It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 227 -Absolutely Must not Eat the Dragon Race

When he opened the backyard, immortal energy surging past them. Flower Fairy closed her eyes and inhaled them, she was shocked.

Taking a breath was equivalent to cultivating for several months. The level of the surging immortal energy was simply unimaginable.

She opened her eyes to take a glance and it made her pupils shrank, her expression changed countless times.

“That’s a piece of immortal fruit! And it’s the supreme immortal fruit! Each one is worth at least 10 top-grade immortal crystals!”

“What? That… That’s Wudao tea! So many tea leaves, in… incredible! A few pieces of this tea could definitely cause a bloody storm! The world will be in chaos!”

“That’s the supreme panacea! There seems to be a pill of immortality!”

“My ancestor! Is Young Master really just the Supreme Immortal Emperor? Can a Supreme Immortal Emperor possess so many incomparable treasures?”

“Young Master, what kind of existence are you?”

Flower Fairy looked at Sun Hao’s back with changing expressions.

Worship, shock, surprise, admiration, awe…various looks were constantly intertwined. Her heart was beating madly.

She took a few long breaths and quietly followed Sun Hao.

Soon, the three came to the Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood.

“This is?”

Flower Fairy looked at the Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood as high as a thousand meters, and couldn’t help standing stupidly on the spot.

She didn’t see anything when they were outside. It was incredible to see such a big tree in the courtyard.

“These Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood were at least several hundred thousand years old!”

Flower Fairy’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood was the supreme immortal tree, only one step away from becoming a divine tree. Once it grew well, it could even become a world tree. It could support the world and use it to travel through the void to the depths of the universe.

After taking a few deep breaths.

“Young Master, here!”

Flower Fairy took out hundreds of flowers and placed them on the ground, all of which were colorful.

“Miss Xiaolan, here is the fertilizer, this is the rooting powder, this…”

Sun Hao took a few big bags and started to introduce them.

Flower Fairy’s eyes widened again seeing these bags.

“This fertilizer is actually made from the Supreme Immortal Grass!”

“This spring water is obviously the supreme immortal spring!”

Flower Fairy looked calmer and calmer. Too much shock has made her numb.

Being with Young Master, she was just like a little girl who just came out of the mountain village and has never seen the world. To put it in a common saying, she was a country bumpkin!

She learned a lot from watching Sun Hao’s move. Every action seemed extremely ordinary but the effect was amazing.

It only took a moment for each flower to grew up quickly. When all the flowers were planted, there was already a blooming flower under the Ten Thousand Years Profound Soul Wood, it looked very beautiful.

A glance made people intoxicated and reluctant to leave for a long time.

Sun Hao looked at Flower Fairy and nodded secretly from time to time.

“Miss Xiaolan’s talent for planting is simply unmatched! She could already imitate me just by seeing it once, just like Rumeng!”

“I can rest assured to leave this place in her care when I leave with Rumeng!”

Sun Hao smiled slightly and relaxed.

As for whether she was willing to help?

That’s impossible for her to be unwilling!

Wasn’t it uncommon for plants to be able to produce immortal energy? This backyard was the best place to cultivate. She would definitely agree if he ask her himself!

Sun Hao took note of it inwardly.

“Miss Xiaolan, thank you very much!” Sun Hao said.

“Young Master, I’m the one who should be thankful. Your planting technique has opened my eyes!” Flower Fairy said.

“You’re welcome! Miss Xiao Lan, since you’re here today, just leave after dinner!” Sun Hao said.

Had a meal? Flower Fairy frowned slightly.

This was what mortals do, right? Since she transformed to the present, let alone eating, she hadn’t even eaten a pill. Her taste buds had not been opened and she didn’t know what it was like to eat.

However, Young Master’s mood couldn’t be brushed off. Since she wanted to practice licking, then she had to do her utmost to practice perfectly!

“Thank you, Young Master!” Flower Fairy nodded.

“You’re welcome. We’ll have braised loach today, what do you think?” Sun Hao asked.

Loach? Young Master actually liked to eat this ordinary thing? Unlikely. She could only reluctantly take a bite.

“Yes, Young Master!”

“Miss Xiaolan, this loach tastes good, you will be happy to eat it!”

The three of them walked to a pond and he said while pointing to the dragon clan inside.

Flower Fairy was astonished and stunned by his words.

“Young Master, you mean this loach?” Flower Fairy asked.

“Yes, why?” Sun Hao said.

Boom! A thunderous sound rang in her mind.

The loach that Young Master said turned out to be a dragon! Young Master was going to eat these dragons?

“My ancestor, isn’t Young Master afraid of the supreme existence behind the dragon clan?”

“How should this be good? To eat or not to eat?!”

“If I eat it, I will definitely leave the mark of the dragon in my body. By then, I will be chased and killed by the dragon. In the end, I will end up in despair!”

“If I don’t eat it, it will make Young Master unhappy! Maybe it will ruin this path of good fortune!”

“What should I do?”

Flower Fairy was suddenly caught in a dilemma.

After some thought, she came up with a plan.

‘Give the Soul Devouring Insect to Young Master first, and then find an excuse to leave! She absolutely Must not eat this dragon clan!’ 

Flower Fairy thought secretly, and said, “Young Master, Chen Daoming asked me to bring you some crystal!”

“Brother Chen? Where is he?” Sun Hao’s eyes beamed.

“Young Master, he’s at the foot of the mountain!” Flower Fairy said.

“Then have you seen Miss Yiling and the others?” Sun Hao asked.

“Yes, Young Master! There are four people in total!” Flower Fairy said.

Sun Hao touched his chin with his right hand, and the corners of his mouth raised with a thoughtful look.

With that said, they are back. Then today, we must have a full banquet of loach!

“Miss Xiaolan, I’m going to have a full banquet of loach today. You can’t make any excuses to leave!” Sun Hao said.

Flower Fairy looked bitter hearing this. The smile was uglier than crying.

“Yes…Yes, Young Master!”

“Young Master, I will give the crystal to you first?” Flower Fairy said.

“Yes!” Sun Hao nodded.

Flower Fairy waved her right hand.


Pieces of scarlet crystals fell on the ground, piled like a hill.

Upon seeing this scene, Huang Rumeng’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink, her body trembled slightly, and her mouth murmured, “Soul Devouring Insects!”

“It’s a bit like a ruby, it looks pretty!”

Sun Hao stepped forward, picked up a piece, and looked at it in his hand.



There was a sound of cracking eggshells.

The red crystal cracked a bit, and then it split open.

A Soul Devouring Insect biting Sun Hao frantically.

However. Sun Hao felt nothing but itchy.

After biting for a while, the Soul Devouring Insect crawled in Sun Hao’s hands, shivering.

“Huh, bug? Beetle?”

Sun Hao was surprised.

The gem turned into a bug, and it was a red beetle. This strange scene could only be seen in this world.

Could it be that all of these were beetles? Didn’t chickens like to eat bugs? It’s perfect for the golden pheasant to eat! Brother Chen was really good. He deliberately caught bugs to feed his chicken!

“Xiaoying!” Sun Hao let out a soft call.


Suddenly, the Nine Heavens God Luan rushed from the front yard and kept circling around Sun Hao.

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