The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 85 – Formally meet

Unlike Yin Sichen’s domineering and evil charm, when Mo Zixin frowned, his elegant manner always fascinated people.

Lin Xiaoya immediately explained, “My name is Dina. I saw you from a distance at a cocktail party once!” 

Mo Zixin’s eyes flashed a hint of indifference, but he nodded politely.

For some reason, Lin Xiaoya keenly felt that the person that Mo Zixin was interested in was Gu Xixi!

He liked Gu Xixi…

Was there any secret?

“Since I’m alone here, would I have the honor to invite you two for dinner together?” Mo Zixin said gracefully, his blue eyes sparkled with an unbearable expression.

Gu Xixi wanted to catch up with Lin Xiaoya and wanted to ask about her future plans, so they naturally had to refuse.

But before she could speak, Lin Xiaoya suddenly said, “Okay! How can we refuse President Mo’s invitation?”

Gu Xixi winked at Lin Xiaoya.

She was not used to eating with strange men.

In this life, she had only eaten with Zhao Zegang and… Yin Sichen, alone.

Lin Xiaoya suddenly lowered her voice in Gu Xixi’s ear and said, “The surgeon in the hospital where I will have my surgery is a very good friend of Mo Zixin. It is good for me to make friends with him.”

Listening to what Lin Xiaoya said, Gu Xixi didn’t insist anymore.

“Okay…” Seeing Lin Xiaoya’s eager eyes, she couldn’t refuse.

Hearing her consent, Mo Zixin’s blue eyes flashed, and he immediately invited the two ladies into the restaurant.

As soon as Mo Zixin appeared, the restaurant manager took him directly to his exclusive room.

All the security guards were waiting outside the room while Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya were very elegantly invited into the room.

Mo Zixin, who didn’t really care about Lin Xiaoya, took the initiative to pull up the chair for Gu Xixi.

His action further confirmed Lin Xiaoya’s presumption.

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes flashed with inexplicable light, but she quickly lowered her eyes, covering all her thoughts.

Mo Zixin had been very distressed all this time. No matter how he investigated, he couldn’t find out Gu Xixi’s identity and address.

Gu Xixi seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.

There was no news of her in the entire N city.

Gu Xixi went out by taking the family car, so there was no record of her information at the station, airport, and customs. No wonder Mo Zixin couldn’t find her.

Moreover, Mo Zixin had just arrived in N City, and his foundation was not stable enough. The difficulty increased a lot to find out a person’s identity without knowing the name. 

However, today was indeed a coincidence, and Mo Zixin didn’t want to let go of this opportunity this time.

“Are you from here, Miss Gu?” Mo Zixin pretended to be casual and asked, “What do you do?”

Gu Xixi hesitated for a while. In fact, she didn’t intend to tell Mo Zixin too much about herself. After all, we were just strangers.

But Lin Xiaoya, who was sitting next to her, had already poured beans out of a bamboo tube(1) and all at once explained it all, “Xixi works at the branch of Yin’s consortium in N City. We are not locals, but now we are considered to be local people, because we are all settled here.”

Mo Zixin suddenly looked clear.

As long as he knew her name, it was easy to investigate where she worked.

It didn’t really matter if her friend said something true or not.

Therefore, Mo Zixin quickly ordered a meal and did not continue to question.

Although Mo Zixin didn’t have much to say during the dinner, there was not a single word of nonsense, and everything he said made the two girls feel comfortable and natural.

Because of Mo Zixin’s grace and strong sympathy, Gu Xixi slowly relaxed her guard and began to talk more.

Lin Xiaoya tilted her glass, and the wine spilled all at once.

“Ah, I’m sorry! I’ll go to the bathroom.” Lin Xiaoya immediately stood up and said apologetically.

Gu Xixi immediately asked with concern, “Do you need me to accompany you?”

Lin Xiaoya refused, “No, I can go by myself! You eat first, and I’ll be right back.”

 As soon as she said this, Lin Xiaoya left her seat and headed out.

Once she was out, Lin Xiaoya immediately said to the assistant and guards standing outside the door, “Mr. Mo said you don’t have to stand here and wait. It’s inconvenient for people to come and go here”.

The assistant thought about it first, something like this had indeed happened before.

Mo Zixin had indeed asked them to wait somewhere else, so they had no doubts when Lin Xiaoya said this. They turned around and left and went to a relatively distant place to wait.

After they left, Lin Xiaoya did not go to the bathroom. She took out her mobile phone instead and turned on the camera. She aimed the lens at Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin and took a few photos.

It happened that Mo Zixin was speaking to Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi put down the knife and fork in her hand to show her politeness and looked up at Mo Zixin with a smile.

Lin Xiaoya seized the moment and snapped the picture.

After closing the door gently, Lin Xiaoya, who was still very enlightened, sneered at the corner of her mouth.

Gu Xixi, you have gone through so many things, and you still don’t have a brain! You are so stupid and so easy to be fooled.

Lin Xiaoya went to the bathroom, cleaned her clothes, and returned.

After a few conversations with Mo Zixin, Gu Xixi then realized that this man turned out to be the well-known President Mo who was on par with Yin Sichen.

“Ah, so you are Mo Zixin of the Mo family!” Gu Xixi looked embarrassed, “I was really sorry for that day.”

Lin Xiaoya’s ears flicked, That day? What day was it? Have they met before?

She didn’t expect Gu Xixi to be so lucky!

Not long after being in N city, she hooked up with the two male gods one after another.

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes flickered, she interrupted and said, “Xixi, President Mo is one of the best diamond kings in China! His background will scare you to death!”

Gu Xixi’s face was dazed, “Huh? What background? Isn’t he the president of Mo’s family?”

“More than that…” Lin Xiaoya continued to speak.

Mo Zixin interrupted Lin Xiaoya’s words all at once, “I don’t have any great background. I am a novice when I come to N City this time. I will ask you two for advice, so please feel free to enlighten me!”

Lin Xiaoya immediately replied with a bright smile, “Naturally, it is an honor.”

Gu Xixi looked at the time, it was almost over but it was a pity that she didn’t have a good chat with Lin Xiaoya tonight.

Mo Zixin observed her words, knowing that Gu Xixi wanted to leave, he immediately wiped the corners of his mouth gracefully and said, “How are you going back? Should I send you two back home?”

Before Gu Xixi had time to speak, Lin Xiaoya smiled and said, “That’s a good idea! Xixi can’t drive, so we just have to trouble Mr. Mo to send her back.”

Gu Xixi turned to look at Lin Xiaoya.

Lin Xiaoya immediately lowered her voice and said to Gu Xixi, “I’m going to the hospital for an injection soon, so I can’t send you back. I’m sorry, Xixi, President Mo is very reliable!”

Since Lin Xiaoya was going to the hospital, it was hard for Gu Xixi to say anything.

“No, I’ll just take a taxi and go back,” Gu Xixi smiled and said to Mo Zixin, “It’s not very far anyway.”

“I’ll take you back,” Mo Zixin stood up, humble and dignified. “Don’t worry, my driving skill is still very good.”

Gu Xixi blushed. Actually, she didn’t mean that…

Lin Xiaoya swept her eyes over Mo Zixin and then back to Gu Xixi.

If, at this time, Lin Xiaoya still couldn’t see Mo Zixin’s interest in Gu Xixi, she had to be really stupid.

“Xixi, don’t be stubborn. I’m not sure about letting you go home alone. It’s better if President Mo gives you a ride.” Lin Xiaoya pushed her out of the door, all the way to Mo Zixin’s car.

Gu Xixi’s ears were a little red, and she said to Mo Zixin, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, “I’m sorry, you are so busy, but you still have to…”

“I’m willing to,” Mo Zixin cut her words with a smile, “It is my honor to serve Miss Gu.”

Gu Xixi suddenly didn’t know what to say.

He had a polite and gentlemanly demeanor. If she said she was already married, would it make him feel that she was too self-indulgent?

However, Gu Xixi felt that Mo Zixin’s eyes were weird.

Every time she looked at him, she always seemed to look at another person through himself. That feeling was really weird.

However, this kind of remark couldn’t be said…

After sending Mo Zixin and Gu Xixi away, Lin Xiaoya’s smile gradually faded from her face. She took out her mobile phone and looked at the secretly taken photos on the mobile phone and smiled.

She moved her finger, and a few photos were sent out instantly.

Mo Zixin didn’t drive fast. It happened to be the peak hour for traffic, and he could only move slowly.

Neither person spoke, and the whole space was terribly quiet.

Gu Xixi suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and turned her head slightly, pretending to admire the scenery outside.

Just then, when the red light came, Mo Zixin couldn’t help turning his head to look at her.

She looked so similar! So similar! Especially the side profile, it was almost exactly the same!

Mo Zixin’s heart suddenly jumped slightly!

He stretched out his hand to cover his chest.

There had never been such a beating in that place after she died.

At this moment, he jumped again for the woman in the passenger seat.

Hey, were you reminding me that she was the gift you sent to me?

Through the car window, Gu Xixi saw Mo Zixin’s affectionate eyes that looked like an ink painting that couldn’t be removed, and she looked at him in surprise.

Gu Xixi blinked and then took a closer look. Mo Zixin had already turned his head and continued to drive forward.

Was she dazzled? She had to be!

Gu Xixi didn’t let Mo Zixin send her to the door of the house, but she let him put herself out a little away from the door.

“Thank you for sending me back,” Gu Xixi thanked him politely.

Mo Zixin watched her turn around and leave, but for some reason, his heart suddenly became empty.

For so many years, countless women had rushed to embrace him. But he had never seen other women directly but her.

It had been a long time since she died, and this was the second woman who made his heart beat beside her.

Gu Xixi’s face was almost exactly the same, like a curse, tightly wrapped around his sight, reluctant to leave.

Seeing Mo Zixin’s eyes, Gu Xixi’s heart suddenly became annoyed. It was said that President Mo was elegant and gentle, and he treated everyone with gentleness, but how could his eyes be so presumptuous when he looked at her?

Gu Xixi stopped talking nonsense, turned around, and left, never wanting to talk to this person anymore.

TL Notes:

(1)Chinese idiom means to make a clean breast of it or to come clean.

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