The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 121 – Hao Bi’s Whereabouts

Not only Sun Hongyuan, Qiu Yue and others questioned, everyone questioned the current situation of Qin Huai and others.

“Over there, what’s the matter with Lu Yipingg? just now Lord Feng Wen did not say how to dispose of Lu Yipingg.” Sun Hongyuan said again.

Qiu Yue likewise wondered.

Just now, he thought that Feng Wen came out was to announce that they had captured Lu Yiping and handed over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect to solve the matter, but they did not expect, Feng Wen came out to announce that Li Xinbin rebelled against the sect, and then beheaded by the ancestor!

“Lord Qiu Yue, do you think Lord Qin Huai was killed by the ancestor?” Sun Hongyuan said, making a gesture of decapitation.

Qiu Yue’s face changed and swallowed, “I don’t think so, earlier when Lu Yipingg killed Wu Jinguo, Lord Zheng Shangqing was so enraged, if the Ancestor had killed Lord Qin Huai and the others, how could that be? At that time, won’t Lord Zheng Shangqing turn the nine heavens upside down?”

“The ancestor should not do something so impulsive.”

Wu Jinguo, a middle stage Heavenly God, was killed, Zheng Shangqing even came out in anger, if Lord Qin Huai of the Realm Lord was killed, Qiu Yue couldn’t imagine what the scene would be like then.

The Sword Sect Assembly continued.

On the podium, Sun Hongyuan, who was the chief disciple, sat next to Qiu Yue.

He looked down at the competition field, Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng, two siblings with cold eyes.

Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings, all the way through the hurdles, now had entered the top 10,000.

When Qiu Yue saw Sun Hongyuan stare at the competition arena Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng’s two siblings, he knew what Sun Hongyuan thoughts in his heart, said: “Now do not know how the ancestor treats Lu Yipingg, so you better not move these two first.”

Sun Hongyuan nodded his head. Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng and the two siblings came along with Lu Yiping.

Originally, he was planning to do something to Fan Yulan, Fan Sheng after the ancestor captured Lu Yiping and gave it to the people of Tai Qing Sword Sect to take them away, but he just didn’t expect that Feng Wen came out just now and didn’t announce the news of Lu Yiping.

He looked at the field whereFan Yulan, Fan Sheng, the two siblings were fighting. He coldly smiled, once the news of Lu Yiping was captured, he would play two people to death!

Within the ancestral land, after Chu Tong had Kong Yifan and others cleaned up the scene, Lu Yiping summoned Chu Tong and said, “You check, in ancient times, the Phantom Demon King’s subsequent whereabouts, and also, get me the information about the Phantom Demon King.”

“All the books about the Phantom Demon King, find them for me.”

Chu Tong was stunned, not understanding why Lu Yipingg suddenly wanted to find the Phantom Demon King from the ancient period.

“Yes, don’t worry, Master, I will have people investigate and collect information about the Phantom Demon King.” Chu Tong hurriedly said, although he had doubts in his heart, he did not dare to ask more questions.

“In addition, step up the search for the whereabouts of that Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Race.” Lu Yipingg said.

Chu Tong led the order and went.

The reason why Lu Yiping was looking for the Phantom Demon King was, of course, because he wanted to learn about the Foundation tree fragment from the Phantom Demon King.

Before the ancient times, it was the immemorial times, and before the immemorial times, it was the epoch, and even further, it was the torrential wilderness.

At the time of the epoch, the Heavenly Emperor cut down the Foundation tree, and if he learned where the Phantom Demon King found the building tree fragment, he might be expected to find other Foundation tree fragments near him.

Now, he had sprouted this piece of the Foundation tree, if he could find other building tree fragments, he could devour it and fused the other Foundation tree fragments, then, it could enhance its whole growth.

Otherwise, he had to pour two bowls of star chaos water every day, where he could find so much star chaos water.

Although he found a pool at the end of the star river, it could not support the tree  for a long time, at most he could pour it a year or two before it was used up.

After Chu Tong and the others left.

Lu Yipingg entered and sat down in the Sacred Hall room, and then cultivated the Longevity Technique.

At once, golden lotuses surged on the ground and rays of light landed.

Above Lu Yiping’s head were the celebratory clouds, and the two jade discs of creation flowed in them, and the light surged incessantly.

In recent days, he insisted on studying the dao in the second jade disc of creation every day.

It was daytime now, but under the darkness around Lu Yipingg, the entire Sacred Hall, one by one, became dark.

It was complete darkness, one unable to see his five fingers. Moreover, in this darkness, all the divine senses were shielded and blocked.

This darkness was the initial darkness of heaven and earth. Within this boundary, all light completely disappeared.

From a distance, the entire Sacred Hall turned into a terrifying dark abyss. And around the Sacred Hall, the sun was warm as before.

This darkness was precisely the darkness of the second jade disc of creation that Lu Yipingg had enlightened.

The second jade disc of creation had a hundred dao, including the dark dao, the light dao, the star dao. As long as he could fully comprehend the dark dao, the light dao, and the star dao, he could become the dark underworld king with a single thought, and the light master with a single thought.

In one thought, he was the ancestor of the stars.

Just when Lu Yipingg was comprehending the second jade disc of creation, Qin Huai and others did not come out after entering the ancestral land of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, and the Returning Origin Sword Sect did not capture Lu Yipingg, causing speculation from all sides.

“Lord Qin Huai, I’m only afraid that he has been killed by the Returning Origin Ancestor!”

“That’s impossible, right? The Returning Origin Ancestor would kill Lord Qin Huai and the seven Heavenly Gods of the Taiqing Sword Sect, nearly a hundred True Gods, for the sake of Lu Yiping? Lord Chu Tong is crazy, right?”

“To fight a deadly battle with the Tai Qing Sword Sect for a single Lu Yiping, I really don’t know what Chu Tong was thinking.”

All of a sudden, rumors spread.

The Heavenly God Domain shook. The news soon reached the Jun family.

The Jun family was the second family in the Heavenly God Domain, just below the Chu family.

When the old ancestor of the Jun family, Jun Taizu, the number one formation master of the Heavenly God Domain heard the news, he also froze for a long time, somewhat unconvinced, “Impossible! This should be a rumor.”

Jun family patriarch Jun Tianjian mused, “Although it is still uncertain, but I’m afraid it’s true, Qin Huai entered the Ancestral Ground of the Returning Origin Sword Sect, which was seen by many people, but until now, never came out.”

“God extinguishing diagram, have you found it yet?” Jun Taizu suddenly asked.

The Jun Family patriarch Jun Tianjian replied, “There is already news, it is on a person named Hao Bi of the Heavenly Demon Race, we have found out that he is hiding in our Heavenly God Domain Wind and Thunder Mansion.”

“Oh.” Great Ancestor Jun said, “Then blockade the Wind and Thunder Mansion, lift up the Wind and Thunder Mansion for me, and also find out this Hao Bi for me.”

“Yes, please rest assured, Ancestor, I will arrange for the manpower.”

Fu Zhuo, the Zither God, who was rushing from the Zither and Painting Sect, had also all heard the news about Qin Huai’s murder.

“Killing Qin Huai and over a hundred experts of the Tai Qing Sword Sect for a single Lu Yipingg.” Fu Zhuo laughed coldly, “He’s really stupid and looking for death.” He kept hoofing and continued to fly towards the Returning Origin Sword Sect.

Although Chu Tong was not weak, but, with his strength, he could completely suppress Chu Tong, forgiving Chu Tong would not dare not to hand over Lu Yiping and the Snow Filled Universe.

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