The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 125: Please Teach Me, Senior!

“Zither God Fu Zhuo!” Feng Wen, who had come out from the ancestral land, couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw the green-haired old man beside Xu Qiaoyin from afar.

Kong Yifan ancestors’ faces even changed considerably.

It’s no wonder they were shocked, and it’s because the Zither God Fu Zhuo’s reputation was too high. When they were not yet famous, the Zither God Fu Zhuo’s fame had long resounded the Nine Heavens, was respected as the Zither God.

The Zither God was already an invincible being before he retired.

The Zither God made his debut and fought the world with his zither by never losing a single battle.

There are too many legendary deeds about the Zither God.

Although Feng Wen was the second strongest person in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, he could only be considered a junior in front of the Zither God.

In the distance, all the experts from all sides heard Feng Wen’s startled voice and were in an uproar.

“It’s Elder Ancestor Fu Zhuo, the Zither God!”

“Lord Zither God!”

“Lord Zither God has reappeared in the world!” Many experts excitedly kneel down. Many disciples who were still competing also stopped.

Thousands of disciples, elders, great elders, and even ancestors and family masters of all the great clans were fervent, adoring, and shouting.

In a moment, there was a tide of sound in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, “Zither God” word after word, as if the sword sect assembly turned into the Zither God conference.

This was the prestige of the Zither God Fu Zhuo.

Although Chu Tong was the ancestor of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, although he was the first strongest person in the Heavenly God domain, he was still not so prestigious in front of the Zither God.

Even the disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect had many faces showing excitement.

Chu Tong led the Returning Origin Sword Sect Feng Wen ancestors to welcome out, saw the Zither God Fu Zhuo personally, his heart sank, he did not expect the Zither God Fu Zhuo who retired for many years would come out for the sake of Snow-filled Universe, and personally visit the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Chu Tong’s face was grave.

“So it is Senior Zither God who has descended.” Arriving before the Zither God Fu Zhuo, Chu Tong took a step out and cupped his fist, “We didn’t know that Senior Zither God had come, so Senior, please forgive us.”

Looking at the unassuming Chu Tong, Fu Zhuo’s face was expressionless, “There is no need to say polite words. I believe you also know my intention.” After a pause, he said, “Have Lu Yiping hand over the Snow-filled Universe!”

“Also, the famous ancient zither, the Black Dragon zither, is in his hands, right? Tell him to hand it over together and give it to my disciple of the Zither and Painting Sect, Xu Qiaoyin, to accompany his sin!”

Chu Tong and Feng Wen’s face was ugly.

The Zither God Fu Zhuo in from the Saint Demon era, his reputation in the Nine Heavens was also known to be protective of his disciples’ shortcomings.

However, this protection was a bit too much not only did he want Lu Yiping to return to the Snow-filled Universe, but he also wanted Lu Yiping’s hands of the Black Dragon zither!

Feng Wen couldn’t help but say, “It was Xu Qiaoyin who took the initiative to compete with Lord Lu, and it was she who offered to give Lord Lu the Snow-filled Universe if she lost.”

“At that time, everyone heard and witnessed it, since Xu Qiaoyin lost, the Snow-filled Universe is naturally Lord Lu’s.”

“Lord Fu Zhuo is now coming over not only to ask Lord Lu to return the Snow-filled Universe but also to ask Lord Lu to even hand over the Black Dragon Zither and to accompany the crime, which is a bit unreasonable, right?”

Feng Wen’s voice, resounding over the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Fu Zhuo’s eyes cold, “Who are you? I’m talking to your ancestor. Is it your turn to interrupt?” After saying that, a wave of sleeves will see the birth of countless zither sound, light blooming these zither sound with the power to destroy the sky and earth, to Feng Wen blast.

The speed was so fast that even when Chu Tong wanted to stop, it was too late.

Feng Wen was shocked, his whole body’s dimensional power surged. The divine sword in his hand appeared waving thousands of sword manners to block these zither sounds but, the zither sound instantly blasted through his heavy sword manners.

Feng Wen’s whole body was beaten and blown backward by the music. It took him hundreds of miles to stop. Feng Wen’s throat was hot, and blood spurted out.

Kong Yifan and the other ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect were shocked.

Although Feng Wen was at the early stage of the Plane Lord realm, he was much stronger than the previous Qin Huai of the Tai Qing Sword Sect, and Qin Huai realm power was only one million plane’s combat power.

But Feng Wen was an early stage Plane Lord who had cultivated 9 million plane’s combat power.

However, Feng Wen, who had cultivated nine million plane’s combat power, could not even block a wave of his opponent’s sleeve.

He was directly shaken away!

Chu Tong was also surprised, once he had broken through the 10 million plane’s combat power, he would be a mid-Plane Lord, and Feng Wen could be said to be at the peak of the early Plane Lord.

However, he was shaken away by a wave of Fu Zhuo’s sleeve.

He looked at Fu Zhuo and spoke, “Senior Fu Zhuo, I respect you as a senior, but you came to my Returning Origin Sword Sect, unreasonably demanded the Snow-filled Universe, Black Dragon Zither. Feng Wen simply states the facts, but you became angry and struck out at it, so, this is a bit too much, right!”

Fu Zhuo smiled, he suddenly laughed, laughed loudly, he looked at Chu Tong, “Are You questioning me?”

Chu Tong said in a deep voice, “If  you think so, it is not uncommon.”

Fu Zhuo smiled brightly and laughed, “So, you are not going to have Lu Yiping hand over the Snow-filled Universe and the Black Dragon Zither?”

Chu Tong looked at Fu Zhuo, his eyes firm, “That’s right, the Snow-filled Universe will not be handed over, and there is even less reason for the Black Dragon Zither to be handed over to you, Senior!”

The experts from all sides had fallen silent. Everyone looked nervously at the high altitude, at both Fu Zhuo and Chu Tong.

Fu Zhuo was still smiling, “Chu Tong kid, for Lu Yi Ping you had offended the Tai Qing Sword Sect was already a silly behavior. Now, I just want you to have Lu Yiping give me back the Snow-Filled Universe and the Black Dragon Zither, not to Lu Yiping’s life, can’t you think clearly? Are you sure you don’t want to hand over the Snow-filled Universe and the Black Dragon Zither?”

“Do you really want to offend the Zither and Painting Sect and me?”

“If you offend the Tai Qing Sword Sect, perhaps your Returning Origin Sword Sect will not be extinguished, but if you offend the Zither and Painting Sect and me, your sect will be extinguished!”

Returning Origin Sword Sect Sword Sect will be extinguished!

Fu Zhuo aggravated his voice.

Every word hammered on the hearts of all the disciples, elders, and ancestors of the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

The experts from all sides felt the cold air from Fu Zhuo’s body, and all held their breath.

Qiu Yue, who presided over the Sword Sect Assembly, was even more nervous. His palms were sweating.

Fu Zhuo was not the Qin Huai of the Tai Qing Sword Sect.

Sun Hongyuan, standing behind Qiu Yue, was sweating even more and squeaked in a small voice, “The ancestor won’t really offend Lord Zither God for two zithers, right?”

“Have that Lu Yiping hand over the Snow-filled Universe, Black Dragon zither, and it will be fine, won’t it?”

At the same time, he resented Lu Yiping even more, “If it wasn’t for that Lu Yiping, how could our Returning Origin Sword Sect have had such a series of disasters recently! That Lu Yiping, he deserves to die!”

High in the sky, Chu Tong looked at Fu Zhuo and said, “I said, the Snow-filled Universe will not be handed over as well as the Black Dragon Zitherr!”

Fu Zhuo’s whole body realm power surged, his aura swept over, the smile on his face disappeared, his eyes gradually became cold, “It seems that you are quite confident in your own strength. You think you can already fight me!”

Chu Tong stared at Fu Zhuo, and his hands had two additional of long swords.

“Please teach me, senior!”

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