The Invincible Big Shot Is About To Be Born Chapter 118 – Now I’m Watering Tree Inside the Ancestral Ground

Hearing Qin Huai say don’t let him wait too long and sound condescending, Li Xinbin’s face sank, but he eventually nodded, then returned to the ancestral land again with Kong Yifan a dozen old men.

Qin Huai stood with his hands in the air, and the Tai Qing Sword Sect experts waiting up in the air.

Since Qin Huai did not disguise his voice, the disciples from all sides who attended the Sword Sect Assembly heard it clearly and were in an uproar.

“Lord Zheng Shangqing has actually come out of the gate!”

“The Returning Origin Sword Sect simply digging their grave, Wu Jinguo was killed, not only they did not capture Lu Yiping, but instead welcomed him into the ancestral land, no wonder Lord Zheng Shangqing is so angry. How can the Returning Origin Sword Sect provoke and trample the might of the Tai Qing Sword Sect at will!”

“What do you think Lord Chu Tong, the Ancestor of Returning Origin Sword Sect will choose? I heard that Lu Yiping and him are very close.”

“So what if the relationship is not shallow, he can’t possibly bury the Returning Origin Sword Sect for the sake of Lu Yiping, as long as Lord Chu Tong is still sane, he will definitely capture Lu Yiping and hand him over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect.”

However, even if he captured Lu Yiping and handed him over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect, the Tai Qing Sword Sect will definitely hold a grudge about this, and in the future, I’m afraid the disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect days won’t be so comfortable.”

Among the crowd, the sound of discussion was heard.

In the distance, when Sun Hongyuan heard the crowd’s discussion, his face was gloomy and he said with hatred, “I blame that Lu Yiping, everything is because of him. This Lu Yiping, he deserves to die!”

A disciple of the Returning Origin Sword Sect beside him said, “Senior Brother Sun Hongyuan is right, this Lu Yiping should be directly executed!”

Sun Hongyuan said coldly, “He offended the Tai Qing Sword Sect, but he also offended the Zither and Painting Sect, making our entire Returning Origin Sword Sect suffer because of him, if I were Lord Chu Tong, I would directly slap him to death!”

“Just wait, later on Lord Chu Tong will throw Lu Yiping out of the ancestral land.”

As the disciples from all sides were talking, Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan and the others entered the ancestral land.

Kong Yifan spoke, “Ancestor and that Lu Yiping have a not-so-simple relationship, I wonder what choice the ancestor will make.” he frowned tightly.

Li Xinbin expressionlessly said, “His relationship with Lu Yiping is not simple, but, we can’t let our tens of millions of disciples of the Returning Origin Sword Sect bury Lu Yiping!”

Another said, “Lu Yiping made the trouble, why should we carry it for him!”

Kong Yifan sighed, “I hope the ancestor can figure this out.”

A dozen people arrived at Feng Wen’s palace.

At this moment, within the palace, Feng Wen was looking at the ten drops of Star Chaos Water in front of him with unusual excitement.

Lu Yi Ping had given two buckets of Star Chaos Water to Chu Tong, and Chu Tong had given him ten drops.

With these ten drops of Star Chaos Water, he would definitely be able to increase his strength by a lot.

“Lord Feng Wen, we have something to report.” Outside the palace, Li Xinbin’s voice rang out.

“Come in.” Feng Wen hurriedly put away the ten drops of Star Chaos Water and spoke.

Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan a dozen people entered in a line of fish.

Seeing Li Xinbin and a dozen people come together, Feng Wen heart felt strange and asked, “Why did you guys come over here?”

Li Xinbin and the dozen people looked at each other and then reported the matter to Feng Wen truthfully.

Feng Wen smiled with a strange face, “Qin Huai is waiting outside, he give the ancestor a day to capture and hand over Lu Yi Ping?”

Li Xinbin nodded and said, “Yes, we know that the ancestor and Lu Yiping have not a simple relationship, but please also ask Lord Feng Wen to persuade the ancestor master master to take the big picture into consideration, and not to bury the entire Returning Yuan Sword Sect with him because of one Lu Yiping!”

Feng Wen shook his head, “This matter, you do not have any say, you also do not need to persuade the ancestor, he is not likely to make a move against Lu Yiping.”

At this time, an old ancestor suddenly said, “Ancestor!”

The crowd looked in shock, only to see that at some point, Chu Tong had come to the back.

Chu Tong was looking coldly at Li Xinbin and the others, “You want me to capture Lu Yiping and hand him over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect?”

He was refining the Star Chaos Water, and now, he wanted to kill someone.

When the crowd saw that Chu Tong’s face was not right, they did not dare to speak for a moment.

After a while, Li Xinbin mumbled, “Qin Huai said, Lord Zheng Shangqing was furious, he said within a day, if we not capture Lu Yiping and hand over him to the Tai Qing Sword Sect, then he will not speak of any mercy!”

“So what?” Chu Tong voice was getting colder and colder.

Li Xinbin said stiffly, “Please calm down, don’t be emotional, the ancestor should still remember how the Phoenix God Sect was destroyed!”

“The Phoenix God Sect was exterminated?” Chu Tong smiled coldly, “Are you reminding me?”

“I dare not!” Li Xinbin hurriedly said.

Chu Tong swept his eyes at Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan and the others and said coldly, “If I don’t capture Lu Yiping, what do you plan to do?”

Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan and the others looked at each other.

“We all unanimously felt that Ancestor should capture Lu Yiping and hand him over to the Tai Qing Sword Sect.” Li Xinbin took a deep breath and slowly said, his eyes firm, “Ancestor should not offend the Tai Qing Sword School for a Lu Yiping, moreover, Lu Yiping also injured the divine Maiden Xu Qiaoyin!”

“And after taking away the Snow-filled Universe, the Zither and Painting Sect will definitely come to ask for punishment as well!”

Chu Tong said coldly, “Not to mention offending the Tai Qing Sword Sectl and the Zither and Painting Sect, even if he offends the entire Nine Heavens, so what?”

The crowd looked at each other.

“Open the ancestral land restriction and let the people from the Tai Qing Sword Sect come in.” Lu Yiping’s voice suddenly came out.

“Yes.” Chu Tong was stunned, then he said in a respectful voice, then waved his hands, the ancestral land light surged, and the grand restriction array opened one by one.

Li Xinbin and Kong Yifan were astonished to see that Chu Tong actually obeyed Lu Yiping’s words and opened the grand restriction array of the ancestral land without any half-hearted hesitation.

Outside, Qin Huai and others from the Tai Qing Sword School were surprised to see the Grand Restriction Array of the Ancestral Land of the Returning Yuan Sword Sect opened one by one.

“Didn’t your Tai Qing Sword Sect want to capture me for questioning? I am now watering trees inside the Ancestral Ground, you can come in and capture me.” Lu Yiping’s bland voice resounded through heaven and earth.

Watering trees in the ancestral land?

Not only Qin Huai, even Qiu Yue and the others were stunned when they heard this.

“What, you don’t dare to come in?” Just as Qin Huai hesitated, suddenly, a terrifying suction force broke through the air, and Qin Huai and all the people of the Tai Qing Sword Sect behind him were all sucked into the Ancestral Ground.

By the time Qin Huai and the others stopped, they had already arrived in front of the Sacred Hall.

Qin Huai and others looked, only to see a blue-shirted young man in front of the Sacred Hall, holding a jade bottle to water the tree, behind the young man stood a strong blond-haired man.

Qin Huai was about to open his mouth when he suddenly saw the dreamy drops of water reflecting the light of stars dripping from the jade bottle in the blue-shirted young man’s hand and froze, then ate and said, “Star Chaos Water!”

The other experts of the Tai Qing Sword Sect did not recognize the Star Chaos Water, and upon hearing this, they were all shocked and looked at the drops of water that kept dripping incredulously.

What Lord Qin Huai meant was that the blue-shirted young man was using the Star Chaos Water to water the tree!

Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan and others saw Qin Huai being absorbed in, also all hurriedly flew over to Feng Wen.

When Li Xinbin, Kong Yifan and others arrived and saw the drops of Star Chaos Water that kept pouring into the tree, they were also frozen, pointing at Lu Yiping, unable to say anything for a long time.

Feng Wen came over and saw this scene, and still could not hide the shock in his heart.

Although he had seen it yesterday, but now see that drop of star chaos water was being poured, he still had a feeling that the world was too crazy.

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