It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 225 – All Kinds of Things to Pay Attention to

Above Sun Hao’s residence.


The four rainbows came quickly.

They turned into four people that stood in the air, quietly looking down. They were Chen Daoming’s group of four people.

“That is?”

Chen Daoming looked at Hundred Flowers Valley and couldn’t help frowning slightly.

“A lot of flowers, so beautiful, let’s go and see!” After speaking, Su Yiling flew to Hundred Flowers Valley.

Chen Daoming and the others shook their heads helplessly, then they also flew down.

“Who are you?”

Just standing outside Hundred Flowers Valley, a dozen women surrounded the four.

“Let them in!”

At this time, a sound came from the valley.

“Yes, ancestor!”

More than a dozen women opened a road and made a please gesture.

Su Yiling and the others looked at each other and walked in. They were shocked when they saw the scene in front of them.

Hundreds of flowers contend for beauty, and the fragrance assailed the nostrils. The immortal energy risen in spirals.

“What a rich immortal energy, there are so many immortal grade flowers, incredible!”

“It’s only been more than a month, and there is a Hundred Flowers Valley in the south of Young Master’s residence?”

“Are they all invited by Young Master?”

The four of them walked inside with doubts.

“You are from the Evil Slayer Alliance, right?”

At this time, a voice sounded.

The four of them looked for the source of the voice and their pupils couldn’t help but contracted. They saw a graceful figure of a woman came in leisurely. The orchid clothes fit her perfectly.

The faint orchid fragrance could be smelled before the person arrived. All the others floral scents were covered by this scent, like the arrival of the flower monarch made them retreat.

She was the Flower Fairy.

“May I ask who this miss is?” Chen Daoming asked.

“My name is Hua Xiaolan, people calls me Flower Fairy!”

These words were like a thunder strike on their heads.

The name Flower Fairy was famous, how could they have not heard of it? Tens of thousands of years ago, Human was met with disaster. At that time, they were guarded by the Flower Fairy. Perhaps the entire human race in Tianluo Continent would long since disappeared without Fairy Flower.

Unexpectedly, Flower Fairy was still alive. This was very good!

“I have seen senior!” The four of them clasped their fists together to pay their respect.

“No need, just call me Xiaolan!” Flower Fairy smiled slightly, full of charm.

“That…that wouldn’t be good! That’s too disrespectful!” Chen Daoming said.

“What’s not good? Are you trying to say I’m very old?” Flower Fairy pretended to be imposing.

Chen Daoming waved his hands again and again, “Xiaolan is so beautiful, how can she be old? Don’t get me wrong!”

“Miss Xiaolan is like an older sister!” Su Yiling stepped forward with a sweet smile.

“I have seen Miss Xiaolan!”

“Miss Xiaolan is too polite!”

Hearing these words, Flower Fairy’s face was flushed with joy.

“Miss Xiaolan, do you know us?” Chen Daoming asked.


Flower Fairy nodded.

“Ten thousand years ago, I fought against the demon lord for hundreds of days and nights. In the end, the demon lord was injured and ran away!”

“I didn’t come out unscathed. I was seriously injured and dying! After returning to the Hundred Immortal Valley, I turned into my original form to sustain my life!”

“During this period of time, although I could not be transformed into a human form, things in the world still came to my ears! What surprised me the most was the legends of Godly Cunning Immortal and the Evil Slayer Alliance that I heard during this period of time!”

“I have also sent someone to the Jade Lake Palace, wanting to get to know the Godly Cunning Immortal, but they were turned away by you!” said Flower Fairy.

Upon hearing this, Chen Daoming showed a touch of embarrassment.

“Miss Xiaolan, I’m sorry. Young Master is cultivating as a mortal and shouldn’t be disturbed, so…”

“I see!” 

Flower Fairy nodded, “I thought I would die in a few days! Unexpectedly, Young Master must have known that I was about to die, so he came personally and rescued me by shocking means!”

“More than that, Young Master also allowed me to break through to a whole realm, and also have some special powers! All my current cultivation methods will restrain demons!”

Having said that, Flower Fairy looked in Sun Hao’s direction, her eyes filled with gratitude and admiration.

Chen Daoming nodded secretly when he heard this.

Young Master really calculated everything!

So amazing!

Chen Daoming’s eyes overflowed with worship, and he nodded as he looked at where Sun Hao was.

“With Miss Xiaolan here, Tianluo Continent should be undisturbed in the future!” Chen Daoming said.

“That’s not necessarily!”

Flower Fairy shook her head slightly, “Yesterday, Demon Ancestor Ying Gou wanted to destroy Southern Prefecture Immortal City!”

“What?” Chen Daoming’s group’s faces were full of disbelief.

“If it were not for Young Master not caring about the damage to his Dao Heart, and hinted to me, how would I know? Fortunately, Young Master gave me such a means to easily kill Ying Gou!”


It was as if the ninth heaven divine thunder struck Chen Daoming’s mind. He was currently rooted with changing expression.

Inwardly, he seemed to have caught on something.

“Ying Gou?!”

Ying Gou is the ancestor of the demons!

Young Master went to the Southern Region in person and sent Flower Fairy to suppress it! Didn’t Young Master give us a hint?


Legend has it that the Ying Gou uses the Sky Splitting Hook. Isn’t the broken arm that Young Master gave us also making a hook-like action?

At this moment, Chen Daoming had an enlightened expression.

“Unexpectedly, there was another meaning to the broken arm that Young Master sent! Four levels of meaning and I can only realize one level! My comprehension was far below Leader Luo, ai!”

Chen Daoming sighed secretly, an anxious expression on his face.

“Miss Xiaolan, are you preparing these flowers for Young Master?” Su Yiling asked.

“That’s right!” Flower Fairy nodded faintly.

“Miss Xiaolan, have you been to Young Master’s residence?” Su Yiling asked.

“Not yet!” Flower Fairy said.

“Then you have to be careful! Let me tell you, the Young Master’s residence is full of big shots, there would be trouble if you accidentally offended them!” Su Yiling said.

As soon as these words came out, Flower Fairy raised her eyebrows, “Big shots? Why didn’t I feel it at all?”

“You will only feel it when you enter the courtyard. The more powerful you are, the more intense the reaction! I’m telling you, if you go in and hear a duck cry, you must not say the word duck, otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous! That is the cry of the Nine Heavens God Luan!” Su Yiling said.

“What?” Flower Fairy’s pupils contracted, shocked.

Nine Heavens God Luan … that was a legendary beast. I have lived for tens of thousands of years, and I have never seen it. It was actually in Young Master’s residence? You aren’t fooling me, are you?

Flower Fairy looked at Su Yiling with slight disbelief.

“Miss Xiaolan, this is true!” Mu Bing said.

“Miss Xiaolan, you must be careful!” Wen Renshi said.

Seeing everyone’s serious expressions, Flower Fairy nodded faintly.

“Miss Xiaolan, Young Master is a peerless man! When facing him, there are many things to pay attention to, do you want to know?” Su Yiling said.

Seeing Su Yiling’s appearance, Flower Fairy used her divine sense to sweep Su Yiling’s body.


A shocking roar directly shook Flower Fairy’s divine sense back.

Couldn’t scan at all! There was a terrifying might in her body! It seems that this little girl is following Young Master, and the good fortune she has gained far exceeds what she herself had gained. Since she said that there are a lot of things to take note of, she may be right!

As he finished this thought, Flower Fairy nodded slightly, “Asking this miss to elaborate!”

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