two choices, one is the Jun family making an alliance with the Returning Origin Sword Sect, in the future, you take the Returning Origin Sword Sect as your lead.”

“The second is, like Fu Zhuo, die!”

Jun Taizu’s face changed shadily.

After thinking a moment, he took a deep breath and bowed and cupped his fist to Lu Yiping, “The Jun Family is willing to ally with the Returning Yuan Sword Sect.”

“Please rest assured, my lord, in the future, I will look forward to the Returning Origin Sword Sect lead.”

Qi Yifan also hurriedly stepped forward and said, “The Black Wind Clan is willing to ally with the Returning Yuan Sword Sect and will look up to the Returning Yuan Sword Sect in the future.”

Tao Haibo also said, “The Tao family is willing to ally with the Returning Origin Sword Sect and will look up to the Returned Origin Sword Sect.”

Several other old ancestors also spoke.

“Oh, you are the Black Wind Sect’s old ancestor and the Tao Family’s old ancestor?” Lu Yi Ping looked at Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo, and the two of them, unexpectedly.

Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo both saw Lu Yiping’s face was not right. Their hearts thumped.

“Fan family, you guys still remember, right?” Lu Yiping said. Initially, he didn’t want to take care of the Fan family’s affairs, but now that he ran into it, then he settled it by the way.

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