The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 123 – It is Best to Return the God Extermination Diagram to Me

Although Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo, and the others were early and middle Heavenly Gods, they had only condensed ten to twenty thousand Heavenly God Laws, so how could they be a match for these six late peaks Heavenly God experts of the Jun Family.

The six great ancestors of the Jun family, each of them, had condensed more than 90,000 Heavenly God Laws.

Each of them was comparable to the existence of the Huang Ancestor of the Yin Ghost Sect and the Bai Wuchang of the Yellow Springs Demon Sect.

As soon as they exchanged blows, Qi Yifan was hit in the chest by a late-stage peak Heavenly God of the Jun Family and slapped out. The sound of broken bones exploded, and his entire chest collapsed.

“Elder ancestor!” The Black Wind Sect Patriarch and several other experts of the Black Wind Sect were shocked and angry.

There were screams of misery.

Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo, these Heavenly God realms were okay, but some other True Gods were all killed by a strike.

Although True Gods had already condensed the Godhead, compared to the Heavenly Gods who had condensed the Heavenly God Laws, they were too far behind, not to mention the Jun Family’s six Heavenly Gods were at the peak of the late stage.

Those True Gods, in front of the late peak Heavenly Gods, had no power to resist.

The smell of blood filled the air.

The Black Wind Sect, a group of experts from the Tao Family, almost tipped over on one side.

An old ancestor of the Jun family came towards Hao Bi, Su Yi. Suddenly, Hao Bi’s surged with light surge, a huge shadow appeared on his body, and extraordinary demonic Qi swept out.

This huge shadow, a hundred feet tall, resembled a giant bear but had four giant hands.

“Oh, heavenly demon?” The old ancestor of the Jun family was surprised but did not take it to heart, “In ancient times, the Heavenly Demon race was indeed a strong demon race, but, since ancient times, the Heavenly Demon has fallen, although you have the Heavenly Demon bloodline, your bloodline is too thin, against experts of the same realm is okay, but against me, it is useless at all.”

Feeling the suppressive force coming from the huge shadow, the Jun family ancestor’s face was indifferent, and with a flash of his body, he arrived in front of Hao Bi and struck out with a palm.

The power of the palm whistled wildly, sword qi gulped. It was the Jun family’s mastery, the Sword Palm.

The palm was no ordinary palm, but a palm technique passed down from the ancient times.

The ancestor of the Jun family created the sword.

The ancestor of the Jun family fused the two masterpieces together, and the power was significantly increased.

When Hao Bi saw the opponent’s palm strike, he was shocked and pushed his disciple Su Yi away and met him with both palms with all his might.

Amidst the booming sound.

Hao Bi’s arm bones cracked, he smashed into the courtyard above the stone wall like a broken kite.

The stone wall turned into pieces.

Sand and dust flew.

The old ancestor of the Jun family looked at Hao Bi, who was lying among the broken stones, and said indifferently, “Even the early stage of the Heavenly God wants to block my sword palm, you don’t measure yourself right.”

At that moment, suddenly, Jun Rui, the young master of the Jun Family, noticed that a blue-shirted young man was riding a golden bull in the sky above the courtyard.

The other six ancestors of the Jun Family, Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo, and others, looked at the young man who suddenly appeared and was also stunned.

Didn’t the Divine Net already imprison the surroundings? How did this young man get in? Moreover, they did not even see the heavenly net broken?

Jun Rui, the young master of the Jun Family, couldn’t help but feel the Heavenly Prison Divine Net and found that it was still intact.

“Who is your Excellency?” Jun Rui asked in astonishment.

Lu Yiping ignored the other party and scanned the scene. Finally, his gaze fell on Hao Bi, who was lying on the broken stones covered in the demonic aura, “You are Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Clan?”

Hao Bi hesitated for a moment and nodded, “I am.” He looked at the blue-shirted young man in front of him suspiciously. He did not seem to know each other, right? It looked like the other party had come all the way to find him.

Lu Yiping leaped down from the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and came in front of Hao Bi.

Hao Bi’s disciple Su Yi helped Hao Bi up and looked at Lu Yiping warily.

Lu Yiping had an additional divine tree in his hand, which flew up and landed on top of Hao Bi’s head. The turquoise light of the divine tree surged, and the Qi of Life hung down like a waterfall and poured into Hao Bi’s body.

Hao Bi was surprised to find that his hand bones, which had just been completely shattered by the blast, reconnected and grew back in almost a breath, and he soon recovered completely.

The injuries in his body, along with the recovery of his arm, all completely recovered as well, and even the wounds he had suffered from the previous attack by the Blood Soul Hall were completely healed.

His whole body was full of qi and blood, and his body was surging with divine energy, his godhead glowing, alive, and in an unprecedented state.

Seeing this scene, whether it was the Jun Family experts, Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and others were all looking at the tree above Hao Bi’s head in shock.

What kind of tree is this?

How could it recover the injuries of a heavily wounded Heavenly God expert in just one breath?

Even if a True God cultivator was seriously injured, recovering was not so easy; at least a few days was impossible, let alone a Heavenly God cultivator.

Everyone on the scene had fiery eyes.

In shock, Hao Bi cupped his fist to Lu Yiping and said, “Thank you for saving me.”

Lu Yiping gave a hint and took back the divine tree.

His divine tree, not the Phoenix divine tree, but the divine tree of life.

In his Sacred Forest, there was the Heaven-opening object, the Spring of Life, and it was from the Spring of Life that the God Tree of Life grew through countless years.

The life energy of this divine tree was not as good as the spring of life, but it was still no problem at all to heal the injuries of a heavenly god realm cultivator.

Lu Yiping spoke to Hao Bi, “I’m from Eternal Source Plane. I’m looking for you for something.”

The crowd was surprised to hear that Lu Yiping came from the Eternal Source Plane.

Although the Nine Heavens, the Divine Earth, and the Hell of the Underworld were also within the Eternal Source Plane, people, in general, people called the Nine Heavens, the Divine Earth, the Hell of the Underworld, and the Eternal Source separately.

Hearing that Lu Yi Ping came from the Eternal Source Plane, Jun Rui, the young master of the Jun family, who was still speculating about Lu Yiping’s origin, could not help but feel relieved.

“Looking for me for some things?” Hao Bi was even more puzzled.

At this time, Jun Family, Young Lord Jun Rui, and the six Jun Family ancestors walked over.

Hao Bi was surprised then retreated.

Lu Yiping and Dragon Horned Golden Bull turned their heads over when he saw they had of the God Extermination Diagram, Lu Yiping flipped one of his a single hand, and the God Extermination Diagram shook away the other party’s hand, and then the diagram fell into Lu Yiping’ hands.

The Jun family, seven people reacted, all burst into rage. Jun Rui angrily looked at Lu Yiping and outstretched his hand full of killing intent, “dare to rob my Jun family’s things, you are looking for death, I advise you better return the God Extermination Diagram back to me!”

“Your Jun family’s stuff?” Lu Yiping’s face was indifferent, “This God Extermination Diagram, it belongs to your Jun family?”

Jun Rui’s face turned red as he fiercely blasted a fist at Lu Yiping.

When his fist blasted out, the Heavenly God Law entwined, the fist aura shone brightly, with the momentum of collapsing the sky.

The young master of the Jun family, Jun Rui, was a middle Heavenly God and had already condensed 60,000 Heavenly God laws.

But when he blasted his fist in front of Lu Yiping, he found that the power of his fist was like entering a vast abyss and disappeared completely, while he himself seemed to be stuck ten meters away from Lu Yipin without the ability to move.

The crowd was shocked.

The six ancestors of the Jun family looked at each other with a gloomy face.

One of them came to Jun Rui’s side, amazed, moved his hand on Jun Rui, but found a terrifying absorbing force came, and he was also stuck there, even if his whole body divine power urged, 90,000 heavenly god law all propped up, he still could not shake off.

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