The CEO Wants To Marry Me Chapter 81 – The End of the Gu Family

“Come eat with me,” Yin Sichen told Gu Xixi implicitly that he had not eaten breakfast yet.

The reason he hurried back was to have breakfast with Gu Xixi.

A group of people came in at the door, and when they saw Gu Xixi they greeted her, “Young lady!”

Gu Xixi nodded.

This group of people began to work in an orderly manner as soon as they entered the door.

Some cleaned up the room, some cooked, and some adjusted the water temperature for Yin Sichen to take a bath.

“I’ll go clean up first, and then eat with me for a while.” Yin Sichen let go of Gu Xixi’s hand, and he didn’t pay attention to Gu Zhenzhen in the room at all.

Gu Zhenzhen suddenly looked a little dull.

That man, who existed like the incarnation of god!

Whether it was from the appearance, temperament, or any aspect, he was perfect and impeccable.

But he was such a person, and his eyes could show that he wanted to be with Gu Xixi alone.

Without needing to speak, Xiao Ah sent Gu Zhenzhen out straight away, “Sorry, the president and the young lady still have things to do. If the young lady wants to see you, I will call you!”

Gu Zhenzhen still wanted to stay, but she shivered with Xiao Ah’s menacing sight. Holding a few hundred dollars given by Gu Xixi, she dragged her suitcase and left gloomily.

Yin Sichen took a bath so quickly and the people in the kitchen also worked very fast.

When Yin Sichen came out of the bathroom, the steaming breakfast was put on the table again.

He dragged Gu Xixi to sit aside, and let her watch him eat breakfast.

Even though he was very hungry, he still ate elegantly and impeccably.

“Don’t you want to eat?” he looked up at Gu Xixi.

“I just finished eating. You didn’t tell me earlier, otherwise I can wait for you to eat together.” Gu Xixi replied thoughtfully. She knew she would’ve waited for him to eat together.

Hearing her answer, Yin Sichen understood another meaning, and suddenly couldn’t hold back his smile, “Well, I want to give you a surprise.”

Surprise? I was almost frightened!

A person rushed in from the door abruptly, and hugged her when he entered the door. If he hadn’t spoken, she would have beaten someone!

Still thinking about Gu Zhenzhen, she said to Yin Sichen, “You can just go to sleep after eating.”

“Okay.” Yin Sichen blinked the corner of his eyes lightly, “By the way, where’s mom?”

Gu Xixi looked at the closed door and sighed, “She’s probably sad! It’s okay, I’ll comfort her!”

Yin Sichen only needed to think for a moment to know what happened, so he didn’t say anything, just nodded.

After eating, he went back to the room to have a rest.

Gu Xixi came to the living room and called Xiao Ah, “Where did Gu Zhenzhen stay?”

Xiao Ah lowered his voice and replied, “She stayed in a small hotel a block away.”

Gu Xixi nodded.

Xiao Ah immediately said, “The environment there is really not suitable for young lady to visit. If you want to see her, we should make an appointment elsewhere.”

It made sense for Gu Xixi to think about it.

I am pregnant with a child now, so I can’t just go to some mixed places.

“Xiao Ah, help me get Gu Zhenzhen out.” Gu Xixi immediately whispered, “Don’t bother Yin Sichen.”

Gu Xixi’s original meaning was, don’t let Yin Sichen know, otherwise Yin Sichen would definitely stop her from seeing Gu Zhenzhen.

But this was too ambiguous.

Anyone who heard it would think that it was Gu Xixi who was so considerate and distressed Yin Sichen.

When Xiao Ah finished calling Gu Zhenzhen, Gu Xixi had already changed clothes.

“Young Lady, I made an appointment at a teahouse at the gate of the community, and the place is clean.” Xiao Ah whispered, “For safety, let’s take two people to follow you.”

Gu Xixi hesitated and nodded.

She was also afraid that Gu Zhenzhen would suddenly violently injure her child.

It was not that she didn’t understand Gu Zhenzhen’s temperament, she could do everything.

Gu Zhenzhen felt a little nervous when she learned that Gu Xixi wanted to see her, but she was full of expectations.

Only Gu Xixi had money now!

Now her family was in a mess. Her mother was hiding and refusing to see anyone. When her father saw her, he asked her for money to continue gambling, and grandma pretended to be dead directly at his uncle’s house.

What could she do?

When Gu Xixi appeared in the teahouse, Gu Zhenzhen was shocked.

Even if she wanted to spoil it out, she had to think about it again.

The two bodyguards who followed Gu Xixi were very professional.

“Sister—” Gu Zhenzhen said timidly. For this reason, she finally put away her arrogant minions and became docile.

Of course, she was just docile for now.

Gu Xixi didn’t think Gu Zhenzhen would ever change.

“Sit down.” Gu Xixi put her handbag on the table and looked straight at her, “Go on, tell me what’s the matter?”

Gu Zhenzhen bit her lip, her eyes were evasive and a little afraid to look at Gu Xixi. 

After all, the first payment of this house was indeed from Gu Xixi’s money.

“Isn’t the 200,000 in your possession?” Gu Zhenzhen said softly. “Actually, the down payment for this house is not 200,000. Grandma only paid 100,000. She holds the rest in her hands.”

Gu Xixi nodded, this was the Gu style.

The full price of the house was 300,000, and the 30% down payment was exactly 100,000.

“At the time, grandma told uncle that the house was bought for him, so uncle always thought that this house belonged to him. However, when buying the house, grandma and I paid the money and filled in the contract. The name on the page is mine. Grandma said that this house is a compensation for me. Because the Yin family had proposed marriage to you, and I am not married yet, so this is the compensation from grandma.” Gu Zhenzhen continued.

“But just yesterday, a group of people rushed to the house and found me with my father’s statement, saying that if I don’t give them the house, I will be put into the kiln. Sister, how old I am? How can I go to that kind of place! At this time, my mother found out that dad had gone to gamble again, and he had lost all the family money. My mother was angry, packed up and returned to her mother’s house. Grandma and I were beaten out by the group of people. They took everything from the house and the ground,” Gu Zhenzhen said in one breath.

“Now grandma doesn’t have a place to go, so she went to uncle. It seems that uncle’s place is also not peaceful. From last night until now, he had been clamoring about the ownership of the one hundred thousand yuan. I looked at the environment, and I can’t stay any longer. Sister, I know I was wrong but you can help me! I will never fight against you again!” Gu Zhenzhen looked at Gu Xixi pleadingly and said, “If my father loses again, I will be the next one!”

Gu Xixi sighed.

Uncle liked to gamble, she knew this.

It used to be a small mess, but now…

Was it Yin Sichen’s handwriting?

Well, it should be. He was strict and vigorous, and it was his usual practice.

“I can’t help you.” Gu Xixi directly turned Gu Zhenzhen down. “I will be returning to city n in a few days.”

“Then I will go to the city with you!” Gu Zhenzhen’s eyes lit up. Looking at Gu Xixi pitifully.

A sarcastic smile appeared at the corner of Gu Xixi’s mouth.

Gu Zhenzhen was stunned by her laugh.

“This is five thousand yuan.” Gu Xixi opened the handbag, took out an envelope and pushed it over. “From now on, don’t come to me again. I am not the mother of God. I have no obligation and responsibility to clean up the Gu family’s mess. This money is for those days you gave me the clothes you didn’t wear. If you have the conscience, take care of your grandma. After all, she is your own grandma.”

Gu Xixi said it all and Gu Zhenzhen really blushed for a while.

Back then, Gu Xixi never wore new clothes, she only picked up clothes that Gu Zhenzhen didn’t want.

Well, it was gratifying that now she could finally get rid of this shadow.

Gu Zhenzhen listened to Gu Xixi’s idea that she and the Gu family had been bought off for five thousand dollars.

Gu Xixi was holding the money in her hot hands, but Gu Zhenzhen really had no money on her now.

She had to take the money.

“Thank you sister.” Gu Zhenzhen said slyly.

Gu Xixi looked at her really embarrassed and couldn’t help but said, “Don’t expect your father to return as a prodigal son. If you have the opportunity, go to work elsewhere.” 

Seeing the Gu family fall, Gu Xixi could have celebrated it with gongs and drums.

But after all, she still couldn’t bear it.

Gu Zhenzhen had a saying that was right, after all, her surname was Gu.

She could watch Gu’s family die with cold eyes, but when Gu Zhenzhen begged her, she still felt softened.

After Gu Xixi said this, she picked up her handbag, turned around and left without taking a second look at Gu Zhenzhen. She really had done her best.

Sure enough, Gu Xixi returned to the community and heard the scolding from Block A before she had gone far.

The neighbors were surrounded in curiosity.

Gu Xixi couldn’t help asking, “What happened?”

“Hey, little girl, don’t you know how lively this house is!” An aunt who liked gossip pulled her and started talking, “The mother-in-law of this family came from the countryside to rush to her son and asked her daughter-in-law to serve her dinner. How did she know that this daughter-in-law was so powerful, and a plate of hot dishes just fell on her head! The mother-in-law was also not so patient, she grabbed the next plate and threw it over. The two quickly fought each other.”

This was so exciting.

Seeing that Gu Xixi was interested, the woman continued, “The male owner of this house is guarding the daughter-in-law and said to the mother that if she dared to hurt her son, he would not recognize this mother! Then the three of them all formed a group.”

Gu Xixi listened to the scolding from the house, as well as  the hysterical cries exclusive to Grandma Gu and her heart burst with fun.

Did Grandma think that all the daughter-in-laws in the world were as gentle and virtuous as her mother, obedient and sensible?

Did she think that the same old things she used could work on other women?

Sure enough, the wicked have their own wicked grind.

Everything was to blame.

However, watching the once arrogant grandmother crushed in front of her son’s newly married wife, she felt a little bit melancholy while also feeling happy.

Anyway, they used to be her relatives.

Only once.

Just when Gu Xixi listened happily, a piece of clothing was gently draped over her body.

Gu Xixi turned her head in amazement and slammed into Yin Sichen’s eyes.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, but you haven’t come back.” Yin Sichen replied very calmly. “Do you like to watch this kind of thing?” Gu Xixi’s face was hot.

She always felt that Yin Sichen’s return this time seemed to be different from before.

However, she couldn’t tell exactly what the difference was.

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