The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 84 – Lin Xiaoya’s Last Wish

In any case, she and Lin Xiaoya were friends who grew up together since childhood. She had taken the wrong path and harmed others and herself. She resented and hated herself.

It was actually not too bad for Gu Xixi right now.

Because of the Yin family’s contribution, she could settle her mother’s problems well.

Therefore, she was clear with Lin Xiaoya now.

Thinking of this, Gu Xixi’s face really eased down, and she said quietly, “Well, don’t be so sad. I don’t want this money, so keep it for yourself to get good treatment. It’s already settled between us.”

By now, she had completely let go of her previous grudges and didn’t want to have anything to do with Lin Xiaoya anymore.

Perhaps, this would be the last thing that happened between the two of them. 

It took courage to love and hate a person.

She was tired, and she didn’t want to let herself be so tired anymore.

Now that it had happened, there was nothing to hold on to.

She would give birth to this child smoothly and then left the Yin family to find a place where no one knew her and live there for the rest of her life.

Just let her bury everything in the past. 

“Xixi, did you forgive me?” When Lin Xiaoya heard Gu Xixi say this, she looked at Gu Xixi with surprise.

The corners of Gu Xixi’s mouth smiled so faintly, making it difficult to see her true feelings at this time.

Forgive you?

How can I forgive you so easily?

I just didn’t want to live with too much hatred.

“Xixi, I know I am too greedy.” Lin Xiaoya gritted her teeth and continued, “I’m already very happy that you are willing to come out to see me today. How can I so cheekily ask you to forgive me?”

“Lin Xiaoya, it’s over between us now. I don’t want to be an enemy with you, but I also don’t want to be friends with you anymore.” Gu Xixi sighed and said, “For the sake of how we grew up together for so many years, I really can’t keep hating you. But you’ve hurt me too deeply, and we can’t continue to be friends either.”

“We’ve known each other before, so we couldn’t be enemies. But because I have been hurt that much, we can’t be friends either. Therefore, we can only be the most familiar stranger for now on.”

As soon as Gu Xixi’s words were spoken, Lin Xiaoya’s face suddenly became extremely pale.

Gu Xixi stood up, and she was ready to leave, but Lin Xiaoya suddenly stood in front of her and knelt down!

Gu Xixi was taken aback and stretched out her hand to pull Lin Xiaoya, “What are you doing? Get up!”

“Xixi, if you don’t forgive me, I will kneel forever!” Lin Xiaoya grabbed her wrist and said, “My days are running out. The doctor said that surgery must be performed within a month. If it is too late, there is no need for surgery! Xixi, I really knew that I was wrong, so please, forgive me. Okay? Let me be your friend for another month. I swear, I will never ruin your happiness again, I will never do anything wrong to you again! This is my last wish, please do it for me!”

The gazes of countless people around were swept over.

Gu Xixi suddenly felt her scalp numb.

She had never experienced this kind of situation before, and now she was put on the shelf by Lin Xiaoya. Accepting the burning eyes of the people around her, Gu Xixi suddenly felt embarrassed.

“Xixi, I really know that I was wrong! I don’t ask you to forgive me, I just ask you to allow me to stand by your side as a friend in my last month of life, watching you live happily.” Lin Xiaoya said tearfully, and Gu Xixi’s heart suddenly softened.

Yes, she had only one month to live.

What couldn’t she let go of?

“Don’t kneel, I’ll promise you that.” Gu Xixi looked at Lin Xiaoya’s tears, disregarding her image, she couldn’t help it anymore. “I forgive you,” she whispered.

Hearing that, Lin Xiaoya stood up from the ground in excitement and hugged Gu Xixi.

Gu Xixi was only 165 centimeters, while Lin Xiaoya was 178 centimeters and wore high heels, so Gu Xixi had no room to resist when Lin Xiaoya hugged her.

Gu Xixi sighed softly in her heart.

Forget it, she didn’t care about the grudges of the past.

The relationship of so many years since childhood really could not be erased in just a few words.

Now in city N, Lin Xiaoya was the only one around. If she didn’t forgive Xiaoya, she would have a hard time in her last years, right?

“Xixi, thank you!” Lin Xiaoya hugged her tightly. “I knew from long ago that you were the best one for me! When I was in the hardest and most difficult time, only you stood by me, supported me and protected me! I will never forget my freshman year. I was going to be a model, and my family was against it. You were the one who went to work after class to make money and pay for my tuition! Xixi, I’m really sorry about the past. From now on, I will never do anything to make you sad again!” 

When Lin Xiaoya took the initiative to mention the past, Gu Xixi’s stiff body slowly eased. She reached out and hugged her. Lin Xiaoya gently patted her back to comfort her.

In the past, every time Lin Xiaoya was injured or bullied, Gu Xixi comforted her in this way.

The people around saw that the two girls were reconciled, and they applauded to congratulate them.

Lin Xiaoya kept thanking others, Gu Xixi smiled somewhat reluctantly.

All this came too fast. However, since she decided to forgive Lin Xiaoya, the past grudges had been wiped out.

Gu Xixi took Lin Xiaoya back to her seat and said, “What are you going to do?”

Lin Xiaoya’s eyes darkened, “What else can I do? Just using this month’s time to make up for the people who I have hurt in this world as much as possible. I have traveled to so many places for so many years. When I came to the end of my life, I found that the place I wanted to stay most was still N City, because you were here! When I thought that we slept on the same bed before you got married, I felt like eating a bowl of noodles…”

Lin Xiaoya suddenly couldn’t continue.

Gu Xixi’s eyes were also a little moist.

Yes, before her 23rd birthday, although she was poor and had a lot of troubles, Gu Xixi also had a lot of happiness!

“I still remember the first money I earned as a model, I bought two pairs of gloves, one for you and the other for me.” Lin Xiaoya continued, “At that time, you hugged me and said, we’ll be good sisters for a lifetime, and will never be apart for the rest of our lives.”

Gu Xixi’s tears suddenly filled her eyes.

It wasn’t until this moment that Gu Xixi truly forgave Lin Xiaoya.

It turned out that she still remembered those in the past.

Lin Xiaoya hadn’t forgotten the hardest and most difficult time she had with Xixi.

Xiaoya, why didn’t you understand the importance of this relationship until now?

If… If you hadn’t done that then…

Would it be better between us? Unfortunately, there was no such thing as…

Gu Xixi’s phone rang, and she picked it up, seeing that it was a call from the housekeeper.

She answered the phone, “Hello…”

“Young Lady, Master called back, saying that he won’t be back for dinner tonight, and told Young Lady to eat by yourself.” The housekeeper reported dutifully.

Gu Xixi glanced at Lin Xiaoya and said to the housekeeper, “Then I won’t go back to eat. I’m eating with Xiaoya outside. We haven’t eaten together for a long time.”

Lin Xiaoya moved her eyes when she heard that. 

After hanging up the phone, Gu Xixi reached out and held the back of Lin Xiaoya’s hand, “Don’t give up, maybe there will be a turnaround.”

Lin Xiaoya smiled and wiped her tears away, restoring the style of the international supermodel, Dina. Her smiles were so attractive.

The place just now was so noisy that the two of them didn’t plan to have dinner there.

Gu Xixi came here on foot, so Lin Xiaoya drove the car, took her away from the place, and parked in front of a high-end restaurant in the city.

Lin Xiaoya was very considerate now. She intentionally picked restaurants with exquisite taste and a quiet environment.

Gu Xixi noticed this, and her heart felt soft.

“Wait for me, I remember there was a place at the front that had good sweet roasted chestnuts,” said Lin Xiaoya, patting Gu Xixi on the shoulder, and it blew away like a wind.

Gu Xixi smiled softly.

 Lin Xiaoya still remembered that she liked to eat sweet roasted chestnuts.

When she was a child, she remembered her family was poor, and her grandma kept all the delicious foods. Her favorite snack for every Chinese New Year was the sweet roasted chestnuts.

So every Chinese New Year, the two of them had to hold a handful of hot roasted chestnuts, find a place to hide and tasted them together.

Time flew, everyone was no longer the same person.

She wondered if these sweet chestnuts would still taste the same as before?

Just when Gu Xixi was thinking about it, a voice filled with surprises sounded behind her, “Are you also here to eat?”

Gu Xixi turned around, raised her eyes, and saw Mo Zixin.

Today, Mo Zixin was dressed in a casual and elegant suit. Gu Xixi didn’t know how many women’s eyes were attracted to him.

That pair of tender eyes must have captivated the hearts of countless women, right?

“Ah, what a coincidence.” Gu Xixi thought for a while and finally remembered the other person’s name, “Mo…”

“Mo Zixin.” He smiled helplessly, “This is the fourth time we have met. Can I know your name this time?”

Gu Xixi suddenly smiled embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, my name is…”

“Xixi!” Lin Xiaoya’s voice came from behind.

“Xixi?” Mo Zixin seemed to be wondering, “Gu Xixi?”

“Uh…yes, my name is Gu Xixi.” She answered Lin Xiaoya back and then replied to Mo Zixin, “I’m sorry, my friend called me, I’ll talk to you later.”

Mo Zixin stopped her at once, “Since we have met each other, why don’t we go together?”

“Huh?” Gu Xixi was startled, and just in time, Lin Xiaoya came over.

“President Mo?!” Lin Xiaoya obviously knew Mo Zixin, “Why are you here?”

“You are…,” Mo Zixin’s beautiful brows frowned slightly.

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