The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 122: Don’t Leave Anyone Alive

A night passes.

The day was getting brighter.

Lu Yiping stopped his cultivation and took the Jade Disc of Creation back into his body.

He had just left the courtyard when he saw Chu Tong come through. After Chu Tong passed the salute, he said to Lu Yiping, “Master, the whereabouts of Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Race has been inquired about.”

“Oh, where is he?” Lu Yiping was delighted.

Finally, there was news about Hao Bi.

“Hao Bi is in the Heavenly God Domain.” Chu Tong hurriedly replied, “He is now in Wind and Thunder Province Lake City.” Speaking of this, he paused for a moment, “However, according to the news we got, he is being hunted and searched by many forces because he is carrying the God Extermination Sect’s God Extermination Diagram.”

Lu Yiping was surprised.

The God Extermination Sect was an extremely strong power in the Middle Ages.

“I’m going to the Wind and Thunder Province Lake City now.” Lu Yiping said at once.

“Then I will accompany the Master over there.” Chu Tong said.

“No, you sit in the Returning Origin Sword Sect, I will just go over with Xiao Jin.” Lu Yiping shook his head, then called for the Dragon Horned Golden Bull and rode it to break through the air.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the sky.


Wind and Thunder Mansion.

Lake City.

Inside a certain small courtyard overgrown with weeds, Hao Bi was sitting in it, running his cultivation, and green mist was slowly escaping from his whole body.

Next to him, a youth was looking at him nervously.

The youth was his disciple Su Yi.

Suddenly, Hao Bi opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

“Master, how are you?” Seeing this, the youth Su Yi stepped forward and said sharply.

Hao Bi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “It’s not a problem.” Then he coldly said, “Blood Soul Temple, Feng Mingde, that despicable villain, back then if I had not saved him, he would have been killed by the devil dragon, and now, he even betrayed me and leaked my whereabouts to other people.”

Speaking of this, he took out a spatial ring and said to his disciple Su Yi, “Inside this spatial ring, which I have gained over the years, there are still some savings in it, as well as the God Extermination diagram I obtained earlier at the ruins of the God Extermination Sect.”

“You take it with you and leave the Nine Heavens and go hide in the Eternal Source Plane.”

Young Su Yi smiled and shook his head, “I’m not leaving.”

Hao Bi looked at his disciple Su Yi and sighed, “It’s better for one person to die than for us to die together as master and disciple. You take the God Extermination Diagram to the Eternal Source plane, they shouldn’t be able to find you, and later on, when you comprehend the God Extermination Technique and God Extermination Formation in the God Extermination Diagram, and when your cultivation is successful, you can take revenge for your master.”

Just at that moment, a cold laugh rang out.

Immediately after that, several figures appeared high in the sky.

“Black Wind Sect!” Hao Bi’s face changed when he saw the people’s dresses.

The person who came was none other than Qi Yifan, the old ancestor of the Black Wind Sect, at the peak of the early Heavenly God!

There were two Heavenly Gods in the Black Wind Sect.

In addition to Qi Yifan, the other Heavenly God powerhouse of the Black Wind Sect also came.

Suddenly, several more figures came breaking through the air. Seeing the comers, the Black Wind Sect’s old ancestor Qi Yifan frowned.

The visitors were the Tao family ancestor Tao Haibo and Tao family experts.

Tao Haibo was also quite surprised to see Qi Yifan, his face smiling and not smiling, “So it is brother Qi Yifan, it seems that brother Qi Yifan is well-informed, and came one step earlier than me.”

Qi Yifan laughed heatedly, “Each other.”

Previously, the two joined hands to destroy the Fan family, only a temporary alliance, the two actually did not have any friendship.

After that, several more groups of people came over.

These several groups of people were the first-class forces of the various provinces of the Heavenly God Domain, their strengths were not weaker than the Black Wind Sect and the Tao Family, some are even stronger than the Black Wind Sect and the Tao Family.

After the people arrived, they surrounded the courtyard.

However, everyone had their own scruples, so no one made the first move.

A moment later, Qi Yifan looked at Hao Bi and said coldly, “Hand over the God Extermination Diagram!”

Hao Bi looked at the thirty people around the courtyard and his face was gloomy.

Among the thirty people, there were nine strong Heavenly Gods, and the others, if not Heavenly Gods, were also late True Gods or peak late True Gods.

Despair suddenly arose in his heart.

Thinking back on these years in the Nine Heavens, he could not help but feel sadness from his heart.

“Hand over the God Extermination Diagram, and you can still live.” Tao Haibo, the Tao family’s oldest ancestor, said indifferently.

Hao Bi looked at the crowd, smiled sadly, and had an extra diagram in his hand, which seemed to be refined from the skin of some divine beast.

He looked at the crowd, “This is the God Extermination Diagram!” Speaking of this, he threw it up and the God Extermination Diagram flew high into the air.

Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and other people were happy, broke the air and flew towards the God Extermination Diagram.

Seeing Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and others fought over the God Extermination Diagram. Hao Bi pulled his disciple Su Yi and flew towards one of the gaps, but just as the two flew out of the courtyard, suddenly, an amazing sword light cut through the void and arrived instantly.

Hao Bi’s face changed greatly, and then hurriedly retreated, but he was still a step too late.

The sword light passed by.

Hao Bi muffled a sound, only to see the left arm was broken off by the sword light.

“Master!” Su Yi was shocked.

At this time, there were several more miserable screams, and the two looked, only to see that Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and others, who had just made a move to grab the God Extermination Diagram were also injured by another sword light, and fell down from the high altitude.

Several experts in white robes appeared, and the God Extermination Diagram fell into their hands.

Seeing the appearance of white-robed experts with the word “Jun” embroidered on their chests, both Hao Bi, Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and others all changed their faces in shock.

“Jun family!”

The people who came were the Jun family experts.

The person in the lead was the Jun family young master Jun Rui, and behind him were six Jun family Heavenly God realm ancestors, and all of them were at the peak of the late Heavenly God stage.

The young master of the Jun family, Jun Rui, took the God Extermination Diagram in his hand and looked it over, and on the front of the God Extermination Diagram, there were extremely small characters and a human figure.

And on the back, there was a formation diagram, complicated and abnormal.

He gave the diagram to a Jun family expert behind him and said, “Uncle Cheng, see if the diagram is real.”

Jun Xincheng, an ancestor of the Jun family, took the diagram and watched it carefully.

After some careful viewing, Jun Xincheng nodded: “It’s the real God Extermination Diagram.”

Qi Yifan stepped forward, clasped his fist and smiled, “Is your Excellency the young master of the Jun family? We have no intention of competing with the Jun Family for the God Extinguishing Diagram, so we will take our leave.”

Tao Haibo and the others all clasped their fists as well, intending to say goodbye and leave.

“Farewell?” Jun Rui, the young master of the Jun Family, smiled coldly when he heard this, “Did I say that I let you guys go?”

Qi Yifan, Tao Haibo and the others felt the killing intent on Jun Rui’s body, and Mo’s face changed.

The Jun family intends to silence their mouths?

Even Hao Bi and Su Yi were shocked and changed their expressions.

The young master of the Jun family, Jun Rui, took out a golden net, and with a flick, the golden net broke through the air, and the light soared, turning into a golden world that blended into the surrounding heaven and earth, enveloping all around.

” Heavenly Prison Divine Net!” Qi Yifan exclaimed.

“That’s right, the Heavenly Prison Divine Net.” Jun Rui said indifferently, “Since you know the Heavenly Prison Divine Net, you should know its power, which has now trapped the surrounding space.”

The hearts of all the people sank.

The Heavenly Prison Divine Net was a superb divine artifact of the Jun Family, and it was unexpected that the Jun Family had even brought this Heavenly Prison Divine Net with them.

“Kill them all, deal with them quickly, don’t leave anyone alive.” Jun Rui said coldly.

Behind him, the six ancestors of the Jun family broke through the air and swooped over to Qi Yifan, Hao Bi and others.

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