About Patreon and Suspended AdSense

Two months ago we had a high amount of increase in AdSense for three days and a slight increase the following month, however, those were judged by Adsense as invalid traffic and now this month a piece of bad news came to my email. This website AdSense is suspended because of invalid traffic. It may happen because some readers want to support us by clicking ads as much as they can or somebody trying to destroy this site by doing so, these two behavior is harmful to us as per now our AdSense is suspended. We hope that whatever the reason it will not happen again.

We only have Patreon to maintain this website so If you like what you read here, please support us by joining Patreon. Any Patreon tier you subscribe means a lot to us. Of course, it is voluntarily, no one forcing you to be one here. We will look for other opportunities in order to maintain this website.

Thanks to those who are or were our Patrons.


Mystified, Aprilie, and Rilise.

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