The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 87 – Are You Happy When You Hurt Me?

Gu Xixi just wanted to speak, but Yin Sichen didn’t give her this opportunity at all. He firmly controlled her arm with one hand, and one leg pressed her lower body.

His other hand kept burning on her body… Gu Xixi felt that she was desperate.

Why did this happen?

Obviously, she was fine in her hometown yesterday. Why did it become like this as soon as she returned to N city?

Gu Xixi never knew that Yin Sichen’s technique was so good, but she felt that her whole body was already unbearable after two or three strokes.

“Look, your body is more honest than your mouth.” Yin Sichen smiled evilly. “It seems that you can’t wait to fulfill your husband and wife obligations…”

Honest, my ass!

Gu Xixi felt that she couldn’t breathe.

Damn it! Yin Sichen, you bastard!

Yin Sichen’s eyes fell on Gu Xixi’s flat and delicate face because she had just taken a bath, and the light in his eyes instantly softened a lot.

He overturned without a doubt.

Gu Xixi, you could only be mine! No man would ever touch you!

The air of the room, telling everyone what just happened here.

Gu Xixi finally got her body free, and she wanted to curse, but she couldn’t. Her body seemed to have no resistance to the activity just now…

She suddenly felt a sense of shame. Yin Sichen’s movements had been very gentle just now for fear of hurting her and the child.

Gu Xixi didn’t know what was wrong, so she thought of the night when she walked to the wrong room, he treated her so tenderly.

Could it be that he… 

For some reason, there was a small jump in Gu Xixi’s heart.

The personal assistant came in to help her clean up, but her thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

She blushed as she saw her assistant looking surprised.

Suddenly remembering something, Gu Xixi grabbed the assistant’s wrist, “Go and call the doctor to come and check on me, I’m still worried!”

“Young Lady, the doctor has arrived. After I help you clean up your body, you can be examined,” the personal assistant replied softly.

“Where is Yin Sichen?” Gu Xixi couldn’t help asking, thinking of Yin Sichen, who turned to leave as soon as he finished.

That bastard left after leaving a bunch of seeds on her. What did he mean!

“The president…,” The personal assistant bit her lip, her eyes dodging, and she looked away.

Gu Xixi saw that the assistant was afraid to say anything. After cleaning up her body, she changed her clothes and turned to find Yin Sichen to settle the account.

Gu Xixi turned around and went to the study. As soon as she raised her hand and knocked on the door, she realized that the door was not closed at all, and a series of women’s brisk voices vented from inside, “Sichen, do you finally think of me? Do you know how much I miss you?”

“Yeah,” Yin Sichen replied in a low voice, without any words to spare.

That voice… who was it?

Yin Sichen actually allowed the other person to say such things. Their relationship must have been extraordinary.

If there was someone he liked, why would he do this to her?

Gu Xixi only felt that the blood in her whole body instantly chilled from head to toe.

Yin Sichen, what do you mean? You just climbed down from my bed, turned around and looked for another woman…

What do you think I am? It was ridiculous. I was so passionate to even believe that I might be a special one to him… It turned out that I wasn’t special at all…

She slowly retracted her fingers, and her chest was empty.

Gu Xixi, what’s wrong with you? Why do you feel this way?

It’s weird, why do I feel this way? It was just a mistake between him and me…

Why do my eyes get wet and my nose stuffy?

Yes, Yin Sichen must have just bullied me, and I was wronged. But why does it hurt so much at the bottom of my heart?

Gu Xixi, why are you so hopeless? Why do you feel bad?

He doesn’t belong to you in the first place. He has other women, which is naturally normal. What else do you get to do with that? Don’t think that Yin Sichen is good to you, and you can push it forward…

He is good to you only because you are pregnant with the offspring of the Yin family.

Gu Xixi, open your eyes and see clearly! This man, he has never belonged to you!

Gu Xixi’s thoughts turned here, the pain in her heart spread so quickly that she could hardly breathe.

At this time, the assistant chased her out. Just as she was about to speak, Gu Xixi turned around and wiped away the tears that were about to overflow, shook her head, and said, “I changed my mind. I’ll go to the doctor.”

After saying this, she turned and left the door of the study and walked down first.

The assistant was dumbfounded and quickly followed her.

It was not easy for the assistant to interfere with the matters between the masters.

After the family doctor gave Gu Xixi a systematic examination, he smiled and said to her, “Don’t worry, Young Lady, you and your child are very healthy. Proper communication between husband and wife in the second trimester is actually good for your child!”

Gu Xixi gave a wry smile. She didn’t know how to respond to such a case.

Husband and wife communication…

Was it considered as husband and wife communication when you turned around and left?

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps behind her.

Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen was here even if she didn’t look back.

“I won’t be back tonight, just go to bed earlier.” Yin Sichen left this sentence coldly, turned, and left.

Gu Xixi looked at his back, and she felt frustrated again.

What the hell is this? Did you do that to me without any explanation and then turn your face to deny me?

Well, he’s probably afraid that I will be relying on him, right?

 I will not. I am not so cheeky.

As soon as the child was born smoothly, she would leave Yin’s house and leave him!

Gu Xixi didn’t respond to Yin Sichen, and maybe he didn’t need her response at all?

Yin Sichen walked all the way to the hallway and didn’t hear a word from Gu Xixi. A new storm was slowly brewing under his eyes.

Was she so tired of talking to me? How many days has it been since Mo Zixin came to N City? Was she so devoted to him?

Yin Sichen didn’t say a word, he then slammed the door and left.

Gu Xixi stood up and went back to her room silently.

The bedding sheets had been changed all over again, and she lay on the bed alone, tossing and turning, and she just could not sleep.

Even though she said she didn’t care, she couldn’t help but wonder where Yin Sichen had gone.

Was he going to meet the person whose voice she had just overheard?

She couldn’t sleep, so she simply got up and played with her phone.

Suddenly, a message jumped out.

The entire message occupied all the mobile phone screens, and a blurry picture was taken by the mobile phone on the screen deeply pierced her heart.

Although the photo was blurred, Gu Xixi still clearly saw that it was a photo of Yin Sichen drinking with a woman.

Sure enough…

Well, Gu Xixi, you can give up this time, right?

Didn’t Yin Sichen tell you clearly long ago that you two were just a contracted couple?

There was only a contract between them. He was not used to being outside without a woman. He treated her well just because she was the mother of the child.

Besides, it was only temporary. As soon as this child was born, he would walk his road, and she would take her bridge(1)!

Gu Xixi took a deep breath, only to find her eyes wet with tears again.

Yin Sichen, since we are just contracted couples, why are you being nice to me? Why are you so hard on me?

You let me be grateful, moved, and lowered my guard. 

You let me believe in you wholeheartedly, but in this way, let me see my position and where I stand.

In fact, you don’t have to do this at all. You only need one sentence, and I won’t be stalking.

Well, it turns out that everything is just my own sentimentality. I won’t trouble you again from now on.

Still, thank you for solving the Gu family’s troubles for me so hard.

Gu Xixi turned off the phone and forced herself to fall asleep, but the more she forced herself, the more she couldn’t.

On the other side, Yin Sichen appeared in the bar and said impatiently, “Well, I’m here. You can say what happened to Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin?”

 A figure turned around slowly, looking at him with a pleasant smile.

“Is it you?” Yin Sichen also seemed a little surprised.

He just received the second message from the anonymous informant when he was in the study, saying that ihe should come to the bar to meet f he wanted to know about Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin.

Lin Xiaoya smiled happily, “Sichen, we finally meet again.”

Yin Sichen’s eyes sank, and he turned to leave.

Lin Xiaoya didn’t stop him but said leisurely, “Don’t you want to know, what on earth did Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin say today?”

Yin Sichen’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

“I invite you tonight,” Lin Xiaoya looked at him triumphantly, “As long as you drink this glass of wine, I will tell you. You should know that it is difficult for others to find out about Mo Zixin. If they don’t say it, it’s hard for you to figure out what they’re saying.”

A fire suddenly ignited in Yin Sichen’s eyes.

His eyes swept across Lin Xiaoya coldly, but his curiosity defeated everything.

He reached out and took the cup that Lin Xiaoya handed over and gently clinked glasses with her.

The person hiding in the dark caught this photo in time and sent it to Gu Xixi.

“Sichen, do you care about Gu Xixi that much? As long as she gives birth to a child for the Yin family, wouldn’t it be great?” Lin Xiaoya looked at his beautiful face and said softly, “When the child is born, just let Gu Xixi back to where she should be, and let’s start over again, okay? Sichen, I really can’t live without you…” Lin Xiaoya stretched out her hand to touch his face, but Yin Sichen slapped her hands down rudely.

“Dina, my patience is limited.” Yin Sichen replied coldly.

If she continued to be so ignorant of good and evil, he wouldn’t mind using extraordinary means to put out everything he wanted to know.

Lin Xiaoya was embarrassed, almost gritted her teeth, and said, “Okay, since you want to know, I’ll tell you everything!”

Translators Note:

(1) Chinese Idiom means that the two people were separated and will no longer intervene in each other’s life.

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