It Turns Out I am a Dao Ancestor Chapter 224 – Time Dao, Seeing the Past

“King bomb!” Huang Rumeng threw out the two kings and crushed Flower Fairy’s four 2.

“Sister Rumeng, we are a group, a group! Why did you blow me up again!” Flower Fairy looked mad.

“I’ve said it all, I’m with Young Master!”

“Young Master, you still have a 4, right?”

“I have a 3!” After speaking, Huang Rumeng threw a 3 out.

Sun Hao smiled slightly and threw the 4 out.

Won again. He hadn’t lost today because, Rumeng, this girl has been helping him.

When Flower Fairy got the landlord, Rumeng appeared extremely powerful again, and she cooperated flawlessly with him.

Even if Flower Fairy was smart, she couldn’t figure out what card he had, and she flinched and ended in defeat.

“Again, again, I don’t believe I can’t even win today!” After speaking, Flower Fairy began to shuffle the cards.

At this time, there was a sound saying: “Master, we have arrived at the destination!”

Sun Hao smiled slightly and stood up, “Miss Xiaolan, we’ve arrived already, let’s end it here today!”

“Oh, okay!” Flower Fairy’s face showed her wish to continue. 

Unexpectedly, there were such fun games in this world. Compared with cultivating, this was simply too fun! I don’t know if Young Master still has another set of cards, otherwise, I can find someone to play with.

Flower Fairy looked at Sun Hao, opened her mouth, and stopped talking.

“Miss Xiaolan, do you want a set of cards?” Sun Hao said.

“Yes!” Flower Fairy nodded.

“I have a lot here, you can get a few!”

Sun Hao took out ten pairs of cards and handed them to Flower Fairy.

Flower Fairy took the cards, her body trembling slightly with excitement as if she had won a treasure, “Thank you, Young Master!”

“You are welcome, let’s go down!” Sun Hao said.

“Yes, Young Master!”

The three of them walked out of the fairy boat and stood in the air.

Flower Fairy looked at the mountain, “Young Master, do you live there?”

“En!” Sun Hao nodded.

“Young Master, I’ll leave the Hundred Flowers Valley with you here in the south. What do you think?” Flower Fairy asked.

“Thank you for your trouble, Miss Lao Xiaolan!”

“You’re welcome Young Master, this is what I was supposed to do!”

After Flower Fairy finished speaking, she moved the whole valley in her palm.


Hundred Flowers Valley grew larger at speed visible to the naked eye and slowly landed. Under Flower Fairy’s control, Hundred Flowers Valley fell to the south of the mountain, squeezing the surrounding land by shocking means.

The Hundred Flowers Valley was large enough to have a hundred miles radius.

It was fascinating to see the fog and mist surrounding the valley like a scene from paradise from above.


The blowing breeze mixed with scents of fragrance made people feel refreshed. Looking from a distance, the beautiful flowers made various breathtaking patterns.

Sun Hao nodded secretly as he looked at this scene.

There would be a different feel when he stood on the stone tower and looked across the Hundred Flowers Valley.

“Young Master, what flowers do you need? I’ll bring them for you right away!”

Flower Fairy waved her right hand, and Hundred Flowers Valley appeared in front of Sun Hao like a holographic projection.

Sun Hao began to check, pointed at the flowers, and said, “This one, this one…”

“Young Master, please wait a minute!” Flower Fairy soared into the sky and flew to Hundred Flowers Valley.

“Rumeng, let’s dig some pits!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

Center Region’s Holy Land, Supreme Courtyard.

On this day, hundreds of elders stood in front of a 100-meter-high stone tablet with respectful expressions.

These elders were all guardians of the Supreme Courtyard, each of them had a strength of a Demigod and could be regarded as a powerful person.

Shortly after.


The rubbing sound of heavy stone gates sounded.

Under the stone table, a stone gate slowly rose.

Immediately afterward, an old man in a green robe walked out of the stone tablet.

This person was Zhong Lilang, the Grandmaster of the Supreme Courtyard.

Invisible pressure emitted from him even when he was only standing, pressing the guardians and suddenly making them feel uneasy.

“Respectfully welcoming the Grandmaster!” All the guardians bowed to the ground, their voices neatly.

“Rise!” Zhong Lilang said.

“Thank you, Dean!”

Everyone got up.

“Was there anything big that happened when I was in seclusion?” Zhong Lilang asked.

“Everything is fine, no major events have happened!”

A guardian stood up.

“Guardian Jiang, that’s not true. In recent months, several major events have happened!”

Another guardian stood up.

“These trivial matters are of no concern to the dean at all!” Guardian Jiang said.

“Really? The birth of Flower Fairy is not a big event? You are not afraid that the dean knows that you are using power for personal gain and want to keep everything in the dark, right?”

As soon as these words came out, Guardian Jiang’s chest was stagnant, “You are slandering me!”

“I’m slandering? A few months ago, you sent Jiang Kun to West Supreme Courtyard to force Wen Renshi to surrender the Immortal Sword for your own benefit, but Wen Renshi killed him!”

“What is the result? Wen Renshi withdrew from the Supreme Courtyard, and we lost a heavenly genius! You think these matters are not serious enough to be reported to the Grandmaster?”

“Do you dare to say that you didn’t do this?”

“What does Jiang Kun’s matter have to do with me? I think you are…”

The words were unfinished.

“All right!”

Zhong Lilang waved his right hand, and Guardian Jiang immediately shut up.

“Guardian Lin, tell me exactly what happened in Tianluo Continent in the past few months,” Zhong Lilang said.

“Yes, Grandmaster!”

Guardian Lin clasped his fists and started talking.

Zhong Lilang listened carefully and did not interrupt Guardian Lin.

He frowned and thought deeply, with surprises flashing across his face from time to time.

After a while.

“Suppressing evil, saving Jiangyang, building the overall situation, suppressing the four commanders, destroying Blood Phoenix, killing pharaoh…”

“Now, sending Flower Fairy to save the entire Southern Prefecture Immortal City? Flower Fairy personally said that the Godly Cunning Immortal ordered her?” Zhong Lilang asked.

“That’s right!” Guardian Lin nodded heavily.


Zhong Lilang gasped.

The immortal was willing to listen to his dispatch, and this alone was enough to show how terrifying the Godly Cunning Immortal was. He was very likely to be unfathomable and unimaginable! There was such a character in this world? He must find an opportunity to visit the Godly Cunning Immortal! This would be an excellent thing for the human race.

Zhong Lilang thought inwardly and made a decision.

After that, he fixed his gaze on Guardian Jiang, “Jiang Jiao, do you plead guilty?”


Guardian Jiang knelt on the ground and bowed heavily, “Grandmaster, I don’t know anything!”


Zhong Lilang let out a cold snort, and Guardian Jiang’s body trembled in fright.

“What did I say before my seclusion? Did you forget? I said that no one should touch Wen Renshi!”

“What about you?” Zhong Lilang’s voice was utterly cold.

“Grandmaster, it’s none of my business. It’s all Jiang Kun’s doing!” Jiang Jiao said.

“Hehe, at this moment, he still has not pleaded guilty!”

After speaking, Zhong Lilang waved his right hand, and an image was presented in front of everyone. In the image was exactly what Jiang Jiao and Jiang Kun did.

This scene suddenly shook everyone in place, and they couldn’t believe it.

“This…this is the Time Dao!”

“Time Dao, see through the past, doesn’t it mean that the Grandmaster has reached the Dacheng Realm for a long time? Unbelievable!”

“The Grandmaster is really amazing!”

“Hiss……” the sound of cold air being sucked through the teeth could be heard.

The guardians looked at Zhong Lilang, and their eyes were full of worship.


Guardian Jiang directly kowtowed on the ground, his face full of despair.

“Grandmaster, I was wrong, please spare my life!”

Guardian Jiang slammed his head heavily on the ground, crying bitterly.

“Humph, did you know that Dean Wen is an old friend of mine? Do you know how hard it took me to build a good relationship with Dean Wen? You dared to attack my old friend for an Immortal Sword?” Zhong Lilang’s voice gradually became cold.

When Guardian Jiang heard it, he was scared to death and lied prostrated on the ground, shivering.

“Grandmaster, I was wrong. I will never dare anymore!”

“Not dare? For public or private(1), you can’t stay!”


After speaking, Zhong Lilang pointed his right hand, and Guardian Jiang’s expression of horror instantly frozen.


Guardian Jiang’s body collapsed into powder with a loud explosion, disappearing without a trace!

“Guardian Lin, you will take care of the Supreme Courtyard for the time being!” Zhong Lilang said.

“Grandmaster, are you going to find Godly Cunning Immortal?”

“That’s right!”

“Grandmaster, wait a minute, this is your letter!”

After speaking, Guardian Lin took out a jade slip.

Zhong Lilang looked at it and frowned slightly, “Wen Renjing is coming to me? This is troublesome!”

  1.  Public personal matters will be handled normally. 

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