I Am An Evil Sword Chapter 163: Simply Happy

In fact, no matter what clothes he changed, he was still the accompaniment.

After changing into civilian clothes, Yi Wenbin looked like a handsome young man of the world, with a bit of debauchery between his expressions. Remembering how Yi Wenbin behaved in front of his old father just now, Shiqi smiled and asked, “You don’t seem to have joined the City Guard voluntarily, do you?”

“You can see that? As expected of General Chen!” Yi Wenbin said with some embarrassment, “It was my father who forced me to join the City Guard, saying that I was always causing trouble outside!”

“In fact, I am a very low-key person, and I don’t like to cause trouble. It’s the trouble all like to provoke me!”

Shiqi did not believe Yi Wenbin’s nonsense, “I think Commander Yi is quite kind.”

Yi Wenbin said with a helpless smile, “That’s because you are General Chen! You don’t even know how fierce he is, how strict he controls me. He almost got me killed last time!”

“It’s okay. As long as you’re not crippled and your cultivation base is not nullified, you can still live!”

Yi Wenbin, “……”

Towards evening, the sky darkened, the surrounding streets were still brightly lit.

Yi Wenbin led the way, and soon after, they entered a wide and prosperous street, where people came and went, and pink lanterns were hung on both sides, making the atmosphere of the whole street ambiguous and dreamy.

On the pavilion, many young women dressed in colorful, smiling, unscrupulously looked at the pedestrians on the street.

“This street has the most beautiful women and the most fragrant wine!” Yi Wenbin smiled smugly, “When you come to Cloud Capital, you can miss anywhere, but this street is the only one you can’t miss!”

What an enthusiastic guide!

Chen Hao, within the devil sword looking at those beautiful women …… His heart was still like water!

Haha, man!

“House of Ten Thousand Flowers, one of the best brothels in Cloud Capital, this place will definitely satisfy Lord General!”

“Isn’t this Young Master Yi? It seems that Young Master Yi has not come for a few months, right?” Just after Yi Wenbin finished speaking, a beautiful woman in her thirties greeted him with a smile, “I thought that Young Master Yi had another new love so that he wouldn’t come to us anymore!”

This woman’s demeanor was elegant, very elegant, just by standing there, there was not much foul air, but more like a noblewoman, her tone was a bit sultry, one would think that she was Yi Wenbin’s lover.

“Sister Bai, you do not know, recently I was thrown by my father to the city guard army, three months have not been able to step out of the barracks, almost did not suffocate me!” Yi Wenbin immediately introduced Shiqi to Sister Bai, “This is General Chen, it’s his first time to come to Cloud Capital, my father asked me to show General Chen around, I was able to come out thanks to his blessing.”

As soon as Sister Bai heard the word “General,” she immediately said enthusiastically, “Your guest is here, General Chen, please sit inside.”

“Sister Bai, when I came here before, you did not have this enthusiasm!”

Sister Bai covered her mouth and laughed, “What kind of jealousy is this, Young Master Yi? It’s General Chen’s first time coming here, of course, I have to be more enthusiastic!”

“But when I first came, you still weren’t so enthusiastic!”

“But he is a general!”

“Uh ……” Yi Wenbin nodded helplessly.

Yes, Chen Pengfei is a general!

Sister Bai said the big truth, an innate expert, no matter where he was, was the focus of the whole scene.

The House of Ten Thousand Flowers had a three-story loft. The first floor was the largest, widest, and most lively, filled with large and small tables, many guests sitting around the table. The table was full of wine and food, embracing women in the hands and the sound of women laughing incessantly.

At the very center was a small stage. When Shiqi came in, there was no one on the stage.

On the second floor was a private room. The guests who have status, wealth, and wanted to be quiet often like to ask for a private room and listen to small songs.

The third floor is a place to stay with no need to elaborate.

Yi Wenbin said, “Give us a private room.”

Sister Bai looked at Shiqi with some difficulty and said, “The boxes are all full ……”

The recent influx of martial artists into Cloud Capital was extremely fluid, and there were even more guests who were generous then.

“Then vacate one for us!”

“Let’s forget it, we’ll take that seat!” Shiqi pointed to the empty table at the corner.

It was the only empty table in sight, and the position in the corner was not good.

Yi Wenbin jumped up at that seat, “General Chen, how can that be?”

“Listen to me, no need to be so troublesome!” Shiqi looked around at the people who were engrossed in drinking and said, “I like to be lively.”

“Okay, then I’ll listen to General Chen!” Shiqi was so insistent, he could not oppose, after all, was said and done, everything still had to be based on Shiqi’s opinion.

He knew very well that people like Chen Pengfei had always been the master of saying one thing or another, so it was best to go along with his heart.

“Thank you, General Chen, for being considerate!” Sister Bai said in a somewhat pleasing tone.

“Hurry up and bring up the best wine and food you have here!” Yi Wenbin said.

“Good, good, I will have the dishes served immediately!” The well-mannered Sister Bai ran away in a blaze of glory.

Shiqi and Yi Wenbin went straight to the table in the far corner, and Shiqi sat at the innermost.

On the entire first floor, the lights on this table were the darkest, and Shiqi’s position was just in the shadow, so other people couldn’t see him clearly, but he could catch the entire lobby on the first floor.

He propped his chin with his hands and looked at the guests and women around him.

A man who enjoys wantonly, a person who laughs hard, a woman who flattery, and all kinds of…very interesting people…lively and disorienting.

The wine was first served on the table. Shiqi squinted, poured himself a glass of wine, and gently sipped it. The wine tasted mellow; it was extraordinary.

“General Chen, why did you drink it alone?”

“Simply happy!”

“Is there anything than happy?”

“No!” Shiqi shook his head, “No reason, just happy.”

Yi Wenbin muttered all in his heart: Sure enough, geniuses are all weird!

Sister Bai’s action was really swift, and it didn’t take long for the exquisite meals to start being placed on the table.

Shiqi squinted at the third floor across the street, the windows on the third floor across the street were tightly closed.

“Sister Bai, give us a few girls!”

“Young Master Yi still call Yue Yue?”

“Is she free?” Yi Wenbin asked.

“That is, of course, Young Master Yi did not come for a few months, and Yueyue doesn’t think about tea and rice. She has lost a lot of weight, even I as a mother are heartbroken!” Sister Bai said distressedly, “just now she heard that Young Master  Yi came, immediately went to dress up ……”

He did not know if Sister Bai’s words were true or not. Anyway, Shiqi could see that Yi Wenbin was in a good mood.

“Let Yue Yue come over!” Yi Wenbin glanced at Shiqi and asked, “By the way, is Mei’er free? Let her come to drink with General Chen!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do this, you know, Mei’er entertains guests entirely by personal preference ……”

“Do you know who the person sitting in front of you is?” Yi Wenbin gritted his teeth and said, “General Chen Pengfei, the youngest general of the Frontier Purple Thorn Legion!”

*The fact that this novel is on hiatus since January 2021 disappoints me. I personally loved how each “MC” has their own story in each arc…hopefully the Author continue this awesome novel. We’re understaffed at the moment so we could not fulfill many of our promises. We sincerely apologize especially to those who were or are our patrons.

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