The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 126: I Want Your life Your Life

Fu Zhuo looked at Chu Tong, whose whole body was filled with sword qi, and coldly said, “Good, I have not really fought for many years, today, let the Zither God Dao reappear in the world!”

“Let the world open its eyes!”

Speaking of this, his robe windless, terrifying pressure overwhelming the sky, like a vast mountain, pressed the air currents in the space endlessly.

Xu Qiaoyin, He Yi had long retreated to a distance.

Kong Yifan and other ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect also retreated to a distance.

The major sects, family disciples, also all retreated to a safe place to hide.

The high-altitude wind and thunder explored with the release of Fu Zhuo’s aura, only to see the thunder, clouds, and hurricane forming around his body, buzzing, a zither symbol automatically born!

No zither!

But the zither symbols were born!

This was no longer an ordinary zither immortal realm.

And Chu Tong’s sword qi around his body filled the air. At first, these sword qis were soft like the wind, like fine water, but as the sword qi kept increasing, these sword qis became more and more violent, like a monstrous wave, like a post-apocalyptic storm.

The sword qi emitted various subtle sounds that implied the way of heaven and earth. Like ten thousand beasts running in unison. Like millions of thunder drums. And like a waterfall rushing between mountains.

Chu Tong’s hands moved to left and right, the two black and red long swords were also becoming more and more radiant.

The two confronted high in the sky, their bodies spreading light, and the invisible airwaves collided, provoking a violent explosion.

Although the two have not yet made a move, however, the power that pervades their bodies had already made the hearts of the strongest people tremble. Even Feng Wen, Kong Yifan, such as the early stage of the Plane Lord, was also alarmed.

“Fu Zhuo’s zither dao has surpassed the zither immortal?” Kong Yifan spoke in a muffled voice.

Feng Wen shook his head, “The realm of the zither immortal is already the ultimate in this day and age, and it is not that easy to surpass.” Speaking of this, he still felt amazed: “But, Fu Zhuo’s zither dao, no doubt has far exceeded many zither immortals!”

At this time, suddenly, Fu Zhuo swiped his ten fingers in front of the void. Suddenly, the sky zither sounds like a vast wave general to Chu Tong overwhelmingly.

These zither sounds, some as big as a seat, some as small as fine needles.

Some of them were transformed into ancient divine beasts. Some were divine swords and sharp blades.

Indeed a thousand variations. Each kind of zither sound is a kind of power.

Everyone was shocked when they looked at the giant wave-like, thousands of changes of heavy zither sounds spread across the sky.

“The zither dao of Old Ancestor Zither God has far surpassed me.” Xu Qiaoyin exclaimed, her face showing worship.

“That surnamed Lu said that above the Zither Immortal, there is still the Zither Emperor and the Zither Ancestor.” He Yi spoke up, “The zither dao of the old ancestor, I’m afraid it has already reached the realm of the zither emperor or even the realm of the zither ancestor, right?”

Right in the middle of everyone’s amazement, the two swords in Chu Tong’s hand slashed out simultaneously.

When Chu Tong’s two swords cut out, one black and one red sword aura, with an unmatched momentum, instantly plowed away the huge waves of zither sound that came overwhelmingly.

“What a strong sword qi! Lord Chu Tong’s sword dao, with its endless source of power, has it reached the Realm of Ten Thousand Dharma?” From afar, a sect master marveled.

Above the Sword of Creation was the Sword of Law, and above the Law was the Realm of Ten Thousand Dharma.

The Realm of Ten Thousand Dharma was something that even many oldies in the Nine Heavens were unable to comprehend.

“It should be!” A famous old ancestor of the sword dao of the Heavenly God Domain said with a serious face, “And it’s not the first entry into the realm of ten thousand Dharma.”

Only Chu Tong’s sword lights kept plowing through the zither sound, while the zither sound kept blasting in.

The power of the sword lights and the zither sound colliding kept splashing in all directions.

A sword qi splashed to the distant mountain peak, and the mountain peak was immediately pierced, the mountain peak mountain belly a straight tunnel appeared.

And zither sound power splashed down, and the surrounding ground was blasted with a thousand holes, a huge crater constantly appear.

Finally, the zither sound and the sword qi dissipated.

Fu Zhuo stared at Chu Tong and said indifferently, “The sword of ten thousand laws, but unfortunately, you have not yet broken through the late stage of the Plane Lord, so, today, you will be defeated!”

When the plane’s power broke through thirty million plane combat power, it was the late stage of the Lord of the Realm.

But Chu Tong had more than twenty-nine million.

As Fu Zhuo said this, forty million plane combat power frantically surged out, and with a pluck of his hands, the heavens and earth resounded, and the sound of the zither in the sky raised millions of huge waves, smashing towards Chu Tong.

This time, the zither waves were even stronger to all directions.

Moreover, it was infused with the power of Fu Zhuo’s 40 million combat plane power realm.

The sound of the zither filled heaven and earth.

In everyone’s mind, there was only the sound of Fu Zhuo’s zither music.

Chu Tong swallowed his sword light and cut out with his long two-handed swords. When his two swords were cut out, everyone had an illusion that what Chu Tong cut out didn’t seem to be sword qi!

Chu Tong disappeared between heaven and earth.

The only thing left between heaven and earth were sword qi and zither sound.


There was a loud noise, and this was the sound of the sword and the zither’s earth-destroying power clashing.

The astonishing light constantly burst open.

When the sword qi and zither sound dissipated for a long time, everyone saw Chu Tong, who had disappeared from heaven and earth, reappear in the original place where he stood. Suddenly blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

The stalwart figure originally stood between the sky, and the earth shook.

The expressions of Feng Wen, Kong Yifan, and others changed. Obviously, just now, Chu Tong was injured by a blow.

The hearts of the disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, who were still filled with hope, sank.

Although Chu Tong had not been defeated, however, defeat would be sooner or later if the battle continued. Chu Tong stood there with a bitter smile, although he had comprehended the sword of ten thousand laws, but, his own realm and Fu Zhuo, this old antique, there was still some difference, Fu Zhuo had broken through the late stage of the Plane Lord.

Although he was at the peak of the middle stage of the Plane Lord, there was a difference of 10 million plane combat power between the two realms.

Fu Zhuo looked at Chu Tong coldly, “Chu Tong, I ask you again, will you hand over the Snow-filled Universe and  the Black Dragon Zither?”

“I give you a minute to think clearly before answering!”

Having said this, his gaze was sweeping Feng Wen, Kong Yifan, and a dozen people, “If after a minute you do not to hand over the zithers, they all have to die! Do you want the zithers, or do you want to save their lives?”

Feng Wen, Kong Yifan, and other old ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect were all shocked and angry.

Just as Chu Tong was about to speak angrily, suddenly, an indifferent voice came from the void, “You can’t take their lives! Your life, I want it!”

Everyone was stunned.

At this moment, within the courtyard of the Lake City of Wind and Lightning Province, Lu Yiping suddenly imprinted his palm into the void. The void shattered, the palm force passed through the heavy space, blasting away the heavy space obstruction, and then, a colossal handprint that covered the sky appeared above the Returning Origin Sect, and then, the enormous handprint was like the Buddha’s palm, and the Buddha’s light was so big that it fiercely suppressed down.

“Buddha’s Wrath!” The sound resounded through heaven and earth.

In a panic, Zither God Fu Zhuo wanted to fly and flee, but he found that he couldn’t even move under the enveloping power of the palm!

When the Buddha’s palm had not yet fallen, the terrifying power caused his entire robes to burst. Even the super-grade divine armor on his body was all burst open as if it was paper!


Fu Zhuo was pressed down with a slap. He was pressed straight into a mountain peak.

The mountain peak burst apart. The palm force continued to press down.

The mountain peak instantly shattered.

Thousands of miles around, everything was turned into pieces and became a flat land.

And at the center of the flat land was an unknown depth of a large handprint bottomless pit.

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