The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 86 – It’s Time to Fulfill the Obligations of Husband and Wife

Mo Zixin kept watching Gu Xixi’s figure disappear from his sight, only then reluctantly withdrawing his sight.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mo Zixin smiled bitterly and said to himself, I’m so upset. Is it  because I miss you so much?

Mo Zixin shook his head helplessly, then he turned to the front of the car and left the place.

As soon as Gu Xixi entered the house, she found that the atmosphere seemed not right at home.

The butler took all the servants in the house and stood there silently.

As soon as Gu Xixi walked over, she saw something smashed on the ground.

Yin Sichen stood in front of the window with his back to her, without saying a word.

The tight muscles told everyone in the room that he was angry, very angry!

“Where have you been?” Yin Sichen said stiffly.

Gu Xixi was startled and replied, “I was out, and I told everyone in the house when I left.”

“Who did you meet?” Yin Sichen asked and almost gritted his teeth.

Gu Xixi was surprised, why did he look so angry?

Yes, Lin Xiaoya and Yin Sichen were once in a relationship.

He was probably upset that she went to see Lin Xiaoya by herself. However, she had already told Aunt Zhang before she left, and she couldn’t lie now.”

“I went to see Lin Xiaoya,” Gu Xixi replied frankly. “She… asked to meet me out.”

Yin Sichen turned around abruptly, rushed to Gu Xixi in three steps, reached out, and grabbed her shoulders. The corners of his narrow eyes fiercely raised, and the corners of Gu Xixi’s eyes twitched for she couldn’t bear to look at them!

She had never seen Yin Sichen so angry! She never knew that he would be so terrifying when he was furious!

“Really?” Yin Sichen squeezed the word from between his teeth and suddenly touched her lips with his fingers, rubbing the corners of her mouth rudely.

Gu Xixi was taken aback by his actions. She reached out, slapped his hand fiercely, and exclaimed angrily, “Yin Sichen, what are you crazy about!”

“Am I crazy?” Yin Sichen was full of momentum, as if a murderous god descended on, looking at Gu Xixi condescendingly, “It seems that this period of time has been too much for you! So much that you are becoming more and more impudent!”

Gu Xixi turned and didn’t want to pay attention to him.

However, she hadn’t taken a step yet, when his hands firmly clamped her body. The next second, she was pushed onto the sofa!

Before she had time to scream, she felt his body overturned toward hers!

“Yin Sichen, you are crazy!” Gu Xixi was frightened. Since they were married, Yin Sichen had always kept a certain distance from her.

He had never done anything against her.

But now he clearly wanted to…

“I’m crazy, I’m crazy to give you so many privileges!” He looked at Gu Xixi with fire in his eyes. He looked down at her, but seeing her delicate and clean little face, he just couldn’t punish her.

The moment he received a photo from a stranger, Yin Sichen threw his phone directly to the floor, and it fell to pieces in an instant!

His wife was actually smiling at other men? She had never laughed at him like this!

One of them was when the man bent over to fasten Gu Xixi’s seatbelt! The two people looked so intimate!

And that person was no one else but Mo Zixin, who shared the same business empire with him!

Gu Xixi, you are so good!

Have you found your next home even before you divorced me?

But I haven’t said that I would let you go, so you can’t even run away from me!

The surrounding air pressure was getting lower, and the butler and other servants lowered their heads, not daring to look over.

Gu Xixi desperately pushed Yin Sichen with her hands, but her hands were pressed hard against his chest as if it was a hard rock, she was unable to shake it.

She didn’t understand his madness at all.

Even if she went to see his ex-girlfriend, why did he have to be so angry?

“Yin Sichen, if you don’t let me go, you will hurt the child!” Gu Xixi suddenly became anxious and called out, “Don’t be like this…”

“Really?” his mouth floated, and he sneered, “I suddenly remembered today that we have been married for some time, but we seem to have not fulfilled our obligations as a husband and wife!”

Gu Xixi was stunned!

What did he say?

Husband and wife obligations?

When he married her, didn’t he clearly and plainly state that the significance of this marriage was just to let the child be born safely and smoothly?

Why? Why did he suddenly mention this husband and wife obligation?

Gu Xixi panicked instantly, pushing Yin Sichen’s chest frantically.

No, no! I am pregnant now, so I must not suffer any harm!

However, in Yin Sichen’s eyes, her behavior turned into a ridiculous defense for that other man.

He grabbed her wrist and raised his head high. Gu Xixi couldn’t break free from his restraint no matter how hard she struggled.

She panicked, completely panicked.

She had no idea why Yin Sichen suddenly became like this!

Yin Sichen had never been like this before!

What happened to him that made him seem like a different person all of a sudden?

“Gu Xixi, were you not willing to do that when you married me?” Yin Sichen’s low and cold voice sounded from the top of his head, and she shuddered.

“Yin Sichen! What do you mean by this? We clearly agreed that our marriage is just to give this child a complete identity and home! We are just a contracted couple… Um…” Gu Xixi’s words were swallowed by a rough kiss in an instant.

Yin Sichen’s kiss was extremely domineering and fierce, with no warmth at all.

Hearing Gu Xixi’s words, Yin Sichen only felt heartbroken.

Although he had said those things to her, it was so harsh to hear them again at this moment!

His powerful kiss interrupted not only her words but also her struggles.

Or should it be said that she had no room for resistance at all.

She twisted her body frantically, and she couldn’t let him continue!

She couldn’t!

He’s going to hurt the child!

She looked at him with pleading eyes.

The perfect look in the eye was so hideous at this time!

Yin Sichen, don’t do it, don’t hurt our child…

Gu Xixi’s tears slipped from her eye sockets, and she was unable to struggle, she couldn’t control her body, only her tears…

Yin Sichen’s eyes fell on her tears, and his heart was held in pain for a while.

Gu Xixi, do you like Mo Zixin that much? How many times have you seen him? Do you like him?

You went to see Mo Zixin in the name of seeing Dina. Did you think you could do that without anyone noticing?

Yin Sichen’s kiss stopped suddenly, and he slowly loosened his wrist.

Gu Xixi thought that he would finally let go of herself, and she suddenly wanted to get up from underneath him.

At this moment, Yin Sichen suddenly asked coldly, “Didn’t the doctor said we can have sex after a few months of pregnancy?”

“It will be fine after three months and three months before delivery.” The butler stood far away, lowering his head to answer Yin Sichen’s question.

“How long has she been pregnant now?” Yin Sichen continued to ask.

“It’s been three and a half months,” The butler answered.

A bad thought flashed in Gu Xixi’s mind for an instant.

Yin Sichen, what are you going to do? He doesn’t mean to do it with me, does he?

No, no! I can’t follow him…

“Take the young lady to take a bath.” Yin Sichen suddenly let go of her, and when his eyes swept over her again, he nailed her firmly on the sofa.

Her hands and feet felt so cold.

No, she wanted to escape! She would never do that with Yin Sichen!

But without waiting for Gu Xixi to take any action, several maids had already strode over. They forcibly took her to the bathroom without allowing her to resist and bathed her inside and out.

Gu Xixi had just finished taking a shower, and before she could dry herself, the bathroom door was suddenly kicked open.

“Get out!” Yin Sichen’s icy voice rang from outside, several maids could not dodge and were splashed with water.

Yin Sichen rushed in, grabbed a towel, wrapped her body, took her out from the water, and directly carried the princess out of the bathroom.

Gu Xixi was taken aback and screamed, “Yin Sichen, you are really crazy! You will really hurt your child like this! Don’t your Yin family value this child the most?”

“I will be gentle, I won’t hurt this child!” Yin Sichen put her on top of his body. He overturned and kissed her again.

That was the kiss.

Every time he kissed her, he always felt and experienced different things.

He never knew that kissing could become so sweet one day.

Moreover, the only person who brought this sweet experience was Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi was still struggling but found that she had only messed up his clothes and did not completely push him away from her.

Underneath the messy clothes was an exquisite perfect body.

Gu Xixi knew how perfect his figure was, but it was one thing to see from a distance and another to touch it up close.

Especially in this position…

“If you don’t want to hurt the child in your stomach, don’t move.” Yin Sichen suddenly bit her earlobe, “We should do our duty as husband and wife…”

Gu Xixi’s tears burst out suddenly.

She really didn’t know what she had done wrong.

If it were because she met Lin Xiaoya privately that made him so angry, then she would have never seen Lin Xiaoya again.

But Yin Sichen never said from the beginning that she was not allowed to see Lin Xiaoya!

What the hell was going on?

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